Where forth art thou?: Guide to watching 2 FIFA World Cup 2006 Matches Concurrently

Friday, June 23, 2006

Guide to watching 2 FIFA World Cup 2006 Matches Concurrently

"Hey the Spain match must be exciting.. Oh but I don't want to miss the Ukraine match as well!"

"And I want to watch the Koreans score but I support France too!"

"But I have only 1 tv set, what can I do?"

If you find yourself in this situation, fret not. For those without a starhub cable tv subscription [FIFA World Cup 2006 Germany Package], good news! RTM1 is working again. Yes, you heard me. RTM1 is working again and apparently RTM1 is showing complementary matches to that of CCTV5. What does this mean? It means you can have the cake and eat it too - You can watch both matches that are playing concurrently!

How to gain access to RTM1: Turn to Channel 9 of your TV set if you are using the Starhub cable point. If you are using an antenna, then you should know which channel to switch to.

How to gain access to CCTV5: Get one of the many popular TV Streaming programs out there. During this world cup season, many countries are very gracious towards letting as many people enjoy the FIFA World Cup experience as possible! Most of these programs are ad-supported but as long as you get to watch your favorite stars showing off their soccer skills, you don't mind do you?

And if you are lucky... you may even get a channel showing this:

Okay I made the last part up - I doubt you will be able to see girls in bikinis playing in the FIFA World Cup anytime soon...


kanny said...

she using her balls to trap the ball!!

Paddy Tan said...

Thanks for the infor on RTM.
I just cant believe it that Starhub had to restore such dirty mth to protect its subscriptions.

Anonymous said...

XLX, time to run a campaign that target XX's income i.e. writing to SPH to highlight her offensive language. She is getting very cocky. Justice needs to be done.

xialanxue said...

She will dig her own grave.