Where forth art thou?: Starhub RTM1 issue still unresolved

Friday, June 09, 2006

Starhub RTM1 issue still unresolved

It is now moments before the official kick-off of the FIFA World Cup 2006 and the disruption to the RTM1 channel received from starhub's cable point still remains unresolved. I checked the Straits Times and there was no mention about the issue in the media.

Interesting... and I thought it was particularly newsworthy.


straydog said...

I've done the same. The reception is even worse than what you have got.

DieHardX said...

why dun u guys go streaming thru rtm1 n rtm2 websites? may not guarantee smooth reception but worth a bet if u really can't rob a fren's house with cabletv or other internet streaming services r just too damn slow.

Minister of Welfare said...

If think The New Paper mentioned about the issue on page 2 of today's issue.