Where forth art thou?: Official Sponsors for FIFA World Cup 2006 Germany

Friday, June 23, 2006

Official Sponsors for FIFA World Cup 2006 Germany

Anyone knows how much they have to pay to FIFA to officially sponsor this year's world cup in Germany? Anyone even cares about or can name all the official sponsors (remembering that they will pass the high advertising expenses on to the consumers anyway)?

I just saw a report on how companies like Nike refused to fork out the ridiculously high advertising fees but are cleverly positioning themselves as affiliated to the FIFA World Cup this year. I also saw how samsung tries, perhaps a little too hard, to justify their decision to be one of the sponsors.

Which companies do you all think have better marketing strategies? If you were the CEO of an MNC/in charge of advertising budget, how much are you willing to pay to sponsor the world cup?

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Anonymous said...

1 million?