Where forth art thou?: Newsflash: Chinese man killed at Chinese Garden MRT Station

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Newsflash: Chinese man killed at Chinese Garden MRT Station

First hand account from andrewlj (EDMW):

"It was Chinese Garden MRT, the train stop while approaching the station halfway.

I was on the MRT.. at 1st didnt know what happen, then the lights went after, leaving only emergency light on in the train, then after 5 min, ppl start exiting from the only open door infront to the station.

I saw the Train driver.. he was in daze / shock....

from the platform actually cant see anything, after a while, an ambulance, one police car, and 3 fire engine came.

its only when i saw those that i know something very wonng happen, the train station staff ask us to go down stairs, and the police who came also did that.

fireman took alot of equipment and ran up as we go down the escalator.

the ticket gate were all open, ppl was crowding around the ticket station asking what happen, only after 10 min, a MRT staff came down, asking us to leaving, stating that an accident happen and someone was under the track.

when train stop i already called my mum to pick me up, so i just reach home

and all this happen less than 1 hour..."

It appears to be another suicide by train - I can't be too sure - the police should be investigating the case now.


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