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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Xiaxue - The Exposé

[Update 4, 16/01/06 6:17pm: SOMEONE launched an attack on the pics in a bid to destroy evidence. The pics for this entry have been restored.]

[Update 3, 14/01/06 1:33am: ST's trackback was removed too. However, I applaud Agagooga for trying to maintain editorial integrity.]

[Update 2, 14/01/06 1:19am: Xiaxue is online at tomorrow.sg now, which explains why my link keeps disappearing and re-appearing at the trackbacks of the entry posted by Nadia. Editorial Integrity anyone?]

[Update: Site is experiencing high traffic - Please bear with any technical difficulties like slow load time for pics. Fixed some technical problems, Links are fine now. Added new trackbacks.]

I am sure this will go down as one of the classics in the "Hall of Shame" for the local blogosphere.

This is a story of mass deceit in its purest form. In fact, it is much more than that - This is a story of a woman scorned and her failed attempt at executing her master plan - This is a story of a publicity stunt gone wrong. This is the story of what an infamous blogger did recently. This is the story of xiaxue.

You have heard bits and pieces here and there, leaked information from my chat with blinkymummy and kimberlycun. Now let me put together the missing pieces of the puzzle for you. Brace yourselves. Here we begin...

I think it would be safe to say that most of you have heard in the news recently about a petition started by an infamous blogger to ban aerosol sprays from orchard road, to prevent molestation. If you did, you only manage to find out about 10% of the full story. If you have been following the coverage by blogs about what actually happened, you would know that Blinkymummy and I both pointed out that the blogger in question was just using the petition to divert the media's attention from the blatant racism in her entries [Read this, this, this and this].

Because our combined traffic exceeded 3,000 unique visitors a day, soon more bloggers found out what was actually going on and voiced their views on their blogs as well [See the trackbacks from the links above]. Xiaxue was taken aback by the support we have gathered and began furiously editing her entries and comments. Unknown to us, an evil plan was already beginning to form in her head.

On tuesday, I was alerted by one of my readers that xiaxue has suddenly launched a sudden attack on xlx [See screenshots below, those were taken while I was chatting with Blinkymummy on msn yesterday - The contents might have changed since, for coverup].

I was puzzled. Why did xiaxue suddenly launch an attack on xlx? I had already moved on to write about the chaos in the flowerpod forums at that time. There was no logical reason why xiaxue would suddenly write about xlx.

Just as I was wondering what was going on, I surfed technorati and found a blog entry in a new blog that mentioned "xialanxue". [The link to that entry is here but again, because of the possibility that the entry might have been deleted or edited, it is best to refer to the screenshots below]. I decided to take a look and this was what I found (read the contents in the screenshots carefully):

I felt outraged. Someone was impersonating me! [Read this] I suspected it was xiaxue herself because of the writing style and the detailed content. I emailed Blinkymummy to ask whether she had seen the site and to clarify in case there was any misunderstanding as a result of the impersonator using my nick. Blinkymummy read the contents and burst out laughing [in our email exchange]. She confirmed with me that Xiaxue was the one who wrote the entry because only the both of them would know the exact details of their multiple exchanges in the different situations!. [Read about the details from Blinkymummy here]

It was only then that it dawned on us what was really going on. I was being set up by xiaxue! And not only that, Xiaxue had planned to kill 2 birds with one stone by inpersonating as "xialanxue" to write a hate entry on blinkymummy. It was a perfect plan!

1) Attack the 2 high profile bloggers who spoke up against her blatant racism.
2) How? Do it in a separate blog by writing an entry using the nick of one to attack the other.
3) Condemn hate sites in her own blog.
4) Wait for results that both bloggers will become hated by the masses.

What xiaxue didn't expect was that it doesn't take people with PSLE scores of 269 and above to figure the evil plan out. I told kimberlycun about the irony of the situation [See Screenshot below]

Anyway xiaxue has been denying her involvement in the whole affair - She has posted another entry in the previously mentioned hate site as "xialanxue" and continued to try and execute her plan. I am sorry xiaxue, there are alot of people who are on our sides now - A reader sent in an email to me detailing a small but significant discovery he made at bloglines [See screenshots below]

I checked out bloglines myself.

It is true - In bloglines, for her last two entries, the author was supposedly "xialanxue". So she changed nick now? I am sorry dear.. That's my nick. Please get another one - And stop trying to hide behind my nick to tell the world what you really think about blinkymummy. She has already said it outright - Anything you want to say, say it to her face!

As for what I am feeling now, a picture speaks a thousand words.

P.S. As xiaxue is an editor at tomorrow.sg, trying to get this published there will be futile. You guys can help Blinkymummy and me spread the word by linking to this Exposé.

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Anonymous said...

I am confused with the bloglines entries. Do you mean she forgets to change her nick from xlx to xx when writing those or she intentionally uses xlx instead of xx?

xialanxue said...

That's a good question - Maybe you can ask her to explain why she used "xialanxue" for those 2 entries in her xiaxue blog. Carelessness or delibrate?

mooiness said...

Me thinks it's more carelessness than anything. She must have logged on previously with the "xlx" nick and then closed the browser.

The next time she came back on, the cookies would have restored her session, but as "xlx".

Learn this lesson ppl: remember to log off when you are on a public PC (or when you are trying to scam ppl heheh).


Aridewa said...

why don't you do this in tomorrow (.sg):

Find a local site that wrote about impersonation issues and submit it.

IF, the article is approved and published, I am sure people (including me) will help you out spread your word in the comments section.

And IF the article is approved, send an e-mail to the original writer to request a link to your entry from his/ her article.

... but I am sure you already thought about this with the only setback being it's approval to be approved as I can tell that you want a die die can-do plan.

Anonymous said...

poor xiaxue...her dumb now showing

Anonymous said...

i don't think xx is smart enough to have come up with that. maybe xlx is doing this to get rid of 2 rivals at one go since things didn't go well for her this xmas..

Anonymous said...

firstly blinky is not xlx's "rival". secondly its precisely cos xx is not smart enough that her plans got foiled

Anonymous said...

Can't see the pics...bandwidth exceeded...

Lionheart said...

I saw her posting and was wondering why is there a straight forward hit towards you xlx. After reading through your blog. It makes sense. She is talking rubbish in her blog with nonsensical stupid rumblings....

Anonymous said...

If cannot get tomorrow-ed. This is what i suggest:

add some comments on the top topic. At the end of the topic, add the link of this page.

~*Starryluvly*~ said...

I'm going to try to submit it to tomorrow anyway. At worst it'll get rejected.

Will definitely link this to my blog later, when I have the time to do a write up. =)

heffatupp said...

actually don't think xiaxue will be so dumb to do something like that.. all the evidence points to her though.. lets hear what she has to say now >.<

bloglines said...






Stupe said...

she's already singapore's national joke...xlx, you did the right thing, expose her...i can't stand her racist postings as well...but decided not to say anything there as she might end up hating her own kind (race)!

Anonymous said...

hmm... why don't someone stick those blogline urls in her comment page? at least there's lotsa hits on her site. therefore more expose

Anonymous said...

She put all comments on moderation. Thats why you see all the 'positive' comments on her blog. Ask her to remove moderation, and she will have to admit how many haters she really have.

Lets see how xx respond to this, i am definately expecting more crap from her.

Get rid of xx for god's sake. She is the bad apple in our blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Stupe said...
but decided not to say anything there as she might end up hating her own kind (race)!

Thu Jan 12, 04:28:42 PM 2006

Oh.. that you do not have to worry. It is clear that she hates herself much.

She blogs about anyone and anything and any characteristics that she hates and failed to realise those is a mirror of herself actually.

And xlx, why are you start behaving like xx now? Moderating comments too?

xialanxue said...

For any technical difficulties, please email me instead of writing them in the comments. See [update ...] at the top of the article.

xialanxue said...

To Anonymous Thu Jan 12, 06:52:51 PM 2006, there is a very good reason why I am moderating comments now - it's called clone spam. If you look in one of the links of the abovementioned hate site which leads to another hate site that Kimberlycun, shaolintiger and I suspect is also xx's work, you would know what I mean.

Anyway I repeat: anyone experiencing technical difficulties should email me instead of using the comments box.

Anonymous said...

one of the links of the abovementioned hate site

Don't get what you mean, which link?

Even if it linked to another hate site, why the worry? Readers will have the ability to decide what they want to believe in.

For example, aren't your readers choose to stand on your side even though xx only allows favourable comments to show in her blog?

Ppl can think one, not blindly follow one!

mooiness said...

anon: clone spam = lotsa lotsa anons like yourself (or perhaps just one) spamming the comments with the same words.

mooiness said...

and that link was:

Look in the comments of the first post to see what XLX meant.

Me said...

You might want to call on a reporter and check with them if they want to cover on this topic. It is quite interesting I must say. I do have some contacts if you need.

xialanxue said...

Anyway to the very first anonymous person, blinkymummy has figured out the answer to your question.
And it could be really costly.

SpeakingUp said...

XX has always been the attn-seeker. Well good for her, now she's got ALOT of attn indeed. She's think she's capable when really she's just a piece of shit. Well done XLX and BM. Behind u peeps always.

Agagooga said...

Hmm, interesting.

Anonymous said...


Xia_mi_mi said...

Was actually leaving some comments in XX's blog sometimes. But after knowing the dirty act she is doing and her so frequent use of vulgarities really turn me off. Fancy talking negative about people who set up hate sites and then doing that exact same thing behind the back of others. Gosh..its unbelivable how beyond hope she is....

Anonymous said...

Yes. Many fail to realise that BM is not hiding the fact that she swears, acts uncouth when drunk etc.

But XX is trying to protray this 'nice' image of her on her own blog.

And when she want to flame someone badly, she do it under another name.

Not a new name. Another Blogger's name (XLX).

This, to me, is just shit.

Xia_mi_mi said...

No no. She is not protraying the nice nice image in her blog or about herself. She is in fact protraying a kind of image that disgust me more - the "I-Will-Get-Away-with-things" attitude.. =S

I really don't understand. although its not wrong to swear at times but why is it that every entry the F**K word will surely appear? Makes her so uncouth. Is there no other better word to use?

Anonymous said...

hmmm....just spent 10 min on xx blog and xlx blog. This is damn ridiculous to me, this fight. Two words....GROW UP

melvyn said...

ups for you on my blog

dazed said...

am curious.....I thought sandralicious/scandalisious watsoever dun like Xiaxue, how come she took picture with her?

Anonymous said...

If Xiaxue used her own profile to set up that hate blog, don't you think that the blog would show up in her profile?


But if I'm not wrong, her main blog, xiaxue.blogspot.com, is not in her profile as well. Can anyone who is expert in blogspot verify this?

Maybe that's how she got away with it before she was caught in the act?

bloglines said...

Hey, Xiaxue's new post is indexed, and it was posted "by Xiaxue." The previous 2 posts, of course, remain posted "by Xialanxue."






moe said...

I thought I saw the post by Starryluvly on tomorrow(.sg) just a while ago... now it's gone! Anyone saw it too?

missy_shan said...

yeah very nice! she's a shizophrenic like she said in the hate-site! whaha now got 3 editors? look at this > http://weloveblinkymonkey.blogspot.com/2006/01/hate-site.html

real xlx doesnt have 3 editors what! i got the print scrn if needed! haha

~*Starryluvly*~ said...

anon: blogger lets you choose to hide your blogs on your profile.

moe: did you mean the post on XLX which I submitted, or a post which I wrote?? I've been checking back at tomorrow to see whether they'd really publish it, but I didn't see it.

Lee Poh See said...

all the comments in the hate site have been removed (by xx)!!!

she created a hate site to flame people but got herself flamed instead.

she can't deal with it so resort to deleting people's comments which happen to be all -ve

booooo xx!!!

moe said...

starryluvly: I am very sure I did not visit your blog today. I was surfing around tomorrow(.sg) and other sites.

Did you link to this XLX post in your submission? Coz I remember clicking on a link which brought me here... I may be wrong though, haha! Too much blog surfing on a Friday morning.

Anyway, all these impersonations-of-other-bloggers shit is way too childish (whoever it may be who is doing it!)

missy_shan said...

more links




isn't it obvious?! said...

the case is really simple people, cant you see? xiaxue, sillycelly, and sandra set up the site together.

it's a site for them to personally lash out at their dislike for BM given her recent "offences" against them and they used xlx's name as a sacarstic joke. The 3 of them probably all have passwords to the blog, so they can write individual entries whenever, which explains the pro-xiaxue posts written in her F-word style.

true enough, they didn't publicize the site. it was xlx who searched for his own name and found the blog. the intention of the 3 girls was i believe, a satirical anti-BM site, but with xlx's discovery it became a "xiaxue is impersonating xlx on a hate site to sow discord blahblah".

I think it's obvious that the writers can only be xiaxue, sandra n sillycelly since only they will know the details of the events that took place n what BM said to them. So what started as a lil side entertainment has turned into blogger outrage n hot soup for them, hence they're making feeble attempts at denying who they are.

truly days of our lives on the pc...

Anonymous said...

In my opinion that XX actually did this to increase her hits at her site.

Although she didnt promote the site, but she secretly went over to mr brown's website and post some vulgarities so that it will attract the attention of xlx to promote the site for her. And she purposely posted somethings that BM or XLX will point of that its her.

And there, all the fans of BM, XLX, anti-fans of XX, and XX will be reading over it and so her hits increase.

She will firstly post stuff unrelated to this incident so that her hits will stay for some time, then she will denied that it was her works, surely her fans will agree with it.

JustThreeMinutes said...

Nah it is not that obvious. The more obvious thing would be that of the three of them, onli XX is childish enough to do such things. From the way the three of them blog, you will know that the hate-site prominantly exhibits the writing style of XX. Sandra and SC both have more matured style of writing. Also they don't curse as much and will definitely not call people Labia or fucktards. There you go. It will also be great that Sandra and SC can come clean with this so that they will not be blamed for soemthing that they did not do. Then we can show the blogging world how childish XX is. In fact why not complain to the authorities who gave her the best Asian blog. Surely this is not the way to behave for someone who has the best Asian blog. Her award should be rescinded and given to a more worthy party.

Anonymous said...

dunno wat to say..but it does look dramatic. haha

Anonymous said...

XX is obviously aware of this matter (I posted a comment with this post url and she rejected it)

Still she isnt saying anything on the matter - obviously ignoring it cause responding would get her in too much trouble. Would XX happily ignore anything like that if she didnt do it?

Amazes me though how her 'fans' can be so blind, still posting nice comments.

~*Starryluvly*~ said...

moe: yea, I did post the link to this entry on the tomorrow page, as you will see from geeekgeek's livejournal entry.

Anonymous said...

I think they r still posting "nice" comments because they are not aware of the existance of this expose.
We should help get the word out so more people know.

Xia_mi_mi said...

Yes..I tried to post the URL on her blog too to warn her fans (or at least let them see what their little angel is doing) but she did't accept it. Its just so obvious, if she is innocent and so like to prove that she is so innocent to these hate sites, why not be open and accept it right?

Fancy posting her flabby pics on her new entry. Trying to divert attention from the main issue eh?

carrot_garbage said...

It is so funny that one who demands truth from others are the biggest liar themselves.

She really paid a high price for it and her integrity is really questionable.

I wonder how is she going to face the public now? Trying to run away and pretend nothing happened? Or trying all her best to deny though all evidence is not in her favor?

well..is better to be an anonymous.

simplesandra said...

No one can stop Wendy and co. from setting up a hate blog; it's their reputations to waste. What's deplorable is that it's done with stolen identities.

If the blog was meant only for them, then password-protect it. If it's accessible to the public (since XLX found it) then there are more serious implications.

anon wrote: "I think they r still posting "nice" comments because they are not aware of the existance of this expose."

That's probably b'cos the nasty ones are deleted. That, and the fact that Wendy's rabid fans are beyond hope. =)

Anonymous said...

i think she used 2 different names, and forgot to switch to XIAXUE.

moe said...

starryluvly: Haha! Ok! At least I know that I am not getting senile or anything like that! I remember I clicked on a link on tomorrow(.sg) that brought me here... I wasn't wrong after all! Phew! Luckily geekgeek made a screen shot!

Anonymous said...

can someone email Her world not to publish xiaxue, sandralicious and sillycelly's pics for the march issue?
They disgust me..

Anonymous said...

HAHA! so much for being in a MENSA eh. i think menses more like it. :p

carrot_garbage said...

I'm still waitiing to see her reaction for this! hahahaha

I_Love_My_LP said...

wat else, xx is trying to be a cb po again. screw her, gonna contact TNP afterwards to publish her evil works.

Anonymous said...

XX is only a bimbo and super low-class bitxx!!.

Cheerios to Blinkymummy.. We love u!

Mad Little Me said...

blog on...

En & Hou said...

Ladies and gentlemen, the Singapore blogosphere has reached a new low once again! Not surprising though. ;)


Anonymous said...

Just think since she is already so popular, does she need to stood low? Anyway i dun believe the shit you both are saying.

Anonymous said...

xiaxue spotted

laurel_sim86 said...

plaese get BM to put this up too.

the signings are not coming in enough.

i cannot edit the petition as there's signatures already. it'll be unfair to those who have already signed. i guess that's the policy of the site.

i can however, do wat xiaxue does best, and remove comments that are detrimental to my cause.

for a worthy cause!! http://new.petitiononline.com/BanXX/petition.html <== pls sign this

ShaolinTiger said...

I have posted about this issue now HERE.

Agagooga said...

Please do not conflate one editor with the whole team, thank you.

xialanxue said...

agagooga don't worry we have eyes - Updated with information that you are trying to maintain editorial integrity amidst all the chaos.

Anonymous said...

@ 11+pm

@ 1+am
xlx link is gone?

now you see it

now you dont?

now you see it

now you dont?

now you see it


Anonymous said...

XX is furiously deleting all trackbacks on Tomorrow to cover her tracks. How low can she sink?

clueless said...

her latest angry post "There are men, and then there are men"...directed at someone with editorial integrity...?

~*Starryluvly*~ said...

Like I said XLX, at least the Tomorrow editorial team don't control my blog. So if readers clicked on my link on Tomorrow, they'll be able to access the links I put up and those which I am just adding now.

Anonymous said...


carrot_garbage said...


I think the moral of the whole story is..

Be humble, modest, sincere and couteous, people will be forgiving and lend you a helping hand when you fall.

When you get too proud and arrogant of yourself, people can't wait to see you fall!

Haha... she has her day! Lets see what monkey acts she is capable of performiing this time round!

carrot_garbage said...

by the way, anyone has the photos of the Her World shoot that BM published on her blog? The unphotoshopped XX in bikinis? I think that is the catalyst of all these. Anyone can share the photos?

It's really a surprise to know they are not paid for the Maxim's shoots. Maxim is clever by using girls who wants fame and attention so much at no cost at all to pose like a sexy kitten and the horny men of all types and categories paid for the pleasure of masturbating with it. The girls will happily blog about it and drives up the sales of Maxim. Clever and a all win situation for Maxim.

I think if any girls who gets to appear on Maxim or FHM, be smart enough to ask for fee k? Else, wear the bikinis to Sentosa to have fun and at least you will not get half bald, beer belly chee koh peks masturbating in front of you.

Kelvin said...

I am not a fan of her's nor do I hate her. I find her latest entry of men; ego; wimps; libertarians; society; mama's boy; and whatever she can think of, absolutely redundent. She is not making any sense in her post and I am shocked at some of the compliments she received for that entry.

But on the other hand I do pity the girl now that her darkest secrets are exposed. She is a celebrity and her popularity on the internet world can be mention in the same wavelength as our Mr Steven Lim. How is she ever going to face everybody anybody?! Family; relatives; friends; neighbours; colleagues; strangers would all remember her as the wicked girl whom tried to frame another by impersonating him. Pity.. pitiful..

Anonymous said...

hi guys,
pls confirm whether that ugly creature xx is a hobbit with mutant head? thanks

Hokkien Mee said...

yah anonymous above, i confirm that the ugly creature xx is a hobbit with mutant head =P

Hokkien Mee said...

very xia suey leh, best asian blogger this kind of pattern!!!

Anonymous said...

Man! What a bitch she is!

joaquin said...

i know xx personally as a fren and yeah, in real life, she still talks about such crap and comes up with the most illogical reasons. Worst thing is that she always thinks she's correct and the world revolves around her. From day one i know her, i have already realised that i cant talk anything serious with her (eg. politics, economy or her so-proclaimed forte, society), also i never talk to her abt her blog affairs, she'll never listen. Hence, i hope she eventually grows up and learn a lesson this time, the situation is getting from bad to worse. She needs to be educated, and well, i think she should stop blogging and get a real job, well, more than 2 yrs she graduated and still wasting her life away.

FANNY said...


Anonymous said...

She should get a life man. Stop blogging for god's sake. Its not that blogging is not good. Just that she is tainting our image. Yes, of Singapore bloggers.

Anonymous said...

it's amazing how you devote a large part of your life on someone who means didly squat to the rest of the world. you might as well be spending your life doing intesnse research on snot and poo.

Anonymous said...

she's representing singapore in the blogosphere!
ppl like xx should be banned from cyverspace

Alvin said...

Why don't you report Xiaxue to the Blogger admins for TOS Violations?

yothemans.com said...

no wonder my post to tomorrow.sg regarding my blog topic about xiaxue pls dont cock was not approve

mchlle said...

I didnt know the blog world can create enemies?
Enjoyed reading your blog, dawn's & blinkymummy's.
However, I'm pretty confused.

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