Where forth art thou?: FIFA World Cup 2006 Tournament Favorites Brazil out

Sunday, July 02, 2006

FIFA World Cup 2006 Tournament Favorites Brazil out

Update: Some Punters are convinced that the match was "fixed" - Their Theory: Brazil did not show much urgency even when France was leading. So were we played out by the Brazilians?

I can't believe it - Brazil got knocked out of the world cup even before reaching the Semi-Finals! I have a strong feeling the bookies are having a field day. Looks like 2006 is the year for the Germans.

For all those who have lost money, cheer up - Learn your lesson - The ball is round.


Anonymous said...

didnt expect Brazil to lose too

Starfire said...

Hmm- there was something strange about this match... it reminded me of the same thing happening in 1998. Is it something about France and Brazil, or was it really fixed?

Keith / j.S said...

hmm, i am not surprised it was fixed and i'm not even surprised if the FIFA is involed.
Think abt it. The world cup is something that rakes in big bucks every 4 years, and FIFA has to make sure the interest is always there. they're worried that having a same champion for too many times might deter pple's interest.

Anonymous said...

brazil already won it 5 times. the passion and drive to win another is no longer there. especially so when many players who won in 2002 is still in the current team. carlos cafu ronaldo ronaldinho etc etc. all been there, done that.

what brazil needs now is a fresh crop of players with a drive to win.