Where forth art thou?

Friday, November 18, 2005

I can no longer stand people USING the comments area here to flame others and then TRYING TO GET ME INTO TROUBLE because of the things THEY SAY. I have already made it explicitly clear that the comments left by the readers are not representative of the views of this site but it seems to me that people are unable to make the distinction.

I am going to turn off comments (using the "hide comments" function in blogger, comments are not being deleted) for now and I want you guys to read the entries AS THEY WERE WRITTEN, without the effect of the comments left by the general public. You should be able to see that I have never made any claims/allegations and I presented the information sent to me from both the readers as well as Dawn. Email me at xialanxue@gmail.com to tell me if there is a difference in the way you view the entries with and without the comments.

I think a lot of people have missed my point in the whole episode. My point can be summed up here.