Where forth art thou?: Xiaxue - The Exposé Part 2

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Xiaxue - The Exposé Part 2

[Update, 16/01/06 6:27pm: SOMEONE launched an attack on the pics in a bid to destroy evidence. The pics for this entry have been restored.]

I am sure you guys are wondering why xiaxue has not said anything about the exposé. After all, if one is really innocent, wouldn't one speak up on one's high profile blog?

"Maybe she hasn't seen the exposé yet?", you think. Well for those of you who have not been following the chaos occuring after the exposé, you wouldn't know that tomorrow.sg has been implicated in the whole saga. Let me show you that she has indeed seen the exposé but is still formulating a strategy before she responds.

You can see from the screenshot (from bloglines) below that she has changed her nick back to xiaxue, in posting her recent entries.

Also, she compromised tomorrow.sg's editorial integrity in her attempted coverup and was caught red-handed by a reader (Thanks Shannon!) when she deleted my trackback from tomorrow.sg multiple times.

For those who are lazy to type out the urls in the email, here they are [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8]. I must thank Agagooga for trying to uphold tomorrow.sg's editorial integrity and foil xiaxue's coverup attempts that night.

Now unlike xiaxue, sandralicious has chosen to speak up. She clarified that although she has said certain not-so-nice things about Blinkymummy in the past (like those in the screenshot captured below), she wouldn't stoop so low as to set up a hatesite for blinkymummy using my nick.

After reading her entry, I am not sure whether to believe that she was not involved AT ALL, or not (because the plot gets deeper as you shall find out in a while). Here's a screenshot of sandralicious's site showing the 3 of them at Wala's. Sorry, but I couldn't resist the caption.

Sandralicious aside, we know for a certainty that sillycelly was involved in the hatesite in some way or another, as the poem about blinkymummy that was posted on the hatesite was shown to be written by sillycelly [Read this].

Also, I discovered this comment posted by sillycelly when I was looking through sandralicious's entry where she called blinkymummy an elderly.

At the point of writing, I saw that sillycelly has spoken up about the issue. However , unlike sandralicious, she has not outright denied her involvement in the hatesite (see screenshot taken from sillycelly's blog below).

I think sillycelly did not expect that the issue would be blown up to such a large extent - and when it did, she just wants it to end, as you can see from her words to blinkymummy. Sillycelly this message is to you: If you want this issue to be resolved, first 1) admit publicly to your involvement in the site, 2) tell us who else are involved (Is sandralicious lying or telling the truth?), 3) apologize. I believe that all of us will forgive you if you choose to do those 3 things.

Now I want all those who are sitting behind your monitors with popcorn in hand to understand one thing: To you all, this may be just a silly blog war between "Team Blinkymummy and Xialanxue" Vs "Team Xiaxue, Sandralicious and SillyCelly". But don't forget that to the people involved, reputations are at stake! This is a serious issue for us.

At this point I would like to announce a very important new discovery. I noticed that a new contributor was just added to the hate site:

Now, previously I have received some emails from readers asking me to find out why Mr Brown's link is on the hate site. So I sent an email to Mr Brown to clarify. The following screenshots showed our correspondence.

I am quite sure Mr Brown has no part in this whole saga, but what infuriates me is that a new contributor was just added to the hate site (previously under contributors, there were only 3 authors but Mr Brown's link was already on the site - But as you all can see from the screenshots above, Mr Brown has clarified with me that he is not involved in the hatesite at all). I believe that xiaxue is the mastermind behind the website and is trying to implicate more people into the mess she has created. xiaxue, how can you be so despicable??? I thought Mr Brown was your friend! (Okay, now you guys should understand why I say the plot thickens - So was sandralicious also set up by xiaxue in this way or was sandralicious lying???)

I am now anticipating xiaxue's next big move. I believe that she will once again manipulate the media just like what she did in the disabled toilet issue, to spread her own propaganda about what she has done. We must not let that happen! For those who are reading this, I am sure you guys know that not everyone reads blogs - so I need you all to help me spread the word around to your friends via msn/email/phone, in case this issue is reported wrongly in the newspapers.

I would like to express my heart-felt gratitude to all the bloggers and readers who have helped out one way or another to spread the message out - without you guys, she would have won the battle, she would have succeeded in her coverup and gotten away with what she has done. I would like to thank all those who have taken all the relevant screenshots and emailed them to me - especially the one who made the small but highly significant discovery at bloglines. Without your help, I would not have been able to keep track of and manage the chaos following the exposé myself.

For those who think that what xiaxue did could not have been potentially damaging, look at these wrong messages [Read this and this] (by using my nick in the hate site, she has succeeded in confusing some readers) sent out by some bloggers (whom I believe only read the hatesite and maybe blinkymummy's site, without understanding the actual circumstances surrounding the hatesite). If I had not discovered the hatesite myself and spoke up about it, I am sure her plan of framing me to get back at Blinkymummy might have just worked.

Xiaxue - The Exposé [xlx]
Know your bloggers* [Blinkymummy]

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~*Starryluvly*~ said...

Personally XLX, I too don't think that mrbrown is involved with the hate site. But like you, I was curious as to what his reaction would be if he knew he was being linked on it.

bsjj said...

The way you said it makes xiaxue look like shes an evil villain, but she actually ISN'T.

xialanxue said...

SL, I think it was your comment/email that prompted me to email him for clarifications.

xpyre said...

All this flogging of dead horses smacks of necrophilia, dude. Really.

diplomaBoy said...

bsjj: but seemed like all the evidents has shown that she behaviour that way. can you prove that all the evidents are not true?

sietecho said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
bsjj said...

diplomaboy: Of course I can't say she DIDN'T do those things, but we cant say that she did it unless she said it out of her own mouth (or sillycelly, sandralicious for that matter)

btw, I was referring to xlx's speaking tone when I made that comment. Nevertheless, thanks for replying =)

Anonymous said...

I am just really confused. Is the Simplesandra speaking out against XX in this comment page the same one who went partying at Wala with XX and Celly? If so, then am I missing something or is Sandra schizo?

boink said...

There's sANdralicious-sandraPOWERpuff.blogspot.com and sCANdalicious-sandraPOWDERpuff.blogspot.com

Can someone explain this?

Agagooga said...

What does Mr Brown have to do with anything?!

Like that you might as well say Google is implicated in this too right...

notanotherdumbass said...

simplesandra is NOT the one who went partying with the two witches. that was SIMPLYsandra

7-8 said...

Hi, xlx, what would you do if somebody impersonated you?

That sietecho is an imposter. Pls get rid of his comment. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good post, i'm totally disappointed with tomorrow.sg how can they lay so low to harbour xx's wrongdoings? And if it was xx herself deleting all the trackbacks. Damm, remove her editorial access to the site. She is giving them a bad name. One girl, all the controversy surrounding her, and look at this mayhem that came with her.

Comet said...

Good post, i'm totally disappointed with tomorrow.sg how can they lay so low to harbour xx's wrongdoings? And if it was xx herself deleting all the trackbacks. Damm, remove her editorial access to the site. She is giving them a bad name. One girl, all the controversy surrounding her, and look at this mayhem that came with her.

Louis a.k.a TCK said...

wow xx has gone as far to impersonating xlx and link to mr brown in her hate site. thick face-ness

Jackie said...

Alrighto. I saw the Blogs, such as the kimberly thingy and the welovelinkeymonkey thingy. Oh my gawd. Xiaxue is SO pathetic.I feel so sorry for her. The least she do was to CHANGE HER WRITING STYLE! It's so obviously hers.If my friend were to show me that site(without letting me look at the Blog name..etc) Yeahh. I'd know straight away it'll be hers. You shouldn't blame her you know. For being lame,ironic and self sympathetic. She's just trying to get back at them we nonsense instead of the truths they said against her. Once again. anti-xiaxue.

xialanxue said...

agagooga I think you have to read the entry again and the first 2 comments.
7-8 I have deleted the comment whereby the person was impersonating you.

xialanxue said...

agagooga I meant the first and third comment by SL and me respectively

softstool said...

Seriously, I think the major points that ignited the whole saga is due to BM's fault.
1) If she didn't make those uncalled for remarks about the 3 girls before the Her World shoot, none of this would have happened. If she knew them personally, I've nothing to say but she didn't even meet them prior to the shoot. so what was not being associated with them about?

2) Then the confrontation at Holland V. Huh? Its like a remake of those HK ah lian triads show. What BM did aint gonna solve her problems but inflamed it futher. Is it ok for BM to be pissed about what the 3 girls blogged about her? Of cos. But for her to act that way, doesn't make her any better than the 3 girls.

The hatesite and impersonation is wrong. But has anyone asked the whats the cause of the hatesite?

In all fairness, Xlx u should put part of the blame on BM too!

Candyfeehily said...

you know, afterall you are anonymous urself, so what's the deal wif ppl trying to impersonate you?

having said that i wasnt saying it's ok to impersonate you.

a war is a war and anyone involved is casualty.

Trixyy said...

I still don't find the evidence conclusive enough to really decide for myself that XX, Celly and Sandralicious were in this.

Not that I am on their Team.

As much as the evidence presented seems solid and credible enough.. I can't help but feel that something doesn't quite add up.

I can't put my finger to what doesn't add up.

Oh wells.
Anyhow, good job in the presentation of evidence.
I am inclined to think that the 3 of them DID really start the hatesite.

But at the end of the day, does it matter anymore?

Anonymous said...

i honestly dislike Xiaxue, and I dont read either the Sandrapowerpuff girl or Silly Celly. Yet i cant help but feel you should have seen this one coming, XLX.

Your site started as an entertaining parody on Xiaxue's, but degenerated into the recent full-blown paparazzi-like-hounding of certain individuals who have been embroiled in recent scandals, demanding that they "confess". Very big demands coming from someone hiding behind the anoymity of the screen.

Im wondering, how can Wendy Cheng possibly defame someone anonymous like XLX, when his/her/its(?) identity remains unknown?

I'm still a fan of yours in parts, and a detractor in others. Wendy Cheng is nothing, if not ill-bred & crass. And if someone has to take Xiaxue down, I'm glad its gonna be you. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

wow, you guys really have nothing better to do.

Anonymous said...

The culprits are really silly, stupid and wicked...alamak...hope they get their just desserts...i followed up the whole thing...this kind of malice cannot be allowed to go unpunished...even as it is a childish prank...

Anonymous said...

btw i would like to tell you that i think xx is trying to get this whole thing out of the media sight (esp the 2 entries with her nick as xlx) by postiing MANY blog entries these few days.

Anonymous said...

wow, can believe you all are doing wu liao things to get her more famous.

How come pitiful humans are so funny.. fight in real world, fight in cyberworld also..

Well, its your blog and ur blog. Do wat u like. Ha~

Anonymous said...

whats with all the blog-war n hatesites!! grow up... have u got nothing better to do?! bunch of imbecile! F***kin' childish. u guys disgust me to d max

Severin said...


What BM did was not necessarily right, but retaliating in such a vitriolic manner is not right either. Instead of maintaining a modicum of dignity they have chosen to start a hatesite, impersonate xlx (which may cause possible negative repercussions in his name as can be seen in the 'fake xlx' posts on various other blogs) and making irrelevant attacks on BM. If it was about her attitude during those incidents, fair enough - but the hate site focused on non relevant assaults on her.

PrawnKing said...


today reported

Jeremy said...

I think there should be a blogger Identity bank. One where each blogger can keep his/her/its ID in it tagged to the multiple Display Name. Also, bloggers be issued security certificate. this way, id thief and reputation can be taken care of.

Anonymous said...

haha... and hehe...may all the xx's dogs have enough barking here before she final get prison. then you may continue to whorship her with 3 joss sticks.

Anonymous said...

to all xx whorshipper: if the 1st person killed the 2nd person just because the 1st person was provoked by the 3rd person. who do you think the judge will sentence guilty, 1st or 3rd? common sense doesn't come only from a smart person.

Anonymous said...

Haha.. she is such a chicken! After so many entries still dare not confront the matter. Dare to do but dare not admit. What's so difference about her?

To those who think she is "Real", "dare to speak her mind", "non hypocrite"? Haha.. What ya say now?

Anonymous said...

If all her haters really stopped reading her blog, her viewership will disappeared 99.5%, confirmed!

Anonymous said...

This is not to discuss who provoke who and who started it first.

This is about that bitch XX stooping so low to "frame" another blogger and not admiting it nor feeling apologectical about it.

I remember someone did use her name to set up a blog too and what's her reaction? And remember the incident when her photo is being mistaken as SPG? How she reacted?

Now, what is she doing?

Anonymous said...

now she has changed her blog so that there is no author listed for each post. interesting observation.

Darkharf said...

Why is this girl so wicked in her heart?

Jeremy said...

xlx: someone tried to launch an attack? What u mean?

Anonymous said...

17 Jan The Straits Times's Digital Life has a section 'blogosphere' about this incident, written by Melissa Wee... How did a crass bitchy no-brainer attention whore like Xiaxue get to be Asian's most popular blogger I really dunno, while her blog is so full of shit.

Jackie said...

XX SUCKS XX SUCKS. I admit.I used to like her but the more and more I read her blog she just sucked man. Her true colours start showing. EEW. Sorry I ever favoured that bitch.

joe said...

the hate site is closed
no posts there whatsoever
guess xx has deleted all the entry

Anonymous said...

wow ! seemed like someone has trying to destroy evident by closing the site. xlx has won this time. bravo !

Anonymous said...

i just hope xx could be imprisoned, so that the world can have peace again.

Little Superhero Girl said...

Hmmm... Why xiaxue is keeping quiet all these while? Does that mean that she is guilty about the whole fuss? wahhahahahha!

Anonymous said...

I guess after Digital Life has printed the furore, XX probably decided that the hate site will potentially lower her credibility and integrity among her flock of sheep, since it will nopw be reaching to a wider audience.

BlacksheeP said...

I hope all this ends soon. I've had enough of this already. This should end, and everybody can start writing about other interesting things again. Thank you.

hyprocrites...! said...

the hate site wasn't even that bad compared to other hate sites not too long ago against certain individuals. Plus those individuals didn't even do anything intentionally mean or hurting to ppl, unlike BM whose rather rude behavior was uncalled for. So why didn't anyone cry foul against those thousandtimes nastier hate sites, but only now because it's set up by xiaxue?

all very hypocritical i'd say. u wanna protest against this hate site, go track down all the others too that hurt innocent people.

Yoyo said...

Wendy Cheng dangerously close to the Sedition Act...


Voices // Monday, January 16, 2006

Avoid Sowing the seeds of Hate
Benjamin James Saram

I remember watching the excellent television miniseries, Hitler: The Rise of Evil, which screened last year. It examines that dark period when millions were killed in the name of racial purification and nationalistic ambition.
One particularly powerful scene showed a young Adolf Hitler, homeless after being rejected by the Academy of Visual Arts in Vienna, huddled against the winter cold in an alley with other beggars. His companion rails against the perceived imbalance of wealth in Europe, as Jewish aristocrats walk past in their fur coats and top hats. Hitler takes this all in, and with the Anti-Semitic speeches of Karl Lueger, then Mayor of Vienna, it forms the basis of his beliefs. The rest, as they say, is history.
I've been reminded of The Rise of Evil twice by events that took place right here over the course of 2005.
The first was the case of Gan Huai Shi, better known as Racist Blogger No 3, who was hauled before a judge to answer charges under the Sedition Act for writing a blog — incidentally called "The Second Holocaust", which preached hatred against Muslims. It was revealed during his trial that the seeds of racism were planted when he was a child as the result of a traumatic incident.
The second event happened over the holiday period. Apparently during the countdown festivities on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve along Orchard Road, several men took advantage of the packed crowds to spray women with canned foam and molest them while they were incapacitated.
According to several anecdotal accounts, a lot of these perpetrators were foreign workers. Police later clarified that the eight men apprehended were a mix of Singaporeans and foreigners.
Of all the opinions offered on the issue, the one that caught my attention was written by popular blogger Wendy Cheng (aka "Xiaxue"), who espoused banning the sale of aerosol foam and/or foreign workers from street parties in Singapore.
One particularly acrid remark posted on Dec 27 read: "I heard Orchard road was full of them (foreign workers), molesting and spraying our girls!! Why are we sharing Orchard road with them?!"
She also applauded the new dance club in town, the Ministry of Sound, for its exclusivity, asking rhetorically, "would you like to party with Foreign Workers?"
At the height of her tirade, she questioned why foreign workers are allowed at public events, stating that they terrorize girls, and "don't contribute to shopping centre sales". She drew a variety of reactions from readers, many of whom supported her views. But perhaps sensing that her posts may have become too offensive, she toned down her rhetoric and backpedalled by saying that "they (foreign workers) aren't all bad".
Ironically, it is this "toned down" final post on the subject that I find most chilling. She had written, on Jan 3: "Realise that we practice discrimination every single day. We discriminate (sic) looks, education, intellect, dressing, and a lot more.
"Modelling agencies do not employ the ugly … Mensa does not welcome people with low IQ … Platinum card owners do not allow the poor to join their ranks … SIA does not employ short girls …
"Is it really ok to discriminate these other things and not race? Food for thought."
That a tertiary-educated 22-year-old (supposedly with an IQ in the top 2 per cent of the population) would be capable of such xenophobic views does not scare me. What does chill me is that she thinks her views are comparable to how corporations select their staff and how banks apply demographic segmentation for marketing reasons.
(And for the record, Mensa does not reject people who get a low score on the IQ test. All aspirants who don't make the 98 per cent percentile cut for full membership may join as associates, which allows them access to all activities.)
What makes all this even scarier is that her blog boasts a hit rate of roughly 70,000 daily, and she has won several blog popularity awards over the years. When enough people tune in to one person's view and start feeling an affinity with that person, should we as Singaporeans not be worried? What if some misguided young person reads this stuff and it shapes his attitude towards foreign workers? What if he grows up to be a policy maker?
Ms Cheng's convictions, like Gan's, were not formed overnight. On her blog, she alludes to being molested, and witnessing people being molested, by foreign workers and other assorted louts since childhood.
However, just like Gan needs to learn that a long-ago act he felt wronged his family is not representative of the entire racial community, Miss Cheng needs to learn that migrant workers are not responsible for all, or even a majority of, sexual crimes here.
Of greater worry, according to 2004 statistics on the Singapore Police Force website, is the increase in molest cases reported in nightspots, the very places which Miss Cheng says are "safe" because foreign workers are generally excluded from them (economically, at least).
I do not dispute that a number of women during the street parties were accosted by foreigners. I believe the judiciary will come down hard on the perverts (Singaporeans included) caught, and rightly so. Perhaps legislation should be introduced to make penalties for outrage of modesty harsher if committed at large public events. The authorities should also look into ramping up security at such events.
The bottom line is, there are several ways to combat the scourge of sexual crime. Pinpointing specific nationalities or races as convenient suspects, however, is not one of them.
Especially if your blog readership consists of younger persons who may not have the maturity to handle anecdotal information with objectivity.
You do not want to be the one who inspires another Hitler.
This was contributed by a reader.

Anonymous said...

to my dear xx's whorshipper, hyprocrite: it is not a matter of setting up a hatesite now, it is a matter of impersonation of someone to hurt others. this showed that xx is having some personnality problem. this type of person can be trusted? why not you imagine yourself being impersonated by someone, how will feel? pls wake up before too late.

the grey sheep said...

let us not forget that xlx thrives on xx :)

Anonymous said...



laurel sim said...

Please refer to the following articles



I'm not only calling for her to be banned. I'm calling for justice to be done. One should be responsible for their words and if the racists bloggers were punished for their articles, Xiaxue should too.

Angie said...

For those who are reading this, I am sure you guys know that not everyone reads blogs - so I need you all to help me spread the word around to your friends via msn/email/phone, in case this issue is reported wrongly in the newspapers.

Spread this silly blog politics around via sms/msn to people who dont read blogs? Or care? Oh ho ho..get your butt off from your monitor and go out for some fresh air...who bloody cares?! you really do take yourself and this silly blog business very seriously dont you?

Anonymous said...

Those are letters from readers, aren't they? Published in the Today Online's "Voices" section? So they're not articles by Today Online themselves, right?

normal person said...

seemed like xx's whorshipper started to worry their godness might get into prison. lol

Anonymous said...

A comparison:



Anonymous said...

but the size seemed to be not right leh. she damn fat.

Anonymous said...

wow! so many whorshippers whorshipping a piece of photoshoped photo. shaking my head!

Anonymous said...

impersonating xlx will get xx into prison?? haha xlx and xlx's 'readers' dont thinks so highly of yourself. youre not goh chok tong or sth. so shut up and eat some shit.

Julian said...

Its very irritating to so quickly convict someone without any hard solid proof. YOU have absolutely no proof of the process of everyone. Yeah like the saying, 'Innocent till proven guilty'. So why dont you shut the trap first?

If Xiaxue isnt responding, means she is not involved.

Aridewa said...


We have already played our part in helping you but it occurred to me that you are delaying and holding this whole issue back with reasons only you will know.

It seems to me you are just generating traffic by holding back the matter and not taking any action.

You remain anonymous, the hatesite had been brought down, the names had been changed and you are only left with mere pictures.

What actions can you take being defamed as an anonymous and with screenshots that couldn't uphold any valid proof?

Write until tomorrow never die also no point if no proper actions taken.

Anonymous said...

can u all discuss something else? for example sex, or where to get the best bargains etc.

Lets move on, we are a gracious society

Anonymous said...

seemed like xx has sent some dogs here to spy. really don't understand why a normal person willing to be a dog of someone. super lol!!!

xialanxue said...

Julian I think it's obvious to all that your logic is flawed but I shall refrain from going into details because I simply don't have the time right now.

aridewa if you are really aridewa (since the link leads straight to the site and not the profile), maybe you can suggest what actions to take?

I haven't been updating because I already have a backlog of things/work I need to do - I'm not going to let what xiaxue did affect my personal commitments - Will update again when I am less busy. I have deadlines and until I meet them they wont go away. My priority now is my work.

Anonymous said...

i thought this site is setup to expose whatever wrong doing by xx? if she did nothing wrong, then of course there shouldn't be such site exist.

Righteous said...

I do certainly agreed with you.

I just read the straits times and the whole singaporeans are laughing at your blog war.

I guess xiaxue is trying to pin you down in boosting her traffic rating.

Anyway, let the matter blown away. As long as you are still yourself.

M said...

Julian said...
Its very irritating to so quickly convict someone without any hard solid proof. YOU have absolutely no proof of the process of everyone. Yeah like the saying, 'Innocent till proven guilty'. So why dont you shut the trap first?

If Xiaxue isnt responding, means she is not involved.

Fri Jan 20, 10:40:48 AM 2006

Bloglines is the best proof, what else you need to be convinced that the hatesite is not set up by that bitch?

Silence means consent. With that cheebye bitch character, you think she will not react strongly if anyone maligned her?

Please open your eyes and turn on your thinking cap dear!

Anonymous said...

Julian said...
Its very irritating to so quickly convict someone without any hard solid proof. YOU have absolutely no proof of the process of everyone. Yeah like the saying, 'Innocent till proven guilty'. So why dont you shut the trap first?

If Xiaxue isnt responding, means she is not involved.

Fri Jan 20, 10:40:48 AM 2006

Bloglines is the best proof, what else you need to be convinced that the hatesite is not set up by that bitch?

Silence means consent. With that cheebye bitch character, you think she will not react strongly if anyone maligned her?

Please open your eyes and turn on your thinking cap dear!

Anonymous said...

xialanxue.. you are such a sad case. put in so much effort to write all this but she dun even bother.. she dun respond means that's the end of your entry and claim.... dun you think you are so stupid doin all this??? you might think it's unfair or wat BUT.. come on.. that's the world.

Anonymous said...

honestly, i am getting sick of all this blog wars, and i dun give a fuck about them. doesn't anyone at all have anything better to do?

Anonymous said...

JY said...

Well, actually I hardly go and read blogs of those I don't know, except when I'm bored sometimes. But I NEVER go and read the blogs of those who keep boasting abt their 269 PSLE score, well, who cares? I got higher, so what?

Happen to come to this blog after reading a newspaper article. For those fans of the 269 PSLE girl, I suppose you all should know her character and her style, IF you're REALLY A FAN, so will she keep quiet if anyone malign her? Will she be so suaku and never read this blog entry?

I hope you guys won't like her juz becos she score an AMAZING 269 for her PSLE, and worship her becos of that.

Oh, did I tell you my A level results?