Where forth art thou?: American Idol: Taylor Won

Thursday, May 25, 2006

American Idol: Taylor Won

As expected. Because I always expect the unexpected.

But frankly, I don't think either one will make it big.

Where is ruben now? Where is fantasia?

If an american idol can't even make it, what more can we say about our very own singapore idol?

It's just a big revenue generating opportunity and the winners are still losers anyway.


_sahirs said...

nobody said the winners will make it big. like all things, this is a business, and the organizers and sponsors are in it to make money. in the process, they give the "idols" an opportunity to make it big. if they have it, they will make it - see kelly clarkson?

Jerome said...

Actually it depends on how you define success or who is a winner.Until the defintion is clear then a judgement can be made. What are losers in your eyes can be winners in another. :D

BlacksheeP said...

but most idols will have to be "let win" cos he/she simply is the best among the contestants. Good question:where's xiang long 18 zhang now? Luckily Taufig is still around... i'd always tot Taufig would be less popular...

BroK3n said...

uh... sly's currently doing his second album.... winning other awards here and there.

my god i wonder how taufik could win JJ Lin and Kelly Poon.