Where forth art thou?: Correspondence with Straits Times Reporter Sharifa Maria Almenoar

Monday, February 20, 2006

Correspondence with Straits Times Reporter Sharifa Maria Almenoar

Update (02/01/07): For complete links to all stories, read this latest entry

Update: I noticed that the blog that the Straits Times has decided to use in its report, for whatsoever reason has decided to link to the video for download. I also noticed that a metafilter site has linked to the video as well. I really hope the blogger/bloggers who put up the link to the video would take it down. Distribution of Pornographic Material is illegal.

As far as I know, Straits Times Reporter Sharifa Maria Almenoar DID NOT manage to contact tammy as she did not reply to the email I sent back to her. I did not give her any links and that explains why she was not able to find the video. The least she could have told me was that she was under time pressure to get the report out. I think by the time I replied to her she had already written the story and it was based on whatever information that she managed to get from the blogs, some of which are untrue. Since some of the things I have clarified with her did not appear in her report, I shall publish it here.

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alexander said...

thats journalism for you in Singapore nowsadays... tsk tsk tsk...
an email?
what ever happen to investigative journalism? what happen to research?
its sad to think that a main stream publication like the Straits Times is hiring the likes of Sharifa Maria Almenoar, mariaa@sph.com.sg to write NEWS!
its all cut and paste now innit? no true opinions, no true story.
this ain't a personal attack on you Sharifa, oh no...
its Journalists in Singapore in general, so dunt get your knickers in a knot hun.
no seriously, it was a good viddie, way to go girl!

Daniel said...

grammatical error in the very first sentence of this journalist's post.



XL said...

Let's lodge a complaint against the reporter man...send into the ST forum too...

Anonymous said...

the blog world have become R&D (read & distribtute) for some coach reporters...haha

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure whether u had intended it or not but we really should not try to encourage the situation by helping the ST reporter. Now that it's splashed all over the news, i can't imagine the trauma that Tammy (or whatever name she is) would have to go through. Journalists, these days, just want to get in on the scoop and really, it's at the expense of the victim. As a self-proclaimed quality newspaper, why is ST allowing such articles to print?

Anonymous said...

I am really disgusted at the journalist and the fact that ST is allowing such articles. i mean jesus, fine, if you want to write about it and stomp over tammys body and expose her to the entire nation, at least have the decency to not include a blog link which previously uploaded the vid link?
To the journalist - I hope you read this, this i just my two cents worth.
If i were you i'd apologize, it wasn't exactly of much help to tammy.
if you fuck with ure dude and film it for ure own pleasures and little exciting moments - by all means. it's ure business.

buut don't tap into other peoples dirty laundry and create a mountain out of a molehill.

if tammy does something rash i hope she haunts u.

jellynz said...

hi. actually there are TWO tammy's in nyp. one in yr1 IT and another in yr2 IT. and i hope all of you won't get mixed up over this 2.

anyway. i strongly believe that the person who stole tammy's hp should be caught and send to the girls home. although she did not CIRCULATE the videos like what the article has written, but the fact that tammy's hp was being STOLEN.

in the article, it was mentioned that the video was not mass mailed to the whole school but the fact is that threads of the video are being posted up in hardware forums, porn sites etc. still, the person who did this should be caught, sent to the girl's home and be counseled.

as for tammy, perhaps this should serve as a warning not to use her hp to record such private stuff. counselling may be given to her. it's for her own good.

no matter how much a person dislike her, as someone typed in his/her comments, doing this to hurt tammy is a cowardly thing to do.

jellynz said...

and based on the article that i have read in straits times PAGE 4, i feel that the journalist of that topic on tammy SHOULD NOT BE UP THERE when thing's had not been settled and doubts had not been cleared.

NYP authorities are investigating the matter, thus, nothing has been settled. so why should the journalist splash news in THE STRAITS TIMES when there hasn't been any conclusions?

and the way the journalist had written, it shows that NYP is covering up for tammy. think about it.

by writing so much unnecessary stuff, it not only affects tammy in person, it affects those in SIT as well as other students of other courses in NYP.

this unnecessary stir has been caused just because of a VIDEO and the journalist is making things worse. no offence. but this is just a comment. perhaps the journalist should have think twice before splashing this article on the newspaper.

Gracie said...

Hi may I know on which day is the article published on Straits Times?

befree- said...

oh man, this is atrocious. I got this mail from my friend and guess what it is tammy sex video part 2. Periodically, this scandal is making a big hu-ha out of singapore. I was in the library itself and overheard a group of teens murmuring.

"Oh man, where is the nyp year book, i want to see her in cheerleading attire!";
(apparently she is a cheerleader in nyp).

Should we pity her or serve her right.?
Her intimate videos with his boyfriend shouldnt be in her phone in the first place, right.?

Lets cross our fingers and pray that she will pass this ordeal.


Anonymous said...

posted on 20/02/2006.

to xlx, part 2 of the video has been posted (this is actually a prelude to the one that's been widely circulated) which shows the guy sucking and fingering the girl.

Anonymous said...

Well, Tammy has the right to do whatever she does in private as long as she doesn't break any law? Therefore I do not see that she has done anything wrong with having sex with her bf. Not that I advocate sex after marriage, but both her bf and her are of legal age. Who are we, as outsiders to cast the 1st stone on her, unless we are saints ourselves.

Sad to say, but more people are find more creative ways in abusing 3G technology and advanced phone features. There is the imfamous "slapping" crime spree, which originated from UK. People would commit crime; mostly rapes & assault, and place the video online for public viewing. And closer to home, there are people taking photos of strangers and uploading them online. Looking closely, both are crimes that INFRINGE INTO THE RIGHTS OF THE OTHER PERSON.

However, taking a video of what one does in her own person time, shouldn't be the issue here, if she isn't infringing into anyone else's rights nor breaking any law. I do not see why Tammy is being faulted for recording down her moment of passion with her bf. Again, it's her own phone, her own photos, her rights.

I don't believe anyone would appreciate their personal life nor photos to be made public by a stranger whether it was pono or not. It's invasion of privacy.

The person who had stolen the handphone and made it public should be the main focus here. She has committed a few offences here. Petty theft and spreading ponographic material online being one of the few.

Anonymous said...

tt's sad man..
i'm from NYP too..
very paiseh one leh..
but she poor thing la...
kena til so bad..
but wat she expect..
sex oso take video..

beth said...

My goodness. The grammatical mistakes in her email should be enough reason for you not to take her seriously as a journalist! Lol.