Where forth art thou?: Jeremy Low Wei Feng - A HWZ Scam Story

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jeremy Low Wei Feng - A HWZ Scam Story

Jeremy Low Wei Feng aka Jeremylwf, a 13 year old boy studying in ACS Barker, class 1B1 was exposed by the EDMW CSI Team to be a fraud after an incident where he accused Jujubeans, a well-known EDMWer of scamming him.

The CSI EDMW Team posted the story onto a page rank 0 geocities website to warn fellow netizens about Jeremylwf. An EDMWer requested for me to reproduce the story here...

Story of a Scammer

The story starts off here, under the header of SCAMMER ALERT!!! JUJUBEANS

Jeremylwf: "I just got scammed today.... i sold a mobo + cpu bundle to jujubeans today. I checked everything was working the week before... but after 3 hours he sms me saying that the mobo is not working...

as we agreed i will give him back refund if it is spolit. so i agranged to meetup with him at 5.30pm so he gave me back the spolit board. i told him to go down with me to the computer shop but he refuse too as he got classes to attend.....
so then i gave him back the money

i went to the computer shop to check and they found the processor missing!! the guy took my processor away from me!!! now i got scammed.... off $80 i know it is not much but i am a sec student.... i am going to report him to the police and wat else should i do?"

In Hardwarezone, users are very hateful of scammers as they have plagued the Marketplace, which is a sub-forum for users to sell and buy items they desire. This immediately sparked off several discussion in the forums as Jujubeans actually was a well known forumer within. Eventually, several investigations were started off by CSI: EDMW.

Upon the investigations, most people had realized that Jeremylwf was a scammer previously in Hardwarezone and several other forums.


And even among some non-Singapore based forums.


Even so far as to admit that he was a scammer.


His "Achievements"

Similar threads of "Crying Wolf"

So much details about him was found on the net, including his full name, Jeremy Low Wei Feng, age (13 years old), studying in ACS Barker class 1B1, ECA - swimming, blog, handphone number, friendster.

After a day of heavy discussion and discussion with Jujubeans. He realised that there was a misunderstanding and posted a PUBLIC APOLOGY here but still says that the CPU is missing. Some discussion goes on and....

Speedweed says:

"its not about backfiring on you.

dude. think of it tis way. before u sell anything and take it to leave home. u will definately check.

i can accept that u didnt check when u sold it to juju but for you to suggest that u didnt check after he returned it to u on the spot for the refund.

next the thermal paste part is very dodgy. meet up show us the mobo with the thermal paste residue ba.

lastly. we are not siding with jujubeans cos he is old bird here. if he is the one who really scam u, we will definately be on your side.

ignore your past performation but the fact that your story was shaky and incomplete from the start.

adding your reluctance to notify the police after u got scammed.

we just want to know the truth, izzit you, jujubeans or someone else who took your processor.

lastly, if you really tried to pull a fast one on jujubeans, its best to admit it.

i am not saying u are guility but your actions / words now suggest you.

The summary of the story up till now.

1) Jeremy applies thermal paste to the processor two weeks ago and kept it in the cupboard until juju buys it.
2) He brings the thing to jujubeans
3) jujubeans finds something wrong with it and returns it to Jeremy and gets refund
4) Jeremy claims he's been scammed, claiming that the processor is missing
5) Jeremy now says he will search for the processor at home

Jeremy then says...

"1. I am selling a mobo + P4 1.7ghz + 2X256mb PC266 RAM

2. It was a old CPU from my old acer com

3. I only recall the processor in the mobo.. i do not recall me taking it out

4. i lied about thermal paste

5. i am not lying anymore... the truth is my processor is missing

So did he apply thermal paste or not?

Still insists that jujubeans stole his processor.

This is his claim again

"I will try my best to explain wat really happen... i am really telling the truth here as i think lying is not helping me anymore:

1. I did not change the thermal paste, i did not even remove the heatsink before
2. The only time i modified my com is too add another 256mb of ram and to change the casing.
3. The mobo was working before i pulled it out.
4. i left the mobo in my drawer for 2 weeks before JUJU bought it
5. during that time no body touch it and the processor must be still inside
6. when i pass JUJU the mobo i did not check if the processor is present
7. i am not sure where the processor had gone too as i did not tocuh it before..
8. i suspect either JUJU stole it or his friends or family member

So what do you guys think?


Moral of the story: It doesn't pay to "pray pray" with EDMWers.

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hahaha wad a conman for his age lol the table he wanted to sell, something ain't right bout the picture lol it's 12.24am and it's still so bright outside the window?? rlmao