Where forth art thou?: The Fast and the Furious: Car racing on our very own roads

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Fast and the Furious: Car racing on our very own roads

Ferrari Aurea

I caught the midnight showing of "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" about 2 weeks back at Marina GV. Sure, they tried to make car racing look cool - I had no problems with that as it was just a movie.

However, guess what happened once I stepped out of the cinema and was about to cross the road towards Esplanade? Singapore's very own underground car racers (more than 10 expensive sports/rally cars) were having a go on the road at 2am in the morning. The engines were roaring, cars zooming pass at more than 120km/h (as far as I can gauge) and overtaking other vehicles recklessly. One of the cars nearly hit a pedestrian but the driver carried on with his race without looking back.

It was at that moment that I realized how dangerous our roads really are. All the images of expensive cars crashing in the media filled my head and I no longer felt sympathy for the drivers of those cars. Instead I fear for the motorcyclist or innocent people caught in their paths.

Where are the traffic police when you need them?


Anonymous said...

The Ferrari Aurea looks dam chio!

kungfubunny said...

"if you're doing more than 180kph the police don't bother cos they can't catch you anyway" :D i just watched it too.

i spied a whole group of zhnged cars speeding off the south buona vista exit from the AYE late one night and they were all heading for that crazy road. you know, the "initial-D" one.

Anonymous said...

Like the show that person said to the other racing.The car is too fast that the police cant catch up so they don bother.

Or maybe this racers are too rich and infutienial that the police cant do or wont do anything about it.Remember that case of the guy taking the car out for a test drive?Where is the trial

Anonymous said...

anonymous > are you refering to the mazda car test drive incident where the salesgirl died? As of now, no further news from the IO. Case is still pending and neither the driver's father nor friends are of influential status.

Car racing have been and will always be around. And its to no suprise that when these races go on, the TPs are no-where in sight. Makes you really wonder sometimes doesnt it?

Anonymous said...

TP won't stop you from speeding, afterall, that's what the speed cameras are for. Can you say "avoid corruption"?

BlacksheeP said...

Hey anyone knows the racing route along orchard road? I've seen them do it there. The starting point seems to be around tanglin if i'm not wrong... more inputs, anyone? Racers can post as anonymous :)

Anonymous said...

just like the case where the police won't act until there is a injury, looks like our TP has the same guideline, cannot act until someone gets KILLED!!!

Anonymous said...

you guys are just spouting rubbish. you think the TP is GOD ah.. can be everywhere. and if there were TP you think they will be speeding?

they are probably busy making sure people arent speeding on other roads anyway.

if these assholes dont die of their own accord before they kill someone else.. what can we do? we're probably trying to look cool in our own, less dangerous ways.