Where forth art thou?: Friendster "famous mestiza model" worm

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Friendster "famous mestiza model" worm

Even on friendster, it's no longer safe to click on bulletin posts. The "famous mestiza model" worm made its way around the network faster than its primitive predecessor due to the connectivity of relationship networks such as friendster.

Sources reveal that the worm was spreaded from a Singapore server.

Remember what not to do when you see that link.


Anonymous said...

how will the worm harm the pc?? i am a noob yeah. thanks!


pinkmist said...

huh??wat worm is it?the embassy thing i clicked on the link but nothing came out?enlighten me pls.

pinkmist said...

btw..i borrowed a few of the soccer videos for my blog..hope u dun mind!i credited u!=x