Where forth art thou?: Open Letter to the Blogosphere [Dawn Yang/Yeo's Clarification]

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Open Letter to the Blogosphere [Dawn Yang/Yeo's Clarification]

Dear Citizens of the Blogosphere

Dawn has requested me to put up this excerpt (of a series of back-and-forth emails) so that she can clarify herself, defend against some of the misunderstandings/rumors floating around in the blogosphere and hopefully end the speculations out there. Note that even though there were quite a number of exchanges, this is the only amount of information she legally permits me to publish and she also requested that I turn off comments on this entry.

Dawn would also like to take this opportunity to plead with all bloggers to stop any and all speculations about her as it has caused her and her family much anguish. The only information that she has chosen to reveal is contained in its entirety in this email and no other questions about any other aspects of her life would be entertained.

Please help to spread this message around.


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