Where forth art thou?: Tammy NYP tops stories for 2006

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tammy NYP tops stories for 2006


Just for fun, here are the top 5 stories I have covered in 2006. For those who might have missed them, here we go...

1. Tammy: Another NYP Sex Scandal
Being the first blog to break the news, xialanxue.blogspot.com quickly received widespread international attention from bloggers, readers and the media. Desperate to get the scoop, several journalists I rejected for interviews turned to other bloggers, resulting in one misreport after another. Some bloggers even started selling the Tammy NYP videos. After the Tammy NYP incident, similar sex scandal videos surfaced such as the malaysian tammy nyp video and the Ang Mo Kio ITE Tammy NYP Wannabe video.

Complete links to Tammy NYP Sex Video Scandal...

2. Xiaxue - The Exposé
Having a foul mouth is one thing. Framing one blogger to flame another is just pure evil. As if that wasn't enough, she had to hurt the integrity of and drag a whole metablog down with her.

3. RJC Girl Wee Shu Min slammed by netizens
Elites vs non-Elites. Singaporeans finally got a peek into the mind of an elite and boy were they furious! Wee Shu Min stayed on the number 1 spot in Technorati for weeks.

4. Video Clip of Singapore School Girl attacked and stripped by teens at HDB Staircase landing
Bullying became the media'a agenda in June as brutal clips of local teenagers being beaten up surfaced on youtube.

And we have a tie for the fifth position.

5. Seriously what's up with all these impersonators anyway?
When you are famous in Singapore, you face a unique problem - Impersonation. Dawn Yang (or is it yeo?) got a taste of how I felt when a maplestory player went all out just to pretend to be her. When will people learn that when you impersonate someone, you are bound to get exposed sooner or later?

5. Flowerpod girl shames EDMW guy on Xmas Eve
When it comes to love, be prepared to get hurt.

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Dave Lucas said...

XLX, I think you and I were the only two bloggers who actively followed each NYPisode from early until now. Darn thing is, since I posted and linked back to your post yesterday, I've gotten more hits from Technorati than in hte last 90 days! I guess that's Tammy Power... ???