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Sunday, February 19, 2006

For Animal Lovers

This was sent to me some time back.

Dear Xialanxue,

So sorrry to disturb you. I am just wondering if you can help me regarding a certain matter. Just yesterday i found my young cousin pelting my hamsters with seeds and i was alerted by their painful squeaks. Upon questioning he defiantly told me that animals are stupid, have no feelings and asked why we should treat them so nicely. The worst thing was when he said : "Xiaxue said animals don't feel hurt. They have no brain. And xiaxue said humans shouldnt be punished if we hit animals cos we are smarter."

I went to the so called great asian blogger's website and was very disappointed to read what she wrote. As a past volunteer at vet clinics, SPCA and the zoo, i feel that she has somewhat undone what these organisations have tried to teach the public for a long time. That animal abuse is wrong.

She is trying to say that we shouldnt overly pamper our animals. That i agree with her. However,not mollycoddling our animals does not equate disregarding their basic needs such as proper hygenic homes, not tying strings around their necks and handling them roughly. Worse, she mentions that animals don't have feelings and even throws in her friends' opinions that animal abusers shouldnt be sent to jail and should just "seek help"

As a member of various animal organisations, we have campaigned for stricter laws in singapore for smuggling in animals (like a longer jail term). Many of these animals (i have seen with my own eyes) even give birth during their smuggling process. When we find them the babies are all dead and the mother is in such a bad condition, any one with a heart would not be able to bear such a sight. However, xiaxue asserts that animals are fine with terrible conditions because they "propogate". And that they "propogate only if they are comfortable in their environment".

The younger generation is the most crucial in our awareness campaign. Animal abusers should not be sent to just "seek help" and no one should say just because we humans have feelings of pride and isolation we shouldnt be jailed for abusing those who "apparently" dont have such feelings.(Which is absolutely wrong of cause, anyone who owns a pet knows they are capable of expressing themselves.) Then in this case if people feel that kids with down's syndrome/ mental illnesses don't have such feelings and capacity of higher thought like normal humans, then i guess psychos who abuse them shouldnt go to jail too.

The illegal chatuchak pet trade that presents animals in poor conditions is something animal organisations have been trying to discourage and eradicate for a long time. No demand no supply. But xiaxue has happily posted pictures of all the cutesy pets in cages, not to condemn the conditions mind you, but to gush over how adorable they are. She even posts up pictures of endangered animals like a slow loris, and flippantly mentions her desire to smuggle it back to singapore! She also mentions that she almost wanted to buy the bunnies and cuddle them for a few days and then just letting them go when she leaves for singapore. I can almost hear a crack in SPCA's foundation.

I am worried. I am worried that my rich spoilt brat of a cousin will demand to be flown to thailand and he will smuggle back that slow loris and then condemn it to live in its own flith. Like how they do in chatuchak market. Because it's ok. So says xiaxue. And i hear that xiaxue owns a dog herself. How ironic.

We animal volunteers are not just blind animal lovers. We scold and discipline our animals if need be. Please, xialanxue, you are a journalist. Our organisations are not as far reaching as the media. Help us, even if its just to alert people on your website not to support such markets and animal ill treatment.

I'm so sorry you had to read through such lengthy material. My utmost thanks in advance. I have seen xiaxue's impact on the pliant mind of my cousin and i fear for the rest of the kids of singapore who worship her.

Regards and most sincerely.

M**** P***



HairyFairy said...

it seems.. xiaxue's reputation is going from bad to worse huh.. yeah.. agree with what this reader said. but i think.. lets not take her entries so hard yeah.. fancy getting all angry and flustered over her certainly aint worth it right? =)

alicia said...

We can't always take her entries lightly though. That's always the reason she always gives us when she's chastised, to not take her entries seriously (coming from the self proclaimed "most famous blogger", shouldn't she be serious about what she blogs about?). I honestly don't think one can be MISUNDERSTOOD that many times, so I guess the only conclusion is that she's just inane (and well, insane).

I say put Xiaxue in a cage and pelt her with poison-tipped darts till she bleeds from her temples. She'll almost be as cute as the dwarf bunnies from chatuchak. Almost.

funshinie said...

that is just sick that her entries have corrupted our young-lings. What future is there?

Anonymous said...

xialanxue. Its my dog joey! Cute right!

Anonymous said...

capital punishment for xiaxue!

Amulet said...

great entry!

jellynz said...

i totally agree with that entry. however, it's xiaxue's blog. we can choose to believe her entries or not. and if we think whatever she blogged is wrong, then all we have to do is follow our heart. we don't have to follow and do whatever she says right?

and about pampering pets. it all varies and differs from owners to owners. and i see nothing wrong in pampering pets either cause' to me, THEY DO HAVE FEELINGS. if we treat them and upbring them well, they WILL be obedient.

this entry is a good one, and it should also be posted as a warning to those who ABUSE/ABANDON their pets.

jellynz said...

with regards to the entry, i feel that since it's xiaxue's OWN blog, she can submit whatever entries she wants as long as she LIKES it.

but it doesn't mean that we should believe and follow whatever she says/does. if we think that what she posted was wrong of her, about pets having no feelings, all the more we should not follow that nasty example from her blog.

and as to whether to pamper our pets, it all vary and differ from owner to owner. "pamper" isn't a word to describe how owners treat their pets.

and i BELIEVE that ANIMALS DO HAVE FEELINGS and "pampering" them = treating them well. if we were to treat and upbring our pets well, they will be obedient and tame animals.

this entry should be served as a warning to all not to smuggle/abuse pets unless you are 100% sure that you will be COMMITTED in upbringing a pet.

Xia_mi_mi said...

Yes yes..I totally agree..that girl really doesn't make sense here..Someone should ask her if she actually treats her dog like what she says in her blog..Grrr....

someone said...

You people are such morons. don't go blame all the wrongs of this world just on one person. that is like the stupidest and most cowardly thing ever!

xialanxue said...

ladies and gentlemen, xiaxue and kenny sia are in the house

Nurul Izzati Izzie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Nurul is the silly xx fan right? I thought she said she wont visit this blog again.

Oh right.. I shouldn't take xx fans seriously.

-bummed said...

it's really pathetic to see the impact that she caused.
just because she's the most popular blogger in singapore, she thinks she can say everything in a light way and cause no effect on the crowd that visits her blog regularly.
it's really pathetic at times.

Anonymous said...

Someone seems to miss the point that the whole issue came about not because the person who wrote the email believed what XX said in her blog. It is what the writer's cousin did and said that leads the writer to believe that XX has influenced his/ her cousin to do terrible things to animals believing that they are stupid and do not have feelings.

If you know that what you said would be able to influence others, you can choose to do good by saying things responsibly or say whatever you want and ask everyone else to decide whether to accept or reject all cruel, irresposible, racist, rude, satanic, self-righteous, remarks that you make.

The problem is, not everyone is able to differential between what's right or wrong, what's good or bad.

Nurul Izzati Izzie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jia Yi said...

Xiaxue prettier than your shit at least. Lol. who is nurul btw?

Anonymous said...

the dog so ugly eh

Anonymous said...

well, i feel xiaxue is no longer blogging for her own private purposes. So what if she says its her blog and she can write whatever she wants? When u want to write something with the intention of public viewing, you have to bear responsibility. What she wrote abt the animals makes me feel sick.

Anonymous said...

What Xiaxue was trying to refer is that she is an animal, has no brain, and has no feelings, and as such, she can make callous comments, and there is no need to pamper her.

All this is apparent since she stated she felt like having sex with an animal! (hamster?)

- The Masked Avenger

Anonymous said...

While I do agree that XX's ideas are posted recklessly and irresponsibly, given the large audience her words reach, perhaps we are missing the root of the problem.

Instead of trying to control the words of one person, why not try to instill a discerning mind to the youths of our nation? There are always going to be people who sprout irreverent, or even untruthful and inciteful statements. It would be unfeasible to try to put a cap on what everyone says (not to mention the implications on freedom of speech).

Instead of asking why people like XX are allowed to post the things that she does, why not ask WHY there are people who still follow her every word? The root of the problem is a lack of critial thinking. After all, XX's readers were able to objectively analyse her views in a logical way, she probably wouldn't have any fan base left.

Kel said...

I am an animal lover myself. It really hurts to hear what XX wrote in her blog. She should be well aware that she is a popular blogger and should have the basic knowledge that human picks things up very quickly. Whatever she said could have a very wide impact on readers who read her blog. Insensitive is all I can say.

I have friends who used to read her blog and now they are so turned off by the way she blogged. Insensitive and depersately trying to blog on something.

She needs to be more sensitive in what she blogs.

chris said...

Unfortunately, our education system and the general mindset of our society does not seem to promote critical thinking. Also, even though instilling critical thinking skills would be the superior long term solution, shutting XiaXue up is a hell lot easier and appears to get rid of the problem.

so-called "silly" xx fan's friend, Ken said...

Eh anonymous geek, im the one who asked izzie to come and comment here! the comments xlx published of nurul's were not good enough. you people need more bashing than that.

this site is so totally horrendous and amusingly stupid. you people try to twist things around like saying how much you care about society not reaching the so-called negative influence from xiaxue when in fact you are wasting your time and condoning a type of lifestyle dominated by hatred/anger. You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

too bad at least xx accomplishes something, she manages to boost the good name of singapore by being the FIRST to tackle best weblog award. what have you people done? sad, sad. sighs.

Daniel said...

for ONCE, XLX, I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Why does your dog runs to the door when you reach home?

Why do birds flee when they are frightened?

Why do dogs wag their tails?

Why do cats purr?

Well, because they are have no brains and have no feelings? Think again.

Anonymous said...

xx is being sponsered by a 1900-chatline?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha oh XLX the blog officer .. ur cute .. really .. but i hope u didnt wrote this fake message..

Take care

Agagooga said...

After reading the original entry about the Thai animals, I think XX's point is subtler and more measured than what the writer of the letter claims. Nonetheless, I can see how her entry could be construed as an endorsement of animal abuse.

snitch said...

oh i love spore laws

oh do you know if i were to pluck all the feathers outta a chicken and leave it featherless right in front of SPCA, it would not be against the law...same for a duck...

Or if i were to stick sharp sticks into a cow/ lamb goat...with the sole purpose of kkilling it eventually and eating it at the end of the day...just a tiny portion will suffice, it`d not be against the law? They are property and not pets in the eyes of the law....and we could do how we deem fit with materials pertaining to term "property"

anyway i got a few catfish from the aquarium. who wanna head down to spca with me tomorrow and have some boiled fish-Alive that is?


nice day

Anonymous said...

Dear agagooga,

XX being subtle and measured? *cough* i nearly choked there. Yes, probably as subtle and measured as she was in the handicap toliet incident and various other issues.

I distinctly recall her mentioning that animals have no feelings etc. etc. The writer of the entry has quoted her almost exactly and at one point even agreed with her regarding the 'overly pampering' point. It is a well thought out entry and it is certainly not done to attack XX in a fit of jealousy or whatever.

PLease, if you want to sit on the fence, at least do so without showing your underwear and making everyone look askance at you.

Anonymous said...

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