Where forth art thou?: Ricardo the super Goalkeeper

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ricardo the super Goalkeeper

Alexandre Ricardo Carvalho reminds me of "Superman".

He is definitely one of the best goalkeepers in the FIFA World Cup tournament especially during penalty shootouts. 4 shots, 3 saves!

England deserved to be knocked out.

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Scarlett Ting said...

I definitely am happy that Portugal is in, and Ricardo did a brilliant job.

But if I am not wrong, he is Alexandre Ricardo, and Ricardo Carvalho is actually the guy who was kicked by Wayne Rooney in the birdie, not the same chap as the suave goalie.

xialanxue said...

haha thanks... yup Alexandre Ricardo.. I got the names a little mixed up..

Porcotte Pink said...

Being a portuguese lady, THANK YOU!
I agree!

Ricardo is the super duper best!
And we deserved to win! Oh yes we did!