Where forth art thou?: Newsflash: Man hit and killed by train at Yishun MRT Station

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Newsflash: Man hit and killed by train at Yishun MRT Station

A man died at Yishun MRT Station this morning after being hit by the train. This is the 4th case in less than 2 months and happened only 3 days after the one at Admiralty MRT Station.

Are the authorities going to do anything at all? Or just sit back and watch as more people take their lives in this way!?

Where are the glass doors?! It's so easy to fall off/jump off the MRT Track now because there aren't any barriers to prevent such tragedies! Why spend so much money on the IMF etc. and not do anything on important issues like this???

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eKae said...

Hm...glass doors? Dun think it would solve the problem.
If ppl start to jump off buildings, i dun think iron grilles will solve the problem too...
There are just too many ways to die. Overdose of panadols? so ban panadols? =)

must think why ppl are committing suicide...thats the root cause....is it because of $$$? stress?

Anonymous said...

yes, i totally agree that we should waste the taxpayers' (aka ourselves) money and raw materials on things as such - glass barriers on all MRT platforms. come to think of it, we should also barrier up the train tracks to JB since people can commit sucide on them tracks when the MRT ones are boarded up. And we should also place high-rise barriers along all the roads in singapore (so that people can't run out and get banged by trucks), and install grills on every single opening on buildings taller than 2 storeys to prevent people from jumping down. And of course, don't forget to ban swimming in case people drown themselves. We should also ban sharp objects, electricity, gas, fire, etc, etc, etc.

You actually think people commiting sucide is more important than IMF? One concerns separate inconsiderate individuals and the other concerns the economy and stance of the whole country. You may be taller than Xiaxue, but you certainly aint smarter.

v for vendetta said...

you complained (albeit indirecly) that the government is too involved in our industries (transport)

then you complained that the government should start installing glass doors and barriers

then you complained bout the transport price hikes

then who the heck do we ask to absorb the costs of such installations?

you speak when you do not know of the true problem behind suicides, that of a social nature. you ignored the fact that there are many ways do die.

since many also die by jumping off flats, why don't we all demolish the flats, or better, lock all into jails with no windows. see how they jump, lah!

since many singaporeans die in car accidents, why dont we all just ban driving?

though we're all commoners, we should all understand the problem before making a public statement (that of a blog)

don't make us look at your blog and making our tabletopics be of that which ridicules you

your vichyssoise of verbiage veers very very very verbose.

Anonymous said...

is there some kind of cult we don't know abt that is advertising accidents in MRTs ?

this is getting insane.
committing suicide in such a very public place is NOT the ideal place to die; unless i want to die a diva. (-_-)"

geez singaporeans, its not 'funny' anymore.
we shld really stop these accidents frm happening again.

yong said...

hmmm even though the london underground doesn't have glass doors in almost all of their stations, i don't hear anyone jumping off the track and being run down by the train except for one case where 2 groups of teenagers were fighting, two got thrown off the track. 1 died n the other is in serious condition.

yea, it's probably becos of stress that ppl are jumping off tracks at mrt stations O.o

xialanxue said...

To Anonymous Thu Dec 07, 03:41:10 AM 2006

I love sarcasm (Note the sarcasm)
Anyway I think PREVENTING suicides is more important than wayanging for IMF. Pretty on the outside, rotten on the inside? What's the point?

wenJun said...

People can kill themselves for all they want.

But take note of all the inconveniences that might cause thousands of other people.

Imagine a body a day on the track, how many thousands of people's schedule gonna be affected on that day alone?

Does it occurred to anyone that ONE body on the track could caused a "No Train Day" for at least an hour for the whole east/west side area?

What if a suicider uncle throw himself on the track at 8am, wouldn't that cause thousands of commuters be late for work? Kids be late for school etc?

With Singaporean majority of them so heavily dependant on the mrt as their primary transportation means, installing glass door is necessary.

Educating suicider morons may seem to be a better idea, but that might take years.

Committing suicide couldn't be easier in Singapore. All you need is just a dollar or two to get in, and jump off the track when the train comes.

A glass door might not solve the problem, yes. People who wanna die can still die somewhere else. But at least it could discourage people from throwing their lives on the track.

You cant stop people if they want to die. What you can do is to discourage them.

Pretty straight forward topic. Anonymouses, hear.

Anonymous said...

MRT Deaths is a form of self-expression. People should have the freedom to die should they choose to. And if a public MRT death is the way they choose to go, its important that they retain that option.

The BIG question is what is the government more concerned about? The social issues causing the deaths on the MRT, or the inconvience and loss productivity resulting from the MRT deaths.

P. said...

Would agree with you on preventing suicide, but would disagree on the methods.
As other bloggers commented, if you want to suicide, then you'll find a way.
I'd rather spend money preventing more likely accidents or critical diseases than on a barrier that will not stop the guy from suiciding another way.
How about spending money on having a population that stops complaining and look at the bright side of life? :)
(note: this is here the angmoh in me that speaks). Have lived in a few countries, and we have everything to be happy here. Let's just enjoy it! I have the feeling of seeing a few spoilt children complaining that their candy is not sweet enough, when others have nothing.
Anyways, I like reading your blog, even if I disagree with quite a few ideas. Quite entertaining, except for the abuse of adsense. Thanks for the blogging!

Anonymous said...

put doors no ventilation v hot.. nid install aircon more expensive