Where forth art thou?: Why Tammy NYP is back in Technorati Top Searches

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Why Tammy NYP is back in Technorati Top Searches

This is the reason why Tammy NYP is back in Technorati Top Searches, alongside Saddam Hussein Execution Hanging Video and Britney (I don't even know why she's up there now? Is it because of the upskirt pics?). On Christmas Day, the chinese media website enet ranked Tammy NYP sex video as the number 1 sex tape exposes of 2006, but they did a poor translation of the original news story and without citing the source. 水易寒, if you are reading this, please revise your poorly plagiarized and translated report with the facts, thank you very much.

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Anonymous said...

I love tammy nyp!!!

Anonymous said...

tammy is actually tammi

Anonymous said...

do u all think tammy is chio?

Anonymous said...

if she can take such a huge ****

Anonymous said...

tammy is my singapore idol~~

Anonymous said...

tammy rules xiaxue midget wahahahah

tammi said...

oh u guys pl grow up and get a gf alreadi!

kaypoh said...

Nothing malicious here. Just some feedback.

I was reading your old posts on the impending GST hike, and you offered an alternative solution, i.e. cutting the minister's pay. You claim to be a journalist but yet you do not support your view with any facts. I totally agree that an individual's viewpoint should be respected, but sometimes it would be wise to see the other side of the argument. For instance, the impending GST rise would mean a subsequent decrease in corporate tax rates, leading to a more competitive environment for attracting businesses to Singapore, and allowing us to compete better with economies like Hong Kong, with lower tax rates. It is a delicate balance to maintain, the need to make Singapore more attractive to continue its growth, as well as the need to ensure that its citizen's are not overtaxed. Reducing the minister's pay is not a viable option as the amounts don't match up.

Anonymous said...

i wan tammy!!!

xialanxue said...

Interesting you brought up Hong Kong. Did you know that they were considering GST but dropped the plan last month after to fierce debates amongst taxpayers, lawmakers, journalists and politicians?

Now contrast this against Singapore.

And increasing GST + lowering corporate taxes only serves to widen the income gap between the rich and the poor.

Anonymous said...

Interesting you brought up Hong Kong...

Well said. Insights, strong reciprocal, yet so gentle.

Anonymous said...

This Tammy (or Tammi) Nyp Video is an interesting phenonemon. There are countless other "leaked" sex tapes out there that are MUCH more interesting than this one.

Yet this becomes the one everyone "must" see. Go figure.

Anyway for those who have yet to see it here you go: http://www.freepornvideos69.com