Where forth art thou?: The perfect couple

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The perfect couple

Don't you guys think Steven and Wendy make the perfect couple?



Anonymous said...

Hey I really think they got "Fu Qi Xiang" leh!

Anonymous said...

Well it's not thay your blog is gaining traffic but you were emailing people and putting your link in other's tagboard, just so pathetic, you attention seeker.

Anonymous said...

then why are you criticising on the entries she blogged?

nothing better to do?

or just plained jealous of her being so famous then u?

Anonymous said...

emailing people and spamming other people's tagboards with this blog adress is almost equivalent to spamming.
and spamming is downright irritating.

xialanxue said...


xiaxue tried to shut out the existence of this site because she doesn't want her lies to be exposed but don't worry I will expose them, for whoever cares to see them. Even if she dares not link to me and even if she asked Kenny not to mention the existence of this site in his entries. Word will get out, slowly but surely.

I believe the decision to come here is in your own hands. Therefore no matter how you get here or hear about this site, what matters most is that you find out the truth. And the truth will be revealed soon.

And no, I'm not jealous of her fame, She can have her fame because like I said in my last entry, Infamous NOT = Popular.

I just want you to see the side she doesn't want you to see because everybody's entitled to both sides of the story.

xialanxue said...

you know.. I have not emailed anyone with regards to this site yet but since I'm spurred on by this accusation I shall consider doing that just to irritate the anonymous person who commented 3 times to try to shut me up.

Oh and please use a spelling checker next time "thay", "plained jealous" and "adress" irritates the hell out of readers.

julian said...

i'm all for this site.

John said...

I posted the following comment on her blog.

the thing is, u claim that u're only speaking your mind when you criticise others. People shouldn't be mean to u coz of that, u wail. "wo ye shi ma ma sheng de"

Making fun of ppl's nipples.
Slamming 2 teenagers and publishing their pics, just coz of a silly cab snatching incident.

You forget Wendy, that ppl also have ma ma sheng de.

She was damn fast in deleting this comment. :)

- bummy - said...

this makes me wanna laugh. =D

diana yap said...

nothing better to do? or hoping to gain some media attention for the "anti xx and anti spg but no balls anonymous 'blogger'". whatever it is.. get a life! if u need attention.. y not try to write something interesting about your own life.. and paste ur own pics and not just make comments on others. i am not any of their supporters but i think u seriously is DamN bOh LiaO lOOooo~~~. haa.. and i think there ain't anything wrong with typo errors.. short forms.. blah.. as long as its understandable. not as well educated in english cannot comment eH? freedom of speecH? ... i kinda doubt it~ .. just someone who's damn no lifeeee.... *scatters away*

Anonymous said...

Hello....can I repeat my earlier similar comments. Most of the pathetic people who supported these two girls and leave nice nice comments are just losers who think that by doing this...they will get a chance to be invited to a mass orgy should these girls decide to reward their readers with free sex. Most just wank to pictures of them in their blog.

Actually, why put your chips in these two girls where one is clearly only interested in big white dicks, while the other is probably already shagged by many others during her journey to lian-dom. And not forgetting fatass like Kenny sia? I mean what were they doing until 5am in the morning (go read Kennysia.com). You really think they were, "chatting, joking and strolling". More than "fondling, sucking and shagging".

There are more babes out there which you can choose when you decide to DIY. Some personal favs to share with you:


Go man...go get them.

Anonymous said...

I would have respect you if you just make this whole site into a shrine for anti-xiaxue people. At least your action matches the theme of the blog. But here u are with your "freedom speech", your godamm holy mission of allowing people to say what they want but so far all the posts u'v blogged on are either on xiaxue or it will somehow one way or another goes back to blasting her.
You sounds like a spurned lover or rather a spurned xiaxue fan.

Kenny Sia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

ALL cheebye kia who supported xx all go suk my lanjiao lah ccb

xialanxue said...

lol kenny why sad?
I am quite confident you didn't cheat on your gf. And you already have a gf still want xx as mistress meh?

Kenny Sia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Bah. Kenny's a pretty decent guy. Actually I think XX is, too. Doesn't anybody believe in platonic friendships anymore? But then again, what a waste of him befriending her. A nice, wholesome guy with a ... never mind.

not indie enough said...

“To Joanne, I do have a life.”

Right, so you claim you do have a life.

Well, congratulations. It wasn’t apparent to me at all. After all, this blog isn’t about you, but how much you hate a certain someone. How can anyone maintain a healthy social life when he/she actually dedicates his/her time, setting up a blog that blatantly attacks someone? Someone that he/she has never even met before?

But I digress, how am I supposed to believe you actually have a life when I don’t see happy pictures of you and your friends here online? Prove me wrong by posting pictures of you having fun, unless you took my words literally and thought having a life means literally, to be alive and kicking. If so, I rest my case.

“Maybe you can't use good vocab on me because you are not capable of it, not because I am not worthy of it.”

Right, if I justify myself by telling you about how well I did in school, you’re probably going to criticise me like you did with someone and her PSLE score. Is that what your idea of free speech is all about then? Nit-picking? Sad, very sad indeed.

“If you noticed, I do not even have to resort to vulgarities to get my points across unlike SOMEONE.”

I don’t think we really need to look that far. Why, isn’t your username on blogger a swear word in dialect? I’m no genius in Hokkien, but heck, even I know that.

“And keep those criticisms coming here, I encourage them - Criticisms make one (who knows how to deal with them) a stronger person. It is evident that I defend my position valiantly and I leave all comments untouched so everyone can see the whole picture (again unlike SOMEONE).”

So what makes you the ambassador of free speech? Not deleting comments doesn’t mean you advocate free speech.

FYI, the concept of free speech came about in the States, and it was about the freedom of political criticism in the press. The definition of free speech by dictionary.com is “the right to express any opinion in public without censorship or restraint by the government”. Since Xiaxue isn’t the government, your whole idea of free speech here, is used in the wrong context.

“This is how people who can't take criticisms react - "Delete Comments" so I really don't see where you are coming from with your "You don't practice what you preach" speech. Please do enlighten me. Thanks.”

Free speech isn’t merely about censorship, so stop with the self-righteous “I don’t delete comments” argument. That’s totally ridiculous. You said it yourself, free speech should be about voicing and exchanging opinions.

From what I can see, you only respond to comments that disagree with you. By that, I don’t mean you thank them for their criticism. Instead, you jeer and put those people down, simply because you think you write a tad better than them.

Free speech does not mean putting someone down. Correcting someone’s English isn’t what free speech is about. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Xiaxue corrects people too, doesn’t she? How are you not a hypocrite in this case? How are you preaching what you practice? Most importantly, how are you a better person than Xiaxue, the very person you so hate?

There’s nothing wrong with her deleting comments on her own blog, it’s not a violation of free speech. Don’t even get me started on how easy it is for you not to delete comments on this anonymous blog. Post me picture of yourself or link us to your real blog instead of hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet. Yes, I dare you to. Until you do, you do not earn any of my respect for not deleting any comments here.

Besides, don’t you think it is ridiculous that you claim to be promoting free speech, when you are the very person working against it? The very reason why free speech isn’t allowed in Singas, is because of people like you, who misinterpret free speech as hate speech.

There is a fine thin line between free speech and hate speech, and we all know which one you really believe in.

Anonymous said...

Loser. You and the rest of the people attacking a fresh voice like xiaxue's.

Yes, she does blog mean stuff about people once in a while. The cab girl deserved it, because she started defaming xiaxue first.

As for SPG, SHE SAID SHE IS NOT ANGRY, who are you to talk so much? Read carefully, she said she was amused.

Cynical people like you only pick on the bad of people. xiaxue has given us a good many laughs with her writings, and said a great many times which not many girls would dare to, in Singapore anyway.

Do you credit her for all those? No. Instead, you pick on that one article and use her photos, insult her, and deface her, even telling lies about her.

I doubt she deserves all those. And why are you doing it? For your own selfish attention.

Xiaxue owes you 5,000 readers? WHO ARE YOU KIDDING? That lady has 10,000 readers a day, and she earned it all herself, unlike a useless leech like yourself who doesn't even write your own material! And a check on your counter...


What? Only 100 readers a day?

And all of those people come because you spammed everywhere.

What a joke, loser, and liar you are.

Anonymous said...

And well said, not indie enough. You have a blog that you actually write in?

Kenny Sia said...

I've said what I wanted to say to you already in a private e-mail. I seriously hope that you consider what I suggested.

Anonymous said...


Kay Poh said...

This is getting ugly. Frankly, this guy will still have a life maintaining this blog, because it doesn't take long to start an account and to post stuff.

Especially if he's linking content directly from the source, which provides most of the bulk anyway... So of course he is able to have a life outside of this blog. He might have an open identity elsewhere, but he's just not posting it here, where he can bash XX all he wants with like-minded people in here.

I guess it's all fair and square lah. Don't bother lashing out on XLX and XX anymore. It's so so pointless.

Kenny Sia, no point in trying to help resolve this situation yourself either. Just let it fade and who knows? There might be just another anti-XX blog coming up. We can't stop that.

Hekhek said...

y is XLX missing?!?!?! *roll eye balls*

Anonymous said...

xialanxue u really have too much time creating such a useless blog and u do need to go see a doctor or something. your hatred for other is so great u create a useless blog juz to critize people. How great is that. Oh thanks for trying to help us see the both sides of the story. WE ARE NOT BLIND WE DO NOT NEED U TO HELP US SEE.

Anonymous said...

thank you for taking up such a duty to help us see both sides but i thank you for your dumbness. and by the way your duty is useless as have eyes to look

Wynx said...

Kinda er xin....

April said...

I think you have no idea what is "free speech".

Freedom of speech is the liberty to freely say what one pleases, as well as the related liberty to hear what others have stated. Beginning in the last half of the twentieth century, it has been commonly understood as encompassing all types of expression, including art, movies, pictures, songs, dances, bodily movements and gestures, and all other forms of expressive communication.

Freedom of speech is often regarded as an integral concept in modern liberal democracies, where it is understood to outlaw censorship. Free speech is nowadays also protected by international human rights law, notably under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, although implementation remains lacking in many countries.

The right to freedom of expression is not considered unlimited; governments may still punish (but not prohibit) certain damaging types of expressions. Under international law, restrictions on free speech are required to comport with a strict three part test: they must be provided by law; pursue an aim recognized as legitimate; and they must be necessary (i.e., proportionate) for the accomplishment of that aim. Amongst the aims considered legitimate are protection of the rights and reputations of others (prevention of defamation), and the protection of national security and public order, health and morals.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Anonymous said...

Cool site!

eV said...

Kenny + XiaXue = Spawn of Satan

being_nosey said...

"Yes, she does blog mean stuff about people once in a while. The cab girl deserved it, because she started defaming xiaxue first."

XX deserved this because she has done this to too many people out of her own boredom and actually feeling proud of it.

"xiaxue has given us a good many laughs with her writings, and said a great many times which not many girls would dare to, in Singapore anyway."

Haha.. thanks GOD she is the only few who "dares" to do such things. I don't understand why everyone thinks being able to trampled down on others are a quality that should be idolized. While quality like being forgiving and understanding is seen as a hypocrite?

She puts her name on the blog because she seeks fame and popularity. Not everyone cares much about it. It is not about being daring or not daring.

She thinks she is God sent and such cockiness and arrogance lead her to this. This is how she treated others and this is how she should be treated. Fair and square