Where forth art thou?: Malaysian Police Image Tarnished by one artistic video?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Malaysian Police Image Tarnished by one artistic video?

Presenting the video that got our neighbours from across the causeway so worked up

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wenJun said...

Maybe you should add an extra note, such as:

"Please bear in mind that this was for an art exhibtion: The Fake Show; in Kuala Lumpur, Feb 2006. ... (more)", as shown at the youtube link.

Cuz, i thought it was a REAL video when i first saw it (although it does makes no difference in reality), on first impression. I didn't realized it was made for "THE FAKE SHOW", until i click on the youtube link.

I respect you as a journalist. And i respect the freedom of media on the count of 100. But as you might know, Singapore and Malaysia has been fiery terms over the years. Maybe you should exercise better consideration? It's not gonna bring any good to either side, when both countries were on fiery terms. We are neighbours afterall.

But please don't misunderstand me. I think the video was great, and i think the video should stay. But as a journalist yourself, and your blog has an average 3k pageviews per day, maybe you should put up something in bold stating this video is for the something something something dadadada, as stated above.

Cuz, the information from the original source, doesn't seem to tally with what's found on your blog.

xialanxue said...

I guess I didnt make the words "artistic" in the title and "fake" in the tags more clear.

Anonymous said...

very accurate depicting of malaysian police. i've witness this a couple of times. getting fined and having the summons going straight into their pockets.

Anonymous said...

we cant blame e msian traffic officers.. their pay r such little in msia.. u can ask them.. they have to survive & their children & wife need to eat.. dats y they take bribes for extra money from traffic offenders

Anonymous said...

Don't laugh ? If happen on you, what will you do ?

Pay the RM300 or the RM50 ?

The whole event is the punishment is done. But, just settled out of court: -) And, I beleived the offender should had learnt its lesson.

... Martin

For this typical case, this is best solution. Who know the RM300 fine that you paid to, may also end up in some corrupted officer/politicians pocket.

This is not a good example to show the hungry side of corruption ... injustice punishment, allowing the social/environment damage activities, ethnics disciminating ...