Where forth art thou?: Jokes from SBF

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Jokes from SBF

nayr69sg wrote...

Teacher: Nicole, you didn't hand up your project assignment.

Nicole : But I did. I thought I did my project assignment and passed it up to you in class yesterday.

Teacher : No you didn't. I can't find it among the ones handed in by the rest of the class.

Nicole : But I thought I did! Teacher it's very important you know. If you don't mark my homework then I will lose marks for the final exam because this is counted as part of the final assessment. Do you know the implications of it?

Teacher : Ok I will go and check again.

The next day........

Teacher : Nicole come here!

Nicole : Yes teacher?

Teacher : The classroom CCTV which MOE installed after the 2006 Elections has captured footage of you doing your project assignment in class but you then put the work into your bag and did not hand it up!

Nicole checks her bag ....: Oh yeah hor! It's really in my bag all this while. I'm very sorry teacher!

Teacher : Anyway the project is no longer counted in the final assessment so it doesn't matter whether you handed it up or not. But Nicole you are a liar and a dishonest person and will never make it in any respectable field of work.

Nicole : I'm very sorry teacher. Please accept my sincere apologies if my mistake has caused distress and inconvenience to you Mrs Ong.

Teacher : I have discussed with the school's principal and we have decided to expel you from school because we both agree that you are a liar!

Nicole : But I am not a liar!

Teacher: Then you are implying that the school principal, Mr Li and I are liars? That is a defamatory remark Nicole. You are implying that Mr Li and I are unfit to be teachers in this school! We'll see you in court.

Nicole's family is sued for several hundred thousand dollars and become bankrupt.


Jangantakut wrote...

These are some film/book titles inspired by the James Gomez Saga

I Not Submit ( to be directed by Jack Neo)

The Missing Form

Honest Mistake

Let's Move On.

The Wayang.

Rebel without a Form.

The Form, the Envelope & the Certificate

Submission of Forms for Dummies.