Where forth art thou?: Videoclips of NSmen clowning around: It's not funny, says Mindef

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Videoclips of NSmen clowning around: It's not funny, says Mindef

Thanks to Jeremy Au Yong (The guy who surf blogs like mine for the latest happenings and "reports" based on our groundwork without crediting the source), Uncles and Aunties who had no idea whatsoever on how to go about finding "not so funny/very funny" (depending on how you see it) videos about what their sons do in NS can now do so easily based on the instructions in his Sunday Times article today.

To save you the footwork, here are those videos (which you could have easily searched for on youtube with those idiot-proof instructions in our beloved Mainstream Media).

Uncles and Aunties.. Behold! What your sons do in NS... in full view of the whole internet community at youtube....

(The videos mentioned in today's article)

A soldier fires blank cartridges at his friend

Mock NDP in locker room

Blanket Party

Guard Duty Spooks


NS boys singing "Smoking is Good"

If your son is a little hard of hearing after NS, here's why

These guys are just too free (Music Video in Camp)

(My Personal Favorite)


Anonymous said...

Mindef should be the one to be blamed for making NS such a long service and doing useless things.

wenJun said...

That "president-in-the-bin" cracks me up. But i got a feeling those in there gonna be in real shit if the Singapore Government knows about it.

That spooks thing is a bit scary. I dunno if those "so-called guards" made it up or what, but i do hear from my Singaporean friend that such "stuff" does exist.

Anonymous said...

To the commenter who said MINDEF should be blamed for making NS so long. I think you better reflect on yourself. Fancy calling yourself a Singaporean when you are having no interest in defending this country. If you think NS is long, check out the conscript days for various countries before u look at Singapore. If you think we can survive on a regular force, think again. We could, if our population is 40 million and not 4 million. WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

NS is Not useless ... Its the stupid people who behave in these videos that make NS look useless ..

And for everyone of these videos that are posted , there are hundreds more unposted , simply because WE are mature enough to know where is the limit...

Behold the power of SAFPU , ISD hohoho ... tsk tsk ,our neighbours must be laughing away .. thinking , so this is how Singaporeans train in NS ..

HairyFairy said...

just when i thought rules were tight in the Service, with regards to photos and videos taken within the compound, so many videos run rampant around youtube.

well, nice stuff you've got around here.