Where forth art thou?: Another Tammy NYP Wannabe - AMK ITE

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another Tammy NYP Wannabe - AMK ITE

Yet another Tammy NYP Style video has surfaced from our heartlands. This time round, the leads are allegedly from Ang Mo Kio (AMK) ITE. What is disturbing about this clip is that it shows our local youths' casual attitudes towards sex. According to EDMWers who have seen the clip, the couple did not make use of condoms or even the "withdrawal" technique and it highlights why Singapore is facing a problem with more youths contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Unlike the Tammy NYP case where the focus was on the girl, EDMWers have chosen to comment on the guy instead, with unflattering words.

It is not yet clear how the video was leaked. But as with the Tammy video, it is circulating fast in the major Singapore forums.

Pic Source: EDMW, edited to protect identity.


cci[rr]us said...

While I am mildly attracted by the video screenshot and vivid description of the video, I couldn't help but wonder why you have not wrote about the "demise" or "dawn of a new era" of HWZ. Afterall, you are part of the community, aren't you? :)

xialanxue said...