Where forth art thou?: Transcript of my correspondence with Straits Times Reporter Melissa Lwee

Monday, November 21, 2005

Transcript of my correspondence with Straits Times Reporter Melissa Lwee

http://xialanxue.blogspot.com will be featured in the "Digital Life" section of the Straits Times tomorrow. To provide better clarity about the site's stand with regards to the Dawn Yang/Yeo issue and to guard against any misquotes, the following transcript is provided for reference.

This was the email I received from the Straits Times Reporter Melissa Lwee last wednesday.

This was my reply.

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P.S. I have decided to re-enable comments. To facilitate discussion (there were too many people with the nick "anonymous" in the past) and to minimize abuse, readers are now required to register an account with blogspot in order to make comments. As readers are required to log in to make comments, this will enable blogspot to easily and accurately track down all IPs as and when necessary. Readers should also understand that I reserve the right to disable comments at any time.

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kungfubunny said...

excellent, no more flooding. incidentally, i always wondered if the blog title "why are you Whorshipping the ground she blogs on?" was intentionally spelt that way.

hornicole said...

still, it was quite mean to put up all those degrading xiaxue photos no?

Candyfeehily said...

Time people should leave the girl alone. I dont think anyone has the right to probe whether or not she has done anything to her face/body.

Being a public person means the person would be more exposed to the public view, that doesnt mean the person HAVE TO answer to all public's curiosity. afterall the side she would face the public is her future work in the media... and that's all she has to be responsible for.

Bambi said...

it will be quite interesting to see how the article turn out.

xialanxue said...


Yes It is an intentional pun on the word "worshipping".

xialanxue said...


Those pics were from HWZ EDMW forum. I will consider taking them down if xiaxue emails me nicely. Anyway they have been nicely tucked away from the main page for the longest time.

Julianne said...

you rock!

omfgima1337hax said...

Sorry dude, you lost your bawls with all that red text. And btw, I did not claim expertise on plastic surgery, I did the research an I posted what I found out.

And the article would be really interesting, could you post it up as soon as it becomes avalible? Since I don't have access to Singapore newspapers. kkthanxbye

omfgima1337hax said...

And ya, 80% of people who post comments are either retards who don't know how to read or flaming anonymouses. Their sole aim is to discredit the author and imply that the articles have no credentials to them. That's a fallacious argument and you need not worry about any reprecussions from the law. I will be waiting for your article on the bloggers who got shut down (now that's repression of free speech in its purest form!).

Excerpt from Wikipedia:
"Fallacies are used frequently by pundits in the media and politics. When one politician says to another, "You don't have the moral authority to say X", this could be an example of the argumentum ad hominem or personal attack fallacy; that is, attempting to disprove X, not by addressing validity of X but by attacking the person who asserted X. Arguably, the politician is not even attempting to make an argument against X, but is instead offering a moral rebuke against the interlocutor."

A little bird atop the canopy said...

The issue, if any cared to read Agagooga's expose more carefully, he was not talking about plastic surgery. It's about hypocrisy.

the12"long&3"thick.markerpen said...

woohoo! where are we now anonymous?

Daniel said...

As usual, the mainstream media is 2 weeks too late. The storm is already dying down to a whimper.

anyway, I thought this blog started as a Xiaxue hate site? One only has to trawl the ealier entries to realise that. And you know how seriously hate sites are taken - not very.
I find your recent veneer of even-handedness and faux professionalism very....disconcerting?

the12"long&3"thick.markerpen said...

perhaps fear and guilt got the better

xialanxue said...


The purpose of communications is to achieve understanding. From your choice of words, I would have to say that you are trying too hard.

I remember a GP tutor who once told her students: "Don't impress, express."

xialanxue said...


perhaps commenting AFTER reading would help?

jacktheassripper said...

holy cow!!!! why are people in MACAU reading this!?!?!? has this news gone completely international!?!?!?!

Daniel said...

hmm, typing like this comes very naturally to me. As a purported journalist, I have no idea why you would find it esoteric. Perhaps you...write for the New Paper? :D:D:D

Also, I see that you did not address/challenge my assertions - perhaps they can't be.
Well, we'll leave it at that, then ;)

panaphobic said...

I agree with Daniel entirely. And as a reader, I have to say that I really have no idea what you were trying to "express" in your response to his comment.

It's all nice and good that you're trying to take a "journalistic" (read: as objective as possible) stand on this blog now... but the presentation isn't very convincing.

jacktheassripper said...

panaphobic, dawn's only been famous for a week. no paperazzi has actually photoed or filmed her in the act of doing stupid shit. We can say that this whole thing is preparing for whats to really come from dawn and anyone like her that will rise to fame through lying, cheating, and faking her way to fame.

xialanxue said...


I was asking Daniel to avoid using words that MIGHT require the average reader to refer to a dictionary for the meanings. And about the xx issue, I have grown tired of explaining it too many times - I will put up a FAQ on this site when I am free.

And with regards to the second part of your comment, everyone's entitled to their opinion and that includes you. So how do you propose I present it? (Well, that's not really a fair question since you do not know the amount and type of information that comes in to my mailbox everyday but you can always try to answer it anyway)

the12"long&3"thick.markerpen said...

aw com'on, regarding my previous, i was just speculating. you said it yourself with everyone else's entitlement there.

AG said...

"I was asking Daniel to avoid using words that MIGHT require the average reader to refer to a dictionary for the meanings."

i think the average reader would understand, and if they don't, they're below the average - probably one of those morons who don't read before flaming.

the12"long&3"thick.markerpen said...

speaking like the belletrist here aren't we? thank god for www.dictionary.com

the12"long&3"thick.markerpen said...

not headlining the digital life? i don't even know which direction is that page 20 heading.

will all journalist/wordsmith/dictionary-referring/ex-anonymouses enlighten?

shuddupfirst said...

Im just wondering, how much is the probabilty of us getting sued leaving comments in a blog?

Ugh. Fuck Dawn topics. Im sick of her face.

xialanxue said...


I did say that Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I am just advising you to read before you make any comments.

Maybe you didn't read this:

"To facilitate discussion (there were too many people with the nick "anonymous" in the past) and to minimize abuse, readers are now required to register an account with blogspot in order to make comments. As readers are required to log in to make comments, this will enable blogspot to easily and accurately track down all IPs as and when necessary."

TuaPehKong.com said...

oh wel..

the12"long&3"thick.markerpen said...

so excuse me if i misunderstood or vice versa, why are we getting so defensive here?

asterix07 said...

wow, u r going to be famous! =) can u post the article out? i dun really have access to ST since they started making ppl pay for the online version =P

jacktheassripper said...

how was the strait times article? can someone post it sumwhere?

shuddupfirst said...

Yes, xlx , please post the article when its published!!!! Pity us who dont have access to Singapore media!

redarin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
redarin said...

It seems to me that you are hiding behind this persona that you have created for yourself.

Using this website, you internationally seek to harm the reputations of other people under your so called seeking of the "truth".

This is especially evident of your refusal to reveal your true identity as you are afraid of the backlash that will occur due to your malicious comments.

You are neither objective nor impartial in what you say. Instead, going down to the level of sensationalizing news and resorting to embrassing the person you are discussing.

I think this is in contradiction to your original intent of this blog. Your writings and comments further display your immaturity and put into doubt your credibility as a journalist.

the12"long&3"thick.markerpen said...

i think this is what all journalists should do in their free time. now how many of you've ever thought that this site's could be used to spur readership of certain newspaper?

wonkytong said...

I see the anonymouses are back! new nicks & no blogs. me included!~

redarin i find it ridiculous that u do not know how to read. malicious comments? helloooo??? I only see malicious comments from the hordes of idiotic readers out to flame. if thats what ur talking about. N u r one of them. just want to use the chance to flame anyone and everyone and u will be uber happy rightt?

u seem not to understand that at the end of the day this is a blog not a newspaper not a magazine.No rules that say journalists can't be sarcastic on their blogs right? No rules that say journalists have to write like they are writing for newspaper for their blog right? No rules that say journalists cannot show their feelings on their blogs right? Journalists not humans ah? On their blogs also have to be objective ah?? u siao bo?

u all Singaporeans sibei funny one. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING THING ALSO BUAY SONG ONE. btw if u haven guessed i am malaysian. haha so im not talkimg about myself. >> SONG BO?


wonkytong said...

and btw me thinks redarin is an xx clone. who's with me? but then again the only reputation xx has in the first place is a bloody foul mouth and a big fat liar. so hwo to spoil such repitation? go check lowyat forums if u dun believe me.

anyway lowyat forums is a malaysian forum hor for you ignorant singaporeans. google lowyat

mrdarren said...

"Not since Sarong Party Girl has any local blogger made such an impact as Dawn Yeo (aka Dawn Yang) has. The 21-year-old, who writes under the moniker Clapbangkiss (http://xanga.com/clapbangkiss), is blogosphere's latest hottie after ranking first on an online beauty pageant and snagging herself a management deal because of her looks. But the blogosphere is now abuzz because of rumours that she went under the knife to get her good looks. MELISSA LWEE goes after the gossip."


The letter came in the wake of tomorrow.sg linking a blog post that did an expose on Miss Yeo's suppo- sedly having plastic surgery, in the hopes that she would come clean. For those who want an overview as to what has been talked about in the blogos- phere, stop by here. It is complete with pictures and Miss Yeo's side of the story.

EXCERPT: 'Let me assure you with my experience working in the media industry and covering enter- tainment news that unless you come clean and tell us once and for all the truth (as to whether you have had plastic surgery), the speculations and allegations will haunt you and could adversely affect your career as an artiste. And trust me on this: Those who tell you that bad publicity is still good publicity are just trying to comfort you.

I think you owe it to all your potential fans to clarify things here/explain in your blog with regards to this issue so that we can all put it to a rest. This would be in your very best interest.'

mrdarren said...

kinda disappointing article, only interesting thing to note was the reporter's (intentional?) mis-spelling of the blog title "Whorshipping".

the12"long&3"thick.markerpen said...

it IS spelled that way...

lakeside girl said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
a fart in the air conditioning said...

No clarification of any sort would be necessary if people like you would have left her alone.

As far as I know journalism isn't about poking your nose in the affairs of a handful of individuals. Tabloid-ism maybe. You're a sensationalist. No doubt.

the12"long&3"thick.markerpen said...

someone said 'pui'?

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Irzan said...

Originally this site is supposed to bang Xiaxue, hence the "xialanxue" name, but i don't know why it is now used to bang dawn yang. It's really weird.

Irzan said...

And dear Xlx, you stated in your e-mail that my content in my blog is malicious (or something) referring that you hate dawn yang.

So now may I ask, do you like dawn yang or you hate her for what she did?

Irzan said...

" shuddupfirst said...
Im just wondering, how much is the probabilty of us getting sued leaving comments in a blog? "

Isn't internet is one free space of which where we can say anything we want (read: freedom of speech)?

the12"long&3"thick.markerpen said...

that could be different in singapore, irzan.



for we are a fine country afterall.

hooray to freedom

xialanxue said...

irzan I stated VERY CLEARLY in my email to you that in my entries I did not make any allegations/claims. Your content ALLEGE and ACCUSE me of doing that.

And please write clearly

"And dear Xlx, you stated in your e-mail that my content in my blog is malicious (or something) referring that you hate dawn yang."

In this sentence you are trying to say that I emailed you to inform you that YOUR BLOG has content that ACCUSE me of hating Dawn. Some people may read this wrongly because of the way you wrote it.

I have already stated my stand in the last 2 entries.

And I have also told you several times to link to instead of copy a particular entry you wanted to put on your blog so that the context will be there.

omfgima1337hax said...

Gotta <3 the Sedition Act. It's probably another law passed to hinder people's freedom of speech and suppress genuine comments and discussion (since everyone's shit-fraid to make any comment that can be remotely considered disaffectionate towards the State).
"martial law frightens commoners, sedition frightens intellectuals"

Now all we need are some inquisitors and witch burnings. Run for our lives!!

Reminiscent said...

I don't hate Dawn or like her since I don't even know the girl.

I admire her courage to do an entire makeover depsite the risk and pain BUT I pity her for denying it and get herself into all these unecessary hoo haas.

BUT then again if you stand in her shoes, being only 21, if someone discovered your darkest secret, what would you do? Naturally you will deny it right? Since you have already denied, it takes even more courage to stand up and admit to it now compared to admitting to it before you chose to deny.

So it's either deny all the way or cave in one day and admit it. So what if she has her entire face and skin colour changed plus possibly few other enhancements done to the body? Plastic surgery is so common these days.