Where forth art thou?: FIFA World Cup Winning Tickets

Sunday, July 02, 2006

FIFA World Cup Winning Tickets

Some lucky guy from EDMW bought these tickets and has something to smile about today.

Notice that I used the word "lucky".

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pinkmist said...

i got drawn to ur site coz u were slagging xx off but now even though ur not i tink ur still doing a pretty gd job!!interesting posts!btw..i bet on france too but +1.5 so odds abit lower..=P

Anonymous said...

You're losing idea for your blog eh xlx. Putting things on whatever is on EDMW and call it your post. Come on, you were at least interesting in the past. Not anymore.

sonikbyte said...

That's a f**kin good lucky bet !! My friend call to say got tips and france will win. I thought he's talking crap until it happen.. lol