Where forth art thou?: Is this a Marketing Gimmick?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Is this a Marketing Gimmick?


tinkertoot said...

Is this taken at the Macdonalds next to Bedok interchange ? I've been seeing it there the pass three visits about a year ago. It's always there. I just wanted to know if it's just that Macdonalds or do several joints do the same thing. The thought that it was a marketing gimmick had crossed my mind too upon seeing that. You had it photographed in the exact way I remembered it to be. Two fifties in one donation box and another one in a seperate box.

Jerome said...

Gimmick for ?

En & Hou said...

From a psychological point of view, yes. (Robert B, Influence)


Minister of Welfare said...

Marketing gimmick or no marketing gimmick, I believe all proceeds should go stright to that particular children's charity.