Where forth art thou?: Wayne Rooney vs Cristiano Ronaldo

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wayne Rooney vs Cristiano Ronaldo

Updated on 9th July 2006 with an additional Video

Cristiano Ronaldo has become the most hated player in the FIFA World Cup 2006 Tournament after his involvement in getting Wayne Rooney sent off (Notice Ronaldo's Wink in the following video).

And his denial thereafter...

A number of photoshopped pictures of Wayne Rooney vs Cristiano Ronaldo has surfaced as a result and world cup fans wonder whether Portugal will face the same fate tonight against Germany as they did France.

Or whether superman ricardo will save the day again for Portugal. Either way, I dare bet Ronaldo would most likely be booed on the pitch again.


Anonymous said...

Well, welll we are in the 4th position, and you?

Anonymous said...

nothing happened, its a soccer game ,get over it

Anonymous said...

actualy i didnt understand where is the problem...... Rooney made a mistake and that is all....this story make me smile...the point of this story is that journalistes need to write about something.......:)