Where forth art thou?: Boycotting the mainstream media

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Boycotting the mainstream media

I would love to see the real issues being discussed and debated, but I guess there is no space for them in our local media. I am officially boycotting the mainstream media until further notice. Why do I want to pay every day to get only one side of the story when I can get both sides on the internet for free?

This General Elections has shown the internet savvy generation in Singapore many things, all of which are bound to negatively impact the traditional media industry in the long run. Ironically, it is this very generation that the mainstream media earns most of its money from (advertisements targeted at this segment, SMS voting that cost 50cents each and so on)...

Slowly but surely, the advertisers will come for the blogs. The mainstream media is only helping to speed up this process.