Where forth art thou?: Of impersonators and a certain petition

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Of impersonators and a certain petition

[Update 2, 16/01/06 6:34pm: SOMEONE launched an attack on the pics in a bid to destroy evidence. The pics for this entry have been restored.]

[update: I chatted with Blinkymummy in the afternoon over msn and she has confirmed with me that xiaxue was the one who tried to frame me by setting up the hate site in my name. Full details accompanied with screenshots tomorrow morning.]

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. What about impersonation?

While looking through technorati, I chanced upon this recently set up "Anti-BM, Pro-XX" (BM = Blinkymummy) blog. I was surprised to see "xialanxue" in the contributors' column.

Apparently, it didn't stop there. In one of the entries, "xialanxue" was again used to give people the wrong idea that the entry was written by me.

This is what I found upon checking the impersonator's profile:

Actually, being impersonated is not a new thing for me. A while ago, someone tried to pass off as me by signing off as "xialanxue" (even going so far as to link to my blog) with a rude comment on mr brown (MB)'s blog. Luckily my sitemeter alerted me to traffic from MB's site which was out of the ordinary for me so I decided to check it out. Apparently, MB's wife had at that time just delivered another baby and everyone was sending in their congratulations. You can see what the impersonator did in the screenshot below, along with my subsequent discovery and clarification.

While taking the screenshot today, I found that MB added his own notes to the comment to clarify the situation for those who might not read every single comment. I would just like to thank MB for the kind gesture - I appreciate that. I would also like to urge sitemasters or readers who see any unusual comments, supposedly left by "xialanxue" to check its validity and authenticity with me by emailing the link to me at xialanxue@gmail.com

An anonymous reader alerted me to xx's recent entry on xlx. If I'm not wrong, the entry was constructed based on the "Anti-BM, Pro-XX" blog I have talked about earlier. Reading into the contents of that blog, you might realise that the writing (and drawing?) style resembles that of who else but XX herself! Another publicity stunt at Blinkymummy's and my expense, just because we spoke up against you being a racist?

I am sorry but if you want to impersonate me, you are doing a very lousy job at it - Maybe if you eliminate all vulgarities, improve your grammar and vocabulary and learn how to make valid and proper arguments, you might just stand a chance at passing off as me. In the meantime, grow up...

Anyway, someone by the name of Laurel Sim or Ben Koh has set up a petition against XX after reading the post script of an earlier entry.

There are some mistakes in the petition that I would like to point out. Firstly, Laurel Sim/Ben Koh, can you change "To people of Singapore" to "To MDA" or "To All those affected by XX's irresponsible posts"? Secondly, can you change the 50,000 to "close to 20,000"? If you look closely at XX's site statistics, only 57.49% of her visitors are Singaporeans. Furthermore, her entries also angered a lot of malaysians and people around the region, so you shouldn't just address it to the People of Singapore.

At the time of writing, there are currently only 10 signatures - Do take my advice in changing the parts I highlighted - I am sure there will be a lot more signatures soon.

Online petition against XX
Decide for yourself [xlx]
We won't tolerate racists too [xlx]

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Anonymous said...

I managed to find the "anti-bm pro-xx" blog u r talking about. I am quite sure it was written by xiaxue.

that bloody cheebye xiaxue..

i will sign the petition too. lets ban xiaxue!

mooiness said...

If this is truely her work, then it'd be highly ironic. She paints ppl who run "hate sites" to be pathetic and then she go and do a hate site herself.

The universe is folding in on itself! :P

Then again it could be just one of her legion of minions who never really saw what she wrote before she edited the words.

Stupe said...

wah lan....it shows ur famous now man!

Anonymous said...

huh whats the URL??

Anonymous said...

xiaxue is an ugly fat piece of shit

Shion said...

I do not support the petition cos its juz as radiculous as calling for the ban on aerosol spray .

Can't we use reasons to solve anything ? Do we always have to use force and laws to get rid of things that we dislike or can;t agree with ?

This blog demonstrate that untruth and lies can be counter with reason and evidence of truth.

But calling for a ban , even to XX, is a violation of the very basic right of freedom of speech that we are already lacking in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

XX is an oxymoron icon. She needs OXY and is a moron.

That besides the point, she also criticised celebrities such as Fiona Xie for being a party animal, living the glam life gettin drunk etc while she herself is now whoring for free invites and VIP treatments at MOS and brandishing her Zouk membership card.

total hypocrite.

Laurel Sim said...

I found the weloveblinkymonkey site.

It's so obviously written by xiaxue herself and none of the other two bloggers. The style of writing is so childish and only XX will come up with bad jokes with LABIA.

If BM is so old that when she changes into a bikini, there's a THUD in the room due to her sagging labia, then i'm sure Xiaxue dont need to wait till she's old to hear her own thud coz her labia is much nearer to the ground than most of us. Heck her boobs will also reach the ground faster.
Luckily we all have "five" headstart of her..

Please tell BM we are supportive of her and not blind and stupid like XX readers.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone kindly share that blog's address here?

Anonymous said...

Did I see wrongly?

Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author.

This blog is moderating the comment too????????????????

xialanxue said...

Yes I am moderating comments for now - Everything will be explained in tomorrow's entry.

Anonymous said...

Someone please submit this hate site to tomorrow.sg

This will prove once and for all its 'impartiality'.

Anonymous said...

so shocked to learn that xx is such a person! this also revealed her narrow minded personality. sad....

Anonymous said...

Finally...read blinkymommy's blog and that hate blog to know what's going on..

I don't know if it was set up by XX but I really won't be surprised if it is.. after all, that is likely what an over-aged teen will do.. especially someone like xx.

She hollers at her "detractors" to appreciate humour but ironicaly she is the one who seriously need a dose of humour and stop being so sensitive and defensive with everyone and everything.

Anonymous said...

well, didn't know xlx was at the photoshoot of the Her World... =p

*thinks thinks*

Hokkien Mee said...

for those who asked abt the hate site, the url is


Lee Poh See said...

really xiasuay to start a hate site like that. ban xx, that fat ass with zero IQ!!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny that Xiaxue's "Hate-site owners and their day jobs" post is dated Jan 10th, while the first post of weloveblinkymonkey is dated Jan 9th.

Btw, does anyone have Xiaxue's "Her World" photoshoot pics from blinkymummy? Couldn't find them in other sites. But I found something else though:


(MY EYES!!!)

Anonymous said...


kingoftears said...

WTF at the bikini pic!

someone use a flaming brand to burn out my eyes please.

7-8 said...

My sympathies are with you since I always get doppelgangers impersonating me at tomorrow.sg. The writing style (pink background, New Paper style short paragraphs, amateurish expository sketches) are all consistent with xiaxue's style of writing.

Anyway in case you get some traffic, there's some hoohah going on at tomorrow, ppl protesting about xx censoring a link to another xx hate site. I took the opportunity to link this post hor. So that more ppl will get to know about xiaxue's little side project.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with that bikini pic? It is already photoshopped okay!

You should see her in real person, you will get lagi shocked okay!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone has photos of XX on her world shoot that BM has removed? I'm curius leh,.. I want to see her in unphotoshopped bikinis pics. Anyone has screen shot or kept those photos? Share leh!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

she deleted her "fuck teban got muder damn scared" post

Anonymous said...

I'm a neutral party and I believe I speak for the majority. We are, perhaps, those who rather remain silent.

I do not favour anyone but I do have my personal opinion on who is/are the biatch/es here, and I shall just leave it at that - an opinion which I shall keep to myself.

There's no point in admitting. People who love them will still love them, people who hate them will hate them even more.

Right now, those people crying foul are already, in fact, that of the 2nd category's. A time like this is, way too much, a great opportunity to miss. All this bunch has to do, to make this episode a big issue, is to voice out in unison.

Furthermore, I'm simply awed by the time & effort being spared for such investigation.

Supposedly, the 3 of them were the 3, and if I were to be one of them, I would rather you be more fustrated that things are not going your way.

They are out there in the open. You're lurking around anonymously, lobbying for support. You and your "threats" are, almost non-existing.

It'll definitely be a feast to your ego if anyone comes clean with it.

But. Forgiveness from the public is nothing but a bait. It takes utter naiveness (or dare i say, induced-sheer-panic) to be taken in.

Scarletr0se said...

That was despicable.

Really. Urgh. I wanna puke already.

Stand up for what you do. I respect you for your broad mind and heart. :)

XX is becoming irritating. >=(

Anonymous said...

empty bottles make the most noise..

she is one exceptionally big fat rounded bottle...down with the bottles...

Ban her...Castrate her..hear the rumour where she is a guy yet folks??

Anonymous said...

Die XX Die!!! Why dun you just FUCKING DIE!!

Anonymous said...

The XX used to have another alternate blog last year for quite a few months.


And kenny sia can confirm it was her blog, cause I stumbled upon the link via his site. His conscience made him remove the link after a few days.

She blog about fucking shann-wee and all the racist remark. Call herself
The almighty Zamantha, friend Xando , even mike, etc. Showing her real self.

Then another hero go and counter-act
by registering another fake blog and email XX @ gmail...

...immediately she took down her whosyourbitch blog. Which sealed the confirmation that it was her alternative blog. What a bitch, should have cached the blog to show the whole world.