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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Network Marketing (MLM) - My Personal Experience

It seems a lot of you are very interested in my last post on MLM. I have received quite a number of comments and stories through my email (Thank google for gmail!) hence I have decided to share a little about my experience with MLM.

I was recruited into a MLM company about 4 years ago by an ex-classmate. She started out asking me to go to a "motivational" seminar where I got to learn about the compensation scheme of the company (Read: Astral Mag). It sounded quite interesting (and Greed got the better of me) and I was naturally inclined to find out more. That same ex-classmate then arranged for me to go to an "interview" with the said company a few months later and before I knew it, I was led to a presentation of the company's products (magnetic mattresses) and persuaded to "give it (MLM) a try".

So I did.. I woke up at 6am every morning and "reported to work" at 8am. Everyday, I was asked to call people I know to go down to listen to the presentations in the pretex of a normal meetup with my friends. At the presentations, the Distribution Managers (DMs) and Senior Distribution Managers (SDMs) would try to convince those people to buy or join the MLM company. This would be followed up by an informal coffee shop chatting session where they would share with everyone their success stories - How the MLM company sponsored BMW and SLK cars for them to drive because of their sales results.

Some were sceptical while others saw an opportunity. I managed to get a friend or 2 to join and we were asked to go down to our relatives' houses to try and sell them the magnetic mattresses. To cut the story short, I spent a month at the company (waking up at 6am everyday and returning home at 2am, 7 days a week) and I earned a gross salary of only $100+ in that month. The net salary was probably negative due to the fact that I had to pay for my transportation, food and drinks out of my own pocket. Towards the end, I felt used and I felt that the company was cheating all potential downlines and I felt ashamed to be part of the lies the company was propagating.

An example of a lie that they used was that "You will be part of the first 600 to join the company and reap the benefits". I knew this to be false because by the time I joined, there were more than 10,000 people (Judging from my employee number) before me and everyday there were people joining. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to leave. I didn't want to be associated with these people anymore.


The last I heard, Astral Mag became Enyouth or something like that and they are still using the same tactics to recruit people. My advice to all those who are thinking of joining MLM: Please think over it carefully. I am sure there are people who will succeed in this business but it is not a bed of roses like what they would have you think. Hard work may not equate to results and sales and the worst thing is you may have to struggle with your conscience.

I hope by sharing my experience, it would help those who are unsure whether MLM would be suitable for them to seriously think over their options carefully. The job market is picking up now and there are plenty of good opportunities in all sectors. Don't be too quick to fall for tricks and gimmicks. When something is too good to be true, it usually is...

P.S. Send in your own success/horror stories on MLM to xialanxue@gmail.com

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saifulrizan said...

Yeah, agree with you. Lots of people trying to get me into this, but no, I know it wont last long.

dereth said...

I'm so bloody sick of all these MLM shit.

God damn them all to hell.

I've been to one such recruitment near Commonwealth MRT. I didn't join but felt tricked by the friend who convinced us to go there. No offence but the place looks almost like a Christian TV Evangelist meetup. All the fake motivational talks and whatnots.

Burn their butts.

Playing Cold said...

WOW, i've experience exactly the same thing as you did!!! Their main office (enyouth) is near boat quay. I went down after my friend asked me to on the pretext of meeting up for coffee.. I can verify they are still using the same tactic after wasting almost 2hrs listening to some manager talk crap on how they are unlike other MLMs.. dan some more guys from the same company just happen to 'bump' into each other at a nearby coffeshop, chatted up my friend, then proceeded to 'psycho' me!! I agree with what you posted.. It's not totally a scam but not everyone is suited for this kinda job..