Where forth art thou?: I need some help and advice >_<

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I need some help and advice >_<

Readers' Mail... which I thought was worth highlighting (sorry if it's a bit late - too many mails)

I need some help and advice >_<

Hi xlx,

I do not know you personally but I do frequent your blog quite often.

I hope you can help me regarding this issue and give me some opinions on what you think I should do?
this thing happened yesterday and I feel so crappy even now T__T

here's my account of stuffs...
Yesterday evening, I went to NTUC to buy some Edo sushi (Bishan outlet).

I bought the sushis while relying on the fact that there would be a 50% discount (it starts at around 9:30 pm)

What happened was that I was not given the discount because I had not purchased up to a certain amount of sushi (I had merely glanced through the promo sign. The 50% print was huge and the finer prints had eluded me - finer prints which mentioned that I had to purchase at least $6 dollars worth of sushis to be entitled the 50% discount).

I told the lady in charge that I was not aware and that I would top up the number of sushis so that I would be entitled the discount.
It made no sense for me to pay some $3.60 for 6 sushis when I could have gotten them at $3 for 10 after the discount.

I requested to top up my purchase, but it was turned down. She told me that she was unable to do so because she had already keyed in the purchase, and that it would be very troublesome for her to call her office (and so on and so forth). I had this impression that she did not want to do this for me even if it was possible.
Then I tried to cancel the transaction. I was refused, again.


There were other customers behind the queue who were also unaware that they had to make a certain amount of purchase to be entitled the discount. They only found out while I was making a plea to the staff to let me top up my purchase.
I was pressured to pay eventually because a queue was building up behind me and I did not want to inconvenience other fellow customers.

I am not asking for unreasonable things. Besides, I thought customers are always right?
The real pinch does not come from paying more for less. I just feel bullied and ripped off. :((

I tried talking to the NTUC staff and they explained that they were unable to help because edo sushi is under different management. Sort of like *shrugs* "it's none of our business" , but paraphrased to sound polite.

There's no edo sushi website for me to voice my grievances and I do not know if I will get flamed if I were to write in to the new paper.
I mean, this is not that serious an issue, somewhat frivolous maybe? and my English is kinda sucky.
I do not want to cause any trouble, but I feel that I was treated unfairly. You're good at stuff like this...Surely you can help? >_<>

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Anonymous said...

Aw, They are so inflexible. I do felt that they need to practise flexibility at times.
There's once when I'm waving and running towards a bus which was about to drive off. The captain saw me but he didn't open the door and I have to take cab. (I know they have the time quota)