Where forth art thou?: Some still don't get it

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Some still don't get it

The following comments came in the mail today in response to an earlier entry.

Who else found the last part of what she said funny?



Peta said...

No I don't find the last part funny at all.
She makes a lot of sense to me.

mooiness said...

"being real"??? Woohoo. That's a good one. Btw check out her latest post - got one part said "Don't impersonate". Like what the ..!? :)

Anonymous said...

I'm neither a fan of xiaxue nor her supporter.
But I seriously think you are very boh liao for doing this whole expose thing.
You should find a hobby or a spouse if you don't already have one.
If maintaining this site is your hobby... so sad, so sad...

boomy said...

it was indeed very amusing... felt like being GU JI-ed. total contradiction, which is entertaining enough. nice try, that girl.

so far, xx has not written outwardly to retaliate the "accuse" of her setting up a hate site using xlx's nick. we all know, xx is an ultra defensive person. she even podcasted to explain about her not being mean to the handicaps. if she hadn't done it truely, she would have called the media, the reporters, wrote a 2 thousand words blog entry to nab this "person" who "hacked" into her account, set up a fake hate site & eventually caused her to be "accused". she didn't. it's equivilent to MUO REN(admitting silently). she is famous no doubt, similiar to how Steven Lim got his "fame". exact frequency, very entertaining yet turn off at the same time.

boomy said...

since this has became a serious issue for everyone involved in the saga, maybe can email blogger and request for the IP address or whatever unique information that they could provide to verify the author of the hate site's identity.

i'm not a blogger, i don't know if it could be done but i think it sounds like DNA to me.


Anonymous said...

Anyone realise that when xiaxue comments here she likes to start off with "I'm neither a fan of xiaxue nor her supporter."???

Anonymous said...

i believe that we all should boycott xiaxue's blog.

Ivan said...

i feel that main arguement here is that xiaxue should take responsibilty for her blog entries. if its true that her blog is visited by thousand of people each day, she should be aware how much her entries may have an influence on others, especially the younger audiences who are prone to influences. even if she did changed her entry after a day of publishing it, which i believe she did, imagine how many people would have read and been influenced her insenitive remarks within that 24 hour time frame?
yes, her blog entries may be entertaining but you cant just put other races down for the sake of entertainment. you cant just put comments on your blog without thinking about the consequences. from young, we were taught about racial equality. did xiaxue practice that when she left those comments about the foreign workers? DID SHE? without them, who would lay the bricks of her home, of your home? would YOU do it for the wages they are getting? they are people too, and she need to realise that.

smooth_kriminal said...

Dear Xlx,

It's not worth it man.

She's just going to get more popular.

I think she's such a wuss, but i still read her blog.


The same reason why people slow down when they see a traffic accident.

Forget abt it man.

thebigwahoonie said...

Multiple exclamation marks, a sure sign of an insane mind.

Anonymous said...

well.. not all who visited xx's blog is a fan, some are there to see her disgracing herself

ermm.. xlx, i can't view the pics on ur blog. But might be only me though.. or maybe u should change the image host

Anonymous said...

I am not very updated with the whole expose saga, but I have only one comment to make.

This girl's english SUCKS BIG TIME!!! YUCKS! PUKE!! OMG!!!

Please, do yourself a big big favour, improve your english before posting! Its so puke inducing!!

Anonymous said...

u do waste too much time xlx

Anonymous said...

hilarious, at the same time, thought-provoking. It's the readers that made Ms XX popular.. kinda of account for the masses taste in reading material.. scary..

Anonymous said...

what is so funny about the last part?

Anonymous said...

Xiaxue blogs like an ah lian. Seriously how is the brainless material she writes readable? Xiaxue is someone who's trying to be intelligent but she isn't. Its obviously she tries really hard to sound knowledgable in her posts. By the way, the one who wrote to xlx is obviously just a kid judging from the way she writes. NOBODY would want to kiss someone else's toes, shes only Xiaxue! Shes just like anyone of us! Its just so degrading to do that and shes probably already degraded herself by writing to xlx.

Nurul Izzati Izzie said...

*Smiles sarcastically*

You do like to publicize don't you???

Ok, I won't say anything. I won't have to prove myself. Laugh all you want.

Nurul Izzati Izzie said...

Even xiaxue doesn't post about EVERY SINGLE haters she has.. what are you doing seriously?? you want to publicize me?? ok fine publicize me..???

who will be the loser you or me??

Lovershonour said...

oh sure many exclamation marks a sign of insanity... -_-

stupid people

pangzter said...

hm. first of all, i find that a lot of the comments left by the people are asking you to basically forget about the whole thing.

no one should ever tell anyone how they should blog.

i think it is good that he's actually spending time on this. i certainly do not know what goes on in xlx's life, but he certainly is putting a lot of effort into what he wants to do. So what if he takes so many screenshots, so what if he wants to quit his job and focus all on this blog?

you cannot have a say. everyone is entitled to their opinion, but no one should tell someone else what to do, especially if it is out of one's own free will.

xlx very admirable ok.

and the excellent english, and writing styles and/or formats are very inspiring. Very informative and easily understand-able.

about the fella who didn't get it. i understand how that girl felt when she said that xlx is boring because i used to felt that way long long time ago during the lower sec times. anyway, judging from her replym i find that she's quite shallow lah, and people who find xlx's style boring, would be those who aren't so fluent with the English language. and they get thrills from xx writing all her contreversial stuffs (xx said ppl who are against her, do not have a sense of humour).

well, it must be because girls / boys her age, aren't mature enough to know that her blogs are rather harmful.

but i am sure once in our lifetimes, we become unawares that we are stupids. I, for one, have kena-ed like that more than a dozen times nine hundred.

xlx, you keep your blog up, man. wasting time or not, i feel you are doing a big favour for your readers, and yourself. your own set of opinion is more than admirable.

keep it up!

JustThreeMinutes said...

Quote: As for xiaxue's part: Nobody is perfect. Somtimes, I also dislike what she says. But at least she is being real and not hiding completely behind a hate site!!!

Lets critique!

"Nobody is perfect" .... I agree but I think XX begs to defer. Otherwise she will not be moderating her comments. If I know that there is something wrong with me, I would want to know where. But I guess XX will never accept that she is flawed for she is the QUEEN OF BLOGS ... SHE IS PERFECT!

"Sometimes, I also dislike what she says" ... I disagree ... I dislike what she says all the time. For a person who commands that much traffic and that many readers who are generally below the age of 16, she sure has a lot of negative things to say. These teenagers are being BRAINWASHED. Sooner or later, we will have lots and lots of teenagers who will just focus on blogging and hope to make a life out of it. Is this how Singapore will be in time to come?

"But at least she is being real" ... OMG where do I start. REAL ... that means authentic, genuine, the truth ... now which of the three words that I have listed actually describes XX? None. She is so fake that she has to photoshop herself just to be a REAL person. Even Michael Jackson does a better job hahahaha. She is not Real not at all.

"and not hiding completely behind a hate site!!!" ... I think her whole site is a hate site. She blogs about anything and everything that pisses her off. Isn't that equivalent to being a hate site. She is always hiding behind and only coming out to get sympathy for something she did wrong.

Honestly I am quite shocked to see that many Singaporeans who actually support her. I mean come on, if you are truly a sensical person with MORALS, you would not be condoning all that she says.

iZZati said...


june said...

and if you want to boycott xiaxue, like GO AHEAD? no one really cares about you. Cos she have other fans, well, loyal fans. Not like some dogs here barking. Well, its so real when it comes to "EMPTY VESSESL MAKES THE MOST NOISE".

king said...

i think its funny. go xlx. to others who think he's boliao, apathy is a poisonous potion in the workings of democracy or whatever

Suresh said...

It seems she will continue to be infamous for her stupidity and immaturity, so I guess we have to put up with her sort for sometime to come. She has no true calling in life as I see it, after watching her on TV and seeing how she handles an interview? Good Grief! "Miss Piggy" comes to mind? remember Sesame Street and the muppets?..all the bling bling and the pink and the I am so full of myself? Well XX's personality is so alike, its unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

hey xlx yr new navigation dropdown menus damn cool seh! maybe u can make them all the same size? look nicer :)

I not html pro but think u can use the "size=" attribute to make the size same

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


That can only be XX.

suresh > "Well XX's personality is so alike, its unbelievable!"

They look alike too. ;)


She insults people. She calls the status quo "stupid". Nothin wrong when status quo insults her.

Nurul Izzati Izzie said...

It really is rather amusing that someone would dedicate their LIFE'S WORK to diminish one particular person.


i swear never to visit this site again

Anonymous said...

To Izzati posing as anonymous Fri Jan 27, 10:51:28 AM 2006


- let those who read judge for themselves

Anonymous said...

how to piss off an xx fan: comment on their English

u r what u read

Nurul Izzati Izzie said...

It is not about idolizing xiaxue, idiot. It is about commenting on MY english. my personal view. and by the way, I did not pose as annonymous. What's the proof? That was probably just one of my friends or my boyfriend or whoever. *guffaws* I am not afraid about revealing my identity--look whose comments got publicized?? Look whose profile is up there???

I know, it is mostly centred about Xiaxue. And by all means, bash me for being one of her fans. But at the same time, I honestly say I really fucking hate it that you all want to violate my rights, and possibly my self-respect.

And FYI: I feel like a loser for posting yet another comment. I should really stop visiting this sad site. *sighs* And yes, this will be my very last comment.

Anonymous said...

It's not really nice to hurt others for the sake of Xiaxue


mooiness said...

I believe that there are intelligent 17 yr olds out there but not Nurul. On the other hand, one cannot blame her for seeing nothing wrong with XX's words because she hasn't been exposed to the wider world enough.

When one becomes more worldly, then one would understand why XX's words are hateful and inflammatory, and not the best way to convey one's views on things.

vic said...

hey Nurul Izatti Izzie

xiaxue impersonated xlx and hid behind a blinkymummy hate site. That's y all of us find what you said funny, especially the part about xiaxue being real and not hiding behind a hate site.

You got to get the facts right girl.

Now I really appreciate what's being done here. We need to save these kids!

xiaxue hater said...

I've found a website for you all xiaxue hater:


take a look

Anonymous said...

i can't believe how blind people are.
the girl is admitting that she kisses xx's toes. Ugh. xx is so not worth being idolized like that.

Anonymous said...

oh the irony of it all

Anonymous said...

Izziat, I thought you sweared not to visit the site again, why did another post come in so quickly after the first?

This alone says a lot. Nothing more needs to be said.

Scarletr0se said...

Haha. The fact is that xiaxue's blog is also a "hate" site lor. She practically hates people from all sorts of places. Go read her posts la.

Very contradicting indeed.

Anonymous said...

I find XLX as amusing as XX and in many ways, as provocative and deluded.

XX is crude and has warped views on things sometimes (ok, a lot of the time), but you know what: she does reflect the attitudes of many people. What she writes resonates with many, whether everyone agrees with her or not.

XLX also reflects the attitudes and views of many people, judging by the comments here. I agree with some things XLX writes and disagree with others.

I think all thinking people do that ... THINK and then agree or disagree with the views of whomever.

But I tell you what annoys me about this XLX blog:

XX is a PERSON. She is a person with foibles and faults and stupid ideas such as pretending to be other people and causing mischief. She is flawed (like all of us) and often comes across as racist and an egomaniac. But she also comes across as a quirky HUMAN being and I enjoy some of her posts.

XLX on the other hand, is a masked crusader. XLX hides behind a cloak of anonymity (how convenient that the profession is fingered as the cause for the need for anonymity) and from behind that cloak, conducts some sort of hate campaign against XX and others. People who agree with the hate campaign "get it" and those who don't, "don't get it".

(Yes, I know, it's ironic that I too am hiding behind "anonymous"; but when in Rome...)

Some of the points made by XLX are valid and make a lot of sense, but I can't help but be put off by the malice that permeates this blog. The whole reason for this blog to be is to expose the "truth" about a select few individuals. How does that make this site any better
that those other sites or individuals this blog puts down?

A part of one recent post by XLX reads: "...people (are) involved, reputations are at stake! This is a serious issue .."

Useful point to remember, XLX.

So which blog is the lesser of two evils?

Anonymous said...

seriously dude does being anonymous make one's points any less valid, less convincing, less real?
I think bloggers should have the choice to decide whether to reveal every single detail about themselves or none at all. If u want to base your argument on anonymity and ironically remain anonymous let me just tell u that it is a big fat joke!


So if u r anonymous you are not a human??? - Wow your arguments are fundamentally flawed man - I must be replying to a robot now then. Hey t2r4 how'ya doing?

As to which blog is "the lesser of 2 evils" I am sure readers themselves can decide

Let me tell you what's more harmful: Corrupting young impressionable minds with racism and making their english grades drop (just look at izatti for a perfect example)

leeling said...

Anonymous Jan 27, 04:05:08 PM, read this:


thebigwahoonie said...


I was merely making a joke to defuse the tense situation here. Too bad your sense of humour was surgically removed.

Anonymous said...

still freaking boliao... come on! why do you have to spend so much time doing such boliao stuffs? again, get a life.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous of Fri Jan 27, 04:28:16 PM 2006 -

A few points:

1. Irony is when a person who hides behind "anonymous" devotes a whole blog, time and energy to "exposing" people like XX and others like marginally famous people who deny having had plastic surgery. Get it? "Anonymous" seeking to expose. How ironic is that?

2. Of course it's ironic -- and deliberately so -- that I too am anonymous. May I point out that I pointed it out in my post?

3. You may not agree with my point of view and you may think my arguments are flawed - that's your perogative, as it is mine to disagree or agree with your or any other people's views.

That's simply the nature of dialogue, and true dialogue can only be healthy. So I thank you for sharing your views relatively respectfully.

3. I absolutely agree that it's up to readers to decide which of the two blogs is the lesser of two evils. That's my point - I feel that BOTH the XX and XLX blogs (note that I said blogs and not people) are (to borrow your phrase) fundamentally flawed.

Both can be pretty mean-spirited though XLX writes better and positions attacks as efforts to lay the facts bare for people to judge for themselves. Do you not see it? Well I do, and it irks me, hence my post.

My point in brief: Attack the action, not the person.

4. I am somewhat astonished that you believe that one (in)famous blogger wields such sway that she can single-handedly cause a deterioration in English grades and corrupt "impressionable young minds" with racism. It's the whole Phua Chu Kang argument again.

Perhaps your point is that as an influential and popular blogger, XX should be more responsible for her comments?

You know, what is scary to me -- and I'll repeat it again -- is that XX's views are by no means unique. They do reflect what some people think and feel. I hadn't realised that many people can't recognise the racism in some of their comments. Now THAT scares me, and I don't think that a hate blog is the best way to deal with it.

Anonymous said...

You guys realised Nurul Izzati Izzie write like Xiaxue? Pay a little bit more attention and you'll realise the writing style is so similiar.

Another of XX's stunt.

And I really agree with someone who posted an entry saying she's really popular. But in a way similiar to STEVEN LIM. Hahaha! This is so hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Like I said before...xx's fans are all little school kids...they write exactly the same way as her because they are impressionable...got brain washed by her....that bitch..!!

Anonymous said...

Hey people, c'mon. let's all forgive and forget.

Noël said...

Hahaha... this really makes me laugh till my teeth dropped out. It's so hilarious!

I mean, this is so fake. The whole thing is so fake. I can't any sincerity at all this person is trying to defend xiaxue..

And this is what i call stupid.

Hate me or call me names for all I care, I think people should just stop visiting xiaxue's blog. It's really Xia Suey (Disgrace in hokkien)!

someone said...

greed and jealousy the roots of evil

Anonymous said...

Bold words. I feel like beating the shitake out of someone.

Anonymous said...

I never really minded Xiaxue... but being a regular reader of hers, irritation begans to replace my amusement. I've always been impartial but I can't put a finger on why she fills me with contempt.

Anonymous said...


In your face

-the commenter's good friend