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Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Hunt is on

Update (02/01/07): For complete links to all stories, read this latest entry

Update (21/02 2:55): Please read the facts of the story (that can be revealed at this point) here.

After some email exchanges with tammy and her friend, I managed to get a better understanding about the facts of the story reported earlier. However I will not disclose any further information as yet because we are currently trying to track down the culprit that took the phone and uploaded the video in the first place (I have promised tammy that I will assist in the investigations).

If you have any clues/leads or you know of any particular person who is likely to have held a grudge against tammy, please send the information in to xialanxue@gmail.com. I will forward all relevant information to tammy (If you choose to send in any information, your identity will be kept confidential).

P.S. There is a very important point to note: In one of the EDMW threads, someone digged up information from the NYP database - The information recovered from the NYP database is NOT tammy's particulars.

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Anonymous said...

The person that release this is too ruthless and evil. Definitely deserve some justice. Never thought how the girl would life on. All the best in the investigation.

Anonymous said...

I can understand why the couple would not want to involve the police
The video evidence show them engaging in illegal acts (oral,anal). But lets hope we can find the evil person soon.

Anonymous said...

1) that person stole the phone just to upload the video then its his/her fault, but
2) what if that tammy girl just lost her phone and someone happened to pick it up? uploading the video will still be considered as malicious, no doubt abt that but it is akin to finding a new toy and wanting to show it off, although his /her initial intentions is just to take the phone, the intimate video in it is just a bonus...will he/she be as guilty as the 1st case?

no im not the video uploader, im just trying to see who is more at fault...

kaypoh said...

No matter if the person(s) who "picked" up the hp had intentionally or unknowningly leaked the video, hurt as been inflicted. If you believe in karma, you'll not have it so good in the next life. 做人做得太绝往往都不会有好下场.

Anonymous said...

cruelty begets cruelty

neL said...

Anonymous said...
...The video evidence show them engaging in illegal acts (oral,anal)...

erm, tt isn't ture. according to section 377 of the penal code, oral sex is legal so long as it comes before natural sex.

don't ask me y. its just one of those funny things

Anonymous said...

y is there no questions abt the girl's morals? surely SG is not tt open as a society compared to the west e.g.US

h8 said...

I came across the video a few days ago, and didn't feel good at all watching it. Pornstars do it for a living, they get paid, and they enjoy doing what they do (probably). On the other hand, this girl was probably just doing something with someone she loves (I hope), and wanted to try something kinky. I don't see anything wrong at all, yet she's getting labelled as whore, slut, and whatnots across HWZ's EDMW forums, among many other places. Like their parents didn't do anything similar.

What morals? Having sex is now morally wrong? So if I'm a virgin but I go around backstabbing others, or distributing a video (like in this case), does it make me morally right?

Alright, enough ranting. All the best to this girl, and to those helping her through these tough times. NYP doesn't seem to be handling this well at all though, and I agree that the ~!@#$ who distributed this video should be expelled if anything, for "destroying" NYP's reputation.

blush said...

seriously, since they filmed it, they shld have expected something like this to happen.
too bad dat she has to go thru it. nobody forced her. she has herself to blame. why would she have filmed herself having sex if she was not some desperate attention seeker? those talking bout morals, pls ask urself, if she had any, would she still film that?
clearly, this is called ASKING FOR TROUBLE. u ask, trouble sure will come so good luck to her. im not a mean person by nature. its just dumb on her part. anyway i have the vid. if u guys are sooo interested, pm me. was pretty hard to find. turns out my fren noes her. not very nice things to say bout her. so ya do lemme noe. i believe that we shld share everything.

Anonymous said...

even if SG arent that open, nothing wrong in ppl having sex right? lol

Anonymous said...

having sex is not wrong...filming it for no profits is

Anonymous said...

No one would have expected to film it so everyone can see, this is rediculous when soemone blame her for filming it in the first place.. She film it not for you to see what in the first place... Only those pervert who are craving for other people to show more would blame it on the girl. Even in Singapore society there's nothing wrong for someone to have sex and to tape it on her privately...

Anonymous said...

what i dont get is why everyone only focus on the ger???
so everybody thinks the guy is right? ger cannot do this kind of thing guy can?
i see everyone dig up info on the ger but nobody even knows the name of the guy

Anonymous said...

nel maybe oral sex b4 real one is ok
but anal is consider unnatural

Anonymous said...

I said...

i'm a guy.. but i must say those guys who asked for the f***ing address to download and see it, is a f***ing JERK.. FOR THE ONE who posted the addresses for download of video.. have u heard of retribution? i dont know understand why some of you even got the balls to ask for the address to download it.. hey its a wake up call.. FOR YOU PERVERTS TO WAKE UP~.. if u want porn go surf for yourself.. its unfortunate enough..

Then i said again..

This issue make us understand HOW HYPOCRITICAL SINGAPOREANS CAN BE.. i did not watch it and will not watch it..i can never understand how some guys can fantansize from it either.. read below.. bastards everywhere... believe it or not.. it might just be your boyfriend?

One Anonymous said...
but i fell like doing with her after watching the video!!!

I seriously believe that such people(the anonymous above) should deserve more facking shit than what tammy had already faced... pardon me.. 'cause i find such guy is a pussy+bastard+jerk+weakling+pervert+3"penis+brainless+wimp~..

grace said...

honestly speaking, who are you to help track down the culprit? the girl should just make a police report.

Anonymous said...

This tammy girl is going through some kind of hardships now,i suppose? I've learned about the clip. Everyone is talking about her right? Be it bad or good things. Hello? She film it in her phone. Let me emphasize.. that's HER phone. Though she film that kind of stuffs in her phone, but it doesn't go to prove her as a slut, whore or whatsoever. What's the problem with you people out there who is against her? Or are you peeps simply jealous that she look prettier than u guys do? Anyway, i'll just like to add on, the person who'd actually uploaded the clips and mass mail to staffs and students and other people should be blamed more. Should you invade other person's privacy? Or should i say exposing her personal life to the outside world? It's her freedom to do things she like. Let me justify something here, i'm sure there's more than just tammy alone who'd had sex with her stead. What's wrong with video taking? It's normal in the 21st century now. Let me ask,'How many of you are still virgin?' Perhaps there's less than 5 out of ten.
That person who took her phone should be expelled like most of the ppl said. That person is simply crazy. Maybe she herself enjoy stuffs like that. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

well i seriously think that she deserves it..

Anonymous said...

About the oral sex being illegal described by anon #2, it's already been legalised, excluding homosexual couples, which was rather unfair.

StephieD said...

Anonymous said...
...The video evidence show them engaging in illegal acts (oral,anal)...

neL said...
erm, tt isn't ture. according to section 377 of the penal code, oral sex is legal so long as it comes before natural sex.

don't ask me y. its just one of those funny things

As what neL has said, oral sex is legal only if the couple has sexual intercourse after.

That is because oral sex will then be considered as foreplay, meant to enhance one's love-making experience. However, if there is no sexual intercourse after oral sex, then the latter is considered an act of unnatural sex, hence illegal and punishable by the law.

Anonymous said...

"Let me ask,'How many of you are still virgin?' Perhaps there's less than 5 out of ten. "

dun generalise.....

jellynz said...

i don't know tammi in person. however from those comments i read posted here and the previous entry, no matter how tammi's attitude problem can pissed other's off, this video thing was too hard a lesson for a GIRL.

though i doubt many people can recognize her on the streets, she was once "famous" for the wrong reason. though the person who sabotage her must have hated her alot, i believe that this shouldn't be done.

if the person who posted her videos were to be a girl, please put yourself in her shoes. no matter how "pissifying" tammi can be, if it were to be you in the video instead, how would you feel?

i believe that this video is taken down for personal pleasures. perhaps to remind her of the "pleasurable" moments she and her bf had. i see NOTHING wrong with it.

anyone who has a heart wouldn't do sucha thing to a GIRL. everyone has their own ego and morale. with exams around the corner, how is she to concentrate too?

i hope that this nonsense would stop and people would be kind enough to help her. if readers out there dislike her, then don't bother to help, but also STOP saying nasty things about her.

try putting yourselves in her shoes yeah?

Nyp-Sit Girl said...

Alright, I'm a sch mate of Tammy Leong Ming Yi who is also in NYP-SIT. I viewed the video myself, and i find tammy simply dumb and cheap to take such a 'RA-rated' video. She has not only throw the face & morality of women but also the School of Information Technology of NYP.

The fact of this is tt, she shouldn't take this kind of video in the first place which will in return bring threats to herself. Plus, the person who actually circulated tt video, is wrong but i think anyone one else, who had e chance of picking up this phone or watsoever, will also circulate this video, whether for the fun of it or revenge.

Whether SIT gonna expelled her or not, it's still 'empty'. Coz she shld be taking her exams soon. The Sch may still allow her to take the exams.

For another fact, even tammy's expelled, it's right. I don't think she deserve sympathy to her plight right now. As in the clip, it showed tt the guy had her consent taking the video which was saved in her own cell phone. If she's nt expelled, i guess she wouldn't have the face to go back SIT, acting nothing happened and gg back to labs for practical every single day.

I'm nt sure if the act of taking this kind of video, though like porno(or it's porno), is illegal in whichever act of offences.

Lastly, i still find Tammy very dumb and made herself looked fugly abt this incident.

Nico said...

That girl was fucking suai... Lolx.. Now i heard that NYP,SP,NP,RP got her "personal video". She gonna be suai for a period of time. Anyway that girl is from same secondary school as me. Nothing to say but just simple good luck.

Anonymous said...


Snitch said...

Clue 1-Girl student stole Hp
Clue 2-Shes from the same school
Clue 3-She hates Tammy to the core over some R/S issues
Clue4-Many people in shcool knows who she is
Clue5-She aint prety. Thats the fucking truth!If you knew her you will agree with me
Clue 6-Shes 17/18
Clue 7-She has BO!Shes slightly plump
Clue 9-Shes known as a school bitch
CLue 10-I know who she is but aint telling cuz well i watched the videoclip too many times...and i frankly enjoyed it.

So there you go...Off the shelf info and now dont you tell anyone i said that

Disclaimer: If that person is found out, I am in no way going to be held responsible for her arrest. Not would i be called to the witness stand and i have a cloak of indemity and anonymity towards all these. Wise just delete this mail


Anonymous said...

I feel the person who did this to her is too much. Firstly, this is a part of her private life. So I feel no one should even be critising whether or the sex she did with her bf is even right or wrong. I feel it's her choice to decide.

Secondly, the culprit who did this is wayy below the IQ and EQ of an ameoba. That person obviously wasn't thinking when he or she did this. This matter can be brought to court, and this person can be sued for defaming and jailed for theft and the latter. Is it even necessary to go to such extents to do this? If he/she really dislikes the person, then he/she could have found other means to show it. But not in such a cowardly way!

And thirdly, I hope you will find the culprit asap. Who knows, this culprit may jolly well do this once again.

It's so sad to see someone's life get messed up for such a stupid reason like jealousy or out of pure spite. >_<' The girl really have all of my sympathy and support.

Anonymous said...

Tammy really have my deepest sympathy. it's really up to her if she want to have a video of herself making out and all.
she will definitely hold responsibility to her own actions.

the imbecile person who had the heart to make a big hoo haa over it is a real jerk. to what great mind is he/she thinking?

to those who enjoyed watching her video, u guys are really desperados. at least Tammy gets the real thing. rather than those who fantasised out there. u guys are just playing with urself. at the end of it, u are just f**king urself. wat a whole damn shit of time wasted.

One Anonymous said...
but i fell like doing with her after watching the video!!!

this is even worse... he should be ashame of himself. i think he should go to the red light disttrict. heh. these ppl really a bunch or morons..

good luck for the investigation and to Tammy.

Anonymous said...

it's weird to see many anonymous ppl making pointless comments containing what they believed is right and what's being moral.

Firstly, the victim doesn't need any sympathy right now. she made her own decision and whether she may have regretted filming the whole video or not, whether she should be blamed or not, doesn't lie on us to lay the verdict.

We are supposed to comment on the theft, friends. He/she stole the hp to earn some xtra cash or for his/her own use, fine. He/She went further into uploading the video and caused such havoc. I dare say he/she is feeling proud right now because he/she thought that it was like "treasure/secret" being found and believed good things should be shared.

And i believe the culprit is reading our comments too and laughing away for the great mission he/she had accomplished.

let me just remind u gently, there's such thing called retribution and it will happen on u in a different form. And yes, what i mean is u uploading the video is the biggest mistake you had ever made because if you had known IT, you should know IP addresses can be traced back through servers' log files.

Good luck in surviving the retribution, u deserved it for not keeping a secret, a secret.

zero said...


Anonymous said...

Lesson learnt:

Whatever u do, know the consequences beforehand:

To Tammy, nothing wrong in what u did, in fact really unfortunate. But since u chose to record it, u should have taken more precautions to ensure it doesn't go beyond the walls of your room.

To the circulator of the video, did u realise the publicity this caused will definitely result in police investigations? Its already wrong to steal. By circulating the video, u are telling the authorities,"Come and catch me."

Ultimately, both must really hate each other. End up, both got hurt instead.

stop all the shoutings and cursings! said...

this is a real sad case.. her private life is intruded due to the video fun she wanted to have with her bf..
I heard from a friend that both the faces of the victims are clearly shown, but why are all targetting only the girl? and now people go around saying she has no moral..
we too make mistakes, what makes you think you are fit enough to comment on someone else's mistakes cause it didn't happen to you?

it's really an unfortunate mistake that they have made. Even if they reported to the police, what can the police do? yes they can trace the first sender(but it's real hard), but it still can't be undone..
it's hard enough for them to go thru this, so please stop giving stupid comments like she's a this or that... and other moral shit..

it's tough to walk this thru.. you must be strong! god will always be there, god will always be watching... bless you!

Anonymous said...

Well I see no wrong in Tammy engaging in those acts, rather, its something that happen day in and day out to most people you see on the streets. Well, this is sg, many simply won't admit. so unfortunate that she chose a handphone instead of a camcorder. We've seen reports of handphone theft cases on the rise ya? but cam corder? Rare. Thesedays, your phone is your identity. Loose it, you'll not only loose your mind, you'll loose yourself too.

Anonymous said...

Can't blame the one that publicate the video. I remember last year there was a news on a robbery about the robbers taking photos of themselves with bricks of notes in the toilet after they robbed the bank and they got caught in the end.
Since Tammy film the process, I don't think she would care about the publication of her videos. No one has the right to give comments about this matter.

Anonymous said...

ai ya... nowadays... teenagers.. every adult.. all veri desprate de.. ma... hav fun ma.. we onli live onces a life time..

nowadays u go watch movie.. DON ever sit at the last 2nd row.. becos behind sure got ppl do heavy petting... de...then ur chair will shake... on behind.. and u can hear kissing sound.. it's lidat wat....

durex.. survey said singaporean as one of the worlds most inactive sexual nation in the world.. tink something is wrong.. in tat survey.. or otherwise provoke ppl to conduct more sex... to prove we are singaporeans