Where forth art thou?: Kenny Sia the Hypocrite

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kenny Sia the Hypocrite

HoHoHo Kenny you just dug your own grave. For those who do not know, Kenny Sia sent me an email on Jul 8 requesting me to shut down this site. I took a hiatus and was contemplating and reflecting on what he mentioned in his email when he decided to do the stupidest thing (Points to pic of SPG and Kenny), prompting the very "damsel in distress" he was trying to protect to stab him in the back.

How does it feel to be betrayed by your vicious "friend" Kenny?

And guess what Kenny did when he couldn't face the pressure from his infuriated fans? He tried to defend himself just like his dear old "friend" by saying that its his blog and used the freedom of speech argument but in the end he succumbed and took down the entry (Kenny if you really believed in freedom of speech you would have stood firmly by it and left the entry and all its comments up for all to see like me).

I guess my readers will gain a better perspective after reading the email that Kenny sent me:

Kenny Sia (im@kennysia.com) to Xialanxue (xialanxue@gmail.com)


How are ya doing?

I'm writing this to you in a private and civilised manner.

As you know, Wendy is a personal friend of mine. I know that she's been saying some very mean things about other people that's unwarranted, but your website has caused not just her, but the people who care about her more pain and frustration than you can think of. And that includes myself. Everytime I visit your blog, I feel uneasy, watching you blatantly attack her for every single little things that she did.

I appreciate the effort you've put into setting up your blog. I understand that this was done at the heat of the SPG controversy.

But SPG has replied, saying that she found what XX did was funny, in this entry here:

XX did it as a practical joke. SPG was not offended and laughed at her joke. In other words, both parties involved regard the issue as more or less - over. Case closed.

Hence, I think your continuing entries on everything after that incident serve very little purpose, other than to prevent herself, myself, and everyone else related from forgiving, forgetting and moving on. It hurts more people than you think. If your intention was to attack Wendy, you already did it, and more. She was affected, as I was affected, as every single one of her close friends have, by your blog. By continuing your blog, you're not letting us move on.

Taking into account what I wrote, I sincerely ask that you consider closing off your blog. We have learnt our lessons. We have our regrets. Please, let us all move on and not dwell on past mistakes.

I await for your reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Kenny Sia

P.S. You are more than welcome to publish this e-mail on your blog.

***********************End of Email***********************

I leave it to the readers to decide for themselves what they make of this (The smarter ones will be able to get it pretty quick).

Sidenote: while surfing technorati, I came across a blog entry on KennySia, SPG, Xiaxue and FREEDOM OF SPEECH. How convenient! (Really saves me the trouble of having to relate all of them together. Thanks!)



Kenny Sia said...

Stop trying to pretend you know me, my girlfriend or ANYTHING about my relationship.

xialanxue said...

I don't know anything about your relationship thats why I'm asking :)

xialanxue said...

and I only know what you said/typed and DID.

Did you ever consider that you could hurt your gf with that pic? And somehow you care more about xiaxue than your own gf. And look at how the latter diss you to bits and pieces.

I would have to say that this time, you really brought this upon yourself.

Anonymous said...

Whya re you so fucking concerned? It is none of your business what Kenny does. I hope you die, ass wipe...

Kenny Sia said...

Judging by how the online world is treating me right now, I think I'm doing the right thing by keeping my gf, my family and my relationship private from the online world.

xialanxue said...

why do you think the online world is treating you this way now kenny?

cheneille said...

XLX, let us assume that all your accusations of xiaxue were accurate i.e. she's an attention whore, she doesn't dare take criticism, and she stabs her friend's back.

Reality check.

You have sunk to her level. Yes, Kenny may have screwed up on that incident, but nobody's perfect. Xiaxue did not mean to stab Kenny in anyway. If you saw your friend making a mistake, would you just keep mum about it? I think not, unless you don't really care about your friends either.

Your postscript itself shows how much you malice you intended, how much hurt you wanted to cause. Do not pretend that you are simply asking for the sake of satisfying your curiosity. Do you know Cantonese? Asking after your mother may sound like courtesy, but it's actually one of the worst insults ever. Well guess what? Asking Kenny what his girlfriend thinks about this is exactly the same thing.

That postscript was uncalled for, and crudely put, bitchy.

And the message that I got from this entry of yours is simple. You are trying to ruin the friendship between two people, and maybe even ruin Kenny's relationship with his girlfriend. You are the selfish one.

If you really intend for this blog to be one addressing the "Freedom of Speech" issue, I have yet to see it, because all you do is critisize Xiaxue unfairly.

There are many more things I can think of to say to you, but that would mean stooping to your level. I hope you're happy now. You've just messed up people's lives. (which again, makes you no different from xiaxue, or more accurately, what you perceive her to be.)

Anonymous said...


thanks for the picture. Thought I'd missed all the self-conjured 'blogosphere drama'.

mooiness said...

Wow. I dunno what to say man. XX is definitely pissed by this and that email from Kenny to you is definitely contradictory in terms. As for Kenny's gf I know for sure that no gf would be happy with a pic like this.

Having said all that, it's only blogging man. Ppl take it so seriously (I know I've been repeating myself everywhere :P). If Kenny decides to put it on his blog so be it and let him live with the consequences. In this case, they are kinda bad.

Kenny said...

Agreed with comments with Cheneilla... firstly, i am not a fan of both Kenny or any popular bloggers.. i am just a random reader who reads whatever is written. I must say u really take joy in poking wounds which hurt. Wow.. u are really hateful and not to mention unforgiving person. Your words are like eyeglasses, blur everything that they do not make more clear. It confuses me…instead it is making people to turn against brethrens… sigh.. If Confucius is still alive he probably cries for your lack of humanity in forgiving and understanding of your fellow brethrens. People make mistakes and they must be forgiven if they realise so. If I am you, I will delete this post and rethink about your action. Do you actually enjoy doing this?? Is this the final revelation ( after u can spent those time contemplating what kenny wrote to u?) of your life to make others miserable so that you can feel great? If so, I had nothing to say but wish you the best of luck in living your way of life. Your intention of gaining frame through the expenses of popular bloggers dilemmas also really put me off, as Tacitus a Roman historian, 56 - ca 120 once said ,"The desire for fame is the last weakness wise men put off." By any chances, your assertion is not argument; to contradict the statement of an opponent by is not proof that you are correct. As Kenny sia said.. do u actually know him???

benjamin said...

so weird, why do you even want to blur their faces? we all know who they were..show us the real thingy!

xialanxue said...

hey cheneille don't shoot the messenger. If you look around the blogosphere just a little you will see people all around slamming kenny and asking "Kenny did you even think about your gf when you allowed SPG to press her tits against your hairy chest?"

If any relationships were affected, you should know a few things: 1) Kenny WILLINGLY posed with SPG in that pic. 2) Kenny posted that pic up online 3) Kenny was slammed with 100++ disapproving comments 4) Everyone thinks Kenny was thinking with his Dick 5) Kenny DID NOT think how taking that picture would affect his girlfriend 6) Kenny DID NOT think how putting up that picture on his own blog that is read by THOUSANDS of viewers a day would affect his girlfriend 7) Kenny DID NOT think about how his girlfriend will feel to have another girl press her breasts on him. 8)....

My site gets too little visitors to seriously affect anything. The damage was a consequence of his own behavior. I bet when he did what he did he did not even consider how he himself will feel if his gf posed naked with another man.

Anyway just to show you some of the comments from people in the blogosphere:

"bleh said...

I lost my respect for you Kenny. And I pity your gf. How do you think she feels when she sees that pic? Maybe you're saying that 'hey, it's just in the name of fun', but this is already over the limit. At least respect your gf by not posting up a pic of you and another girl - half naked - for the world to see.

Totally tasteless."

"aka said....

Could you give me ten good reasons why your girl friend would be okay with this? No decent girl out there would think this is okay. I never posted a comment before, and I have enjoyed reading your decent posts in the past. Even the one about your dad made me all teary. But this is utter nonsense."


sassyjan said...

i've removed your comment on my blog.

Not gonna allow you to blogwhore yourself for the sole purpose of insulting my fren.

Anonymous said...

haha someone is desperately trying to suck up to Kenny..
maybe after Kenny's gf leaves him bcos of this controversy, and also Xiaxue gives him the cold shoulder...
maybe SassyJan would have a chance??? :p

Anonymous said...

I think the best way to shut off that idiot xlx is just to ignore.
Ignore his and his lameass followers' posts
Why lower ourself and be like them??

not indie enough said...

Alright, quoting you from your comments here at (http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=13921954&postID=112011723251086406):

"I have 3400++ unique visitors within 5 1/2 days and I can tell you that there is hardly any traffic coming from your site (perhaps only 1 - which is you).

You don't need 269 to figure that out do you?

And your comments here in this entry:

"My site gets too little visitors to seriously affect anything. The damage was a consequence of his own behavior."

So which one is it? Your site gets plenty of hits/visitors or too little hits/visitors?

Make up your mind. Till then, I don't see how we can choose to believe a liar and a faceless coward.

If you have time for this blog, I'm sure you have time to address the issue of free speech (your take, of course) instead of linking us elsewhere. Unless you really have no clue.

Oh, and you have no right to call someone a hypocrite when you are one yourself. If according to you, Kenny Sia did the “stupidest thing” by posting that picture up, what makes SPG right for posting her pictures up on her blog, and most importantly, why is Xiaxue wrong to “rebuke” her? How contradicting.

xialanxue said...

not indie enough:

Check out the facts about the traffic since the beginning of this blog on 25th June before you scream "liar".

The numbers went down dramatically since I was on hiatus and averaged out at below 100 per day - go check out the stats for the last 2 weeks.

And since somebody else has written an excellent piece already I might as well link to it - That's how things work in the blogosphere, in case you didn't know.

And I sense a case of pot calling the kettle black (Figure that one out). Well the day when Xiaxue flashes her boobs will be the day I post a pic of myself up because that will be the ultimate contradiction.

xialanxue said...

In the meantime make do with this pic.

Anonymous said...


You took all of 15 min to take that photo, upload it on your blogger acct and post a reply!

You are really bored. Go sleep. The lack of a good night's rest makes you irritable.

Hence these silly posts on your blog dissing others.

lynn said...

xialanxue stabs a man to death, and he doesn't find it wrong at all, since there are people around the world doing it anyway.

S-Kay said...

I believe that there is no need for xLx to close the blog. Hateblogs or blogs like these exist everywhere. It hurts sometimes to read what they say but it is up to the person (the one being flamed) to how he/she wants to react to the subject matter. Don't like something? Then just ignore. It's a free blogsphere..it is impossible to ask someone to close down a blog.

Gan_Xialanxue said...

Yes.. xlx is finally famous! i just set up a site catered to xlx

Anonymous said...

xlx, who are you unhappy now with huh?

even if you become famous, all credits goes to xx and kenny.

sucha disgrace to yourself, your family who brought you up for nothing, and your friends.

i pity them.

Anonymous said...

Props to Kenny, XX, MS, and all their friends for removing the post and moving on. I just was wondering one thing. Who stood up for SPG? Although XX claimed she was referring to no one in particular by her blog, it seems clear to me that she was criticizing SPG's life style in a very hurtful way. Isn’t she a friend of yours as well Kenny? This isn’t the first time XX has dome that either. To each their own but honestly I just feel for SPG. I did not see anyone come to her rescue even during her last controversy. And to be honest with you, it pisses me of the way XX is always taking cheap shots at her and judging her. And like I said, she can do what she wants on her blog, but this is just what I think about it. I don’t see why anyone should ask XLX to be nice to XX when she is being a total bitch to SPG!!!

SaDdNesZ.jc said...

seriously, dude,

what've xiaxue done to you that you dislike her so much??

April said...

you are so childish.

but you could be a 12 yr old little girl trying to be like xiaxue behind your "xialanxue" nick...

So I forgive you.

please. for fucking sake, let xx, spg, kenny lead their life the way they want. xx may be rude in her blog, but friends still stick by her. this could only mean she's really nice in real person. spg may be too open-minded, but she hasn't really hurt anyone did she? she didn't ask other girls to strip naked like she did, right? so what are you to be so concerned about? lastly, kenny pose with a half naked girl in the name of adult-fun. he didn't ask her to pose naked, she suggested it, i don't think his gf will be angry.. who knows, she may be laughing at their silliness for all you know..

so stop acting as though you know the three of them, and judge them.
this is not call freedom of speech. this is pure jealousy.

Anonymous said...

I am sure it's pure jealously to the max knowing she cannot pull off such a stunt having blown the whistle on SPG over the nude picture a while back.

She had a bone to pick on SPG since.....:D

To top off that, she "claimed" Kenny as her husband in her blog a while back.....seeing ur "husband" posing with other women and doing things that you would not do, wouldn't that make a person jealous and vengeful?

Enough said......XX is a sad case.......not saying I endorse KS or SPG. But then...XX is really sad to pick on SPG all the time....SPG had not offended XX in the first place except steal her limelight amongst horny guys.

ashton said...

I must say I really do admire your work XLX. The many hours you sacrifice to devote yourself to the course of truth (fact or fiction, yet to be determined). The minutes of your life spent on scheming or contributing to this site should be applauded. It’s good to know that there are people like you in this world. I will tell my friends about you. For you lead a good example to them.

Live to the fullest. Spend your time wisely. Have fun. And not be like you.

Sad But True.

Ordinary girl said...

The most amazing thing is how a 'slut' (as XX would call her) handled the entire issue on her blog in a much classier way than her 'moralistic' attacker. Stop it lah Xiaxue! Your crude and uncouth blogs shows only one thing. There is such a thing as class and this person whom you deem as nothing more than an attention-grabbing-whore-stripper out classes you any day.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful observation. I, unfortunately, laughed when XX made insinuating comments about her 'friend' but i have no doubt that being such 'personal' friends, they would sort out their 'differences' and be happy ever after.

And for your info, Kenny Sia, if you think XX has been saying some very mean things about other people thats unwarranted, you, as her 'personal' friend should not put up with her. And if you did advise her before and she still continued it, it kinda shows your importance to her.

Stop thinking about how XX feels. Think about how the mean things she says makes her victims feel. If you want XLX to stop 'causing' her pain, ask herself to stop causing other people pain. One good thing begets another.

passerby said...


Anonymous said...

Xia Xue defaced!


you are a turd said...

so you hacked xx's blog. way to go with your criminal intimidation. utlimatel cowardly thing to do. now watch as karma bites you in your pitiful ass! have a nice vacation behind bars.

You Are Not Important said...

go go XLX lol lol

to the person who hacked xx blg, do it again after xx put up everything again ok? lol lol

Anonymous said...

I prefer to stick to the true intentions of blogging. These controversial stuff are sad and at the same time funny. I had a good time being a bystander. But u actually kinda wake them up a bit on "the notion of being genuine with things one does". I find SPG's post has lotsa substance and she is being her.
keatix(linked via lynne's)

Anonymous said...

All of you fucking morons out there are sooo stupid! What did XLX did wrong? He merely published what was already out there, the pictures, and the sentiments. And the best of all, it was a truth. It did happened? As an analogy to the NKF incident, you guys are shooting Susan Loong?

Come on lah. Let's see this thing one at a time.

First of all, did Kenny deserve it?
Yes, I would say. Who told him to let his little fame get into his head, and think that he can have any girls he wants. What did he do when he was in SG the last time? What did he do with XX till 5am in the morning? When he published all those information, did he really think about his gf, who incidentally is oversea? Look at his smirk face in the pics of event, and you can immediately tell that half the time, he was having an erection, and comtemplating who he can fuck that night.

Did XX deserve it? Yes, I would say.

Who started the attack on SPG? It was her. Who attached SPG again when the incident happen? It was her. Who then acting like she was the victim? Again it was her.

Kenny - I really feel damn sorry for your gf. You're the kind of guy who will ditch their wife just because they have a money. And the best thing is, just because a few thousand people happen to think that you're clown and come visit your site everyday, you think you're king of the jungle? How much do you have in the bank?

I bet your gf is now looking around for a dick to press against her breast. Hope that she is taking a picture at the same time so that she can post it in her blog.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, why are you anonymous?

anonymous #2 said...

Kenny - I really feel sorry for you man. You're just writing a blog and you're attacked like you're a criminal.

Anonymous said...

kenny has really lost my respect..when i saw that pic....i mean...dun you know how your gf will feel if she saw that pic....

i tell you when i havoc in batam or malaysia niteclub/ktv lounge....i dun take pics.....save myself the trouble...

whats that pic for..??..for you to make your prick stand???

Anonymous said...

XX is a bitch...just because SPG and kenny in the photo..she thinks SPG is a bitch??...why not the other way...Kenny is a dickhead...all that sperm rush must have cause him to have the hardest hardon for him to think straight...

XX...have you experience a orgasm before??....want us to sent you a vibrator for you to try it??...

wait...i think it would be quite difficult for you considering your height and built...and when you have that vibrator in you ..and looking into the mirror imagining with Kenny...i think you might throw out...

passerby said...

oh thank you so much for that pic!

i went to kennysia.com (yeah abit slow i know) and the pic has been removed.

frankly, i think kenny writes really well and funny. but maybe like xx, he's got his brains up his arse, and probably trying to increase his hits again thus in a moment of folly, had that pic up in his entry.

which is really bad taste.

and plain stupidity.

and obviously, i do not think he really know how to respect a lady.

If I am his girlfriend, I would farking dump him.

but then again, if his gf can allow him to take such pic and trust him to keep it to himself (which he did not apparently), she probably does not have that much of brain juice to know what her dear darling has done over the net.


Good job, XLX!

Do NOT ever shut down this blog.

It is fantastic!

artreyu said...

hmm suddenly everyone is a "morality police". reminds me of those islamic officer back in KL.

Barffie said...

Enough already. It's going on for way too long. And why put your energy on condemning someone? Why not go do some good? Why sow discord and create more pain and ugliness? This is not FREE SPEECH anymore, it's just downright disgusting now.

Chewy_gum said...

Been a by-stander long enough and i can only say Kenny and SPG, you dig your own bloody grave!

Kenny- There are thousands or even million of blogs, but why people just hate you lay? If one hate you, maybe it personal, if soooo many people can't stand you, it show one common factor...You are fuck up !

Beline said...

Here's 2cents from someone who's been in the Internet industry even b4 singaporeans knew what a "homepage" was. :)

First and foremost, the Internet is public. Anything you put out that's not password protected can be read by just about anyone, of any age, in any country (that doesn't block it, of course).

Now think about posing nude in public, talking brashly in public about things most people DON'T approve of; things that would have parents quickly covering their kids' ears; insensitive things that insult the average person who has done nothing to deserve it (things like men are pigs, men who don't have cars are cheap etc). And even, just showing off one's $10,000 wardrobe in public when those around you are barely making ends' meet.

What is the sort of reaction you'd get in real life, in public? Not nice, I'd say, but is it not expected?

Now, think of the Internet (and blogging) as something public again, and you'll get my point.

I don't condone negative behaviour on the Net; but just want to point out to the majority who have rallied to slag xlx off that, if you're so particular about him being vindicative of Kenny and XX--since the forementioned have a right to say waht they want on their blogs--why are you so upset when he does the same on HIS blog?

And for the stick that Kenny and XX gets, well, as I've said, if you do what you did in (online) public, then don't moan and groan when the (online) public turns on you.

Pot calling the kettle black, like.

SwiftDog said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Put it this way. When you are drunk you do not know wot you are doing. Wot Kenny miss is, Perth and Singapore are a vast different society. If he behave as an Aussie,your got repurcussion whether it be in Spore or Malaysia. Leave him alone. I reckoned he knows now. Let him grow.

Jamie Wong said...

Hahahaha, XLX you're great! What rockson does with words, you accomplish with pics. And thanks for the infamous picture - nothing, nothing on earth can justify the vulgarities XX spewed over that photo. And the poor sod Kenny? Couple of months in a monastery should help him get over the titty experience.

Anonymous said...

Hey why do people wanna suck up on kennysia jus becoz he is good with long essay writing or he is good at sweet talks? I ask this becoz I he's simply not good looking.

Anonymous said...

honestly,if kenny's gf is understanding enuff,i seriously don't think she would feel anything towards that obvious edited pic.and cheneille was right. u criticised practically every little thing xiaxue did. though i do not exactly noe how u and her are related,one definite thing i noe is she also has her freedom to comment anything she wants on her own blog.so why pple condemning her for being straight forward and all?
quoting for wad u hav said ["If any relationships were affected, you should know a few things: 1) Kenny WILLINGLY posed with SPG in that pic. 2) Kenny posted that pic up online 3) Kenny was slammed with 100++ disapproving comments 4) Everyone thinks Kenny was thinking with his Dick 5) Kenny DID NOT think how taking that picture would affect his girlfriend 6) Kenny DID NOT think how putting up that picture on his own blog that is read by THOUSANDS of viewers a day would affect his girlfriend 7) Kenny DID NOT think about how his girlfriend will feel to have another girl press her breasts on him. 8).... "]
wad exactly has their relationship got to do with you anyway?!
this is a meaningless site.whether you decide to close it down or not,it will just be a matter of time people will not be visiting it.like wad someone mentioned before,hateblogs exist everywhere,just tat this blog is exceptionally childish and in my opinion,seems more like a sex blog.c'mon,get a life man.

Anonymous said...

Having your blog online because you registered it with a username and your password id DOES NOT mean you own it. We are talking about the WWW, aren't we?

If you want others to stop looking or commenting about you or your acts, the best thing to do is to stop blogging and keep the thoughts to yourself. If you want to do it online, I believe you should be educated enough to know the consequences and take ownership of your own acts.

If you want to criticise others and be proud of your own "frankness" (which in xx's case is being seen as "hypocripsy"), applaud the traits that you "uphold" and respect others rights to do likewise. Don't behave like an immature spoilt brat who enjoys pulling others pants but cry and make a big fuss when others pulled hers.

And the word "straightforward" is not to be used on her. unless you mean the process she shit out of her mouth without going through the proper digestive system, yes, then she is "straight-for-ward". I won't argue with you on that.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. I don't give a damn to anyone who uses the most abhorent adjectives on her, simply, she deserves it.

Anonymous said...

"Kenny Sia said...
Stop trying to pretend you know me, my girlfriend or ANYTHING about my relationship"

PRETENDING is one of the quality a writer should have. Isn't it true? We know you from the things you PUBLICIZED online. Hmm... I think you mean "UNDERSTAND you" instead of "KNOW you", am I right?

We seriously in need of a dictionary here. Obviously other words like "frank" and "candid" has been misinterpretated by many.

You and XX must have graduated from the same college and feed on the same brand of infant milk and live in the same foggy well.

Anonymous said...

When you are drunk you do not know wot you are doing.

If you can do an upload of photos when you are "drunk". I don't think you do not know what you are doing.

Anonymous said...


I can fathorm your resentment because this blog's content is a reflection of xx and ks's acts.

I think you have see the point but don't understand it.

Now I hope you can understand the existence of this blog is to show you how irritating your friends(xx and ks)are.

Anonymous said...

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Come and check it out if you get time :-)

Anonymous said...

lucky there's still kenny's blue shirt in between SPG breats and kenny's chest..

Anonymous said...

not really FULL body contact.. =)

crazyoldcoot said...

xialanxue you are my biggest fan!

xialanxue said...

you do mean you are my biggest fan instead right?

LoneStarTexas.us said...

Hey, Kenny Sia really did took a naked picture with SPG?

Well, man, XiaLanXue, good job! I love your site.

Hey those muthafuckers who keep claiming that XLX is "childish" should seriously take a good fucking long look at themselves..

come on fuckers, this is online! Say what you want, flash what you have? What wrong does XLX do?

KNNBCCB lah, those fuckers like xiaxue, spg and kenny are infuriated (and their dumb ugly mindless clones bastard) [aka DUMB]because they take a BLOG too seriously!!


trigger said...

xlx, although your attacks on KS and XX were a little unwarranted, you have every right to do so. go on ahead with your path if you feel that is right. even if it was malicious in intent i feel that it is only right for you to attack others that were malicious in the first place.

Almost all the pics are downright
hilarious. Keep the work up. In fact I think I find your site a fun read compared to Kenny's blog. I don't know how someone can crack lame jokes and still think he's oh-so-popular. Kenny can slam me all he likes however my response to him would be, Go Jerk Off!

trigger said...

Xishi, so what constitutes full body contact? Would a guy need to grope your tits before you say that constitutes full body contact? That was just a posed picture and for all you might know there might have been OTHER more provocative pictures taken but not published. Who knows really? Its all just meant to titillate the senses. :)

Anonymous said...

damn shit

Jamie said...

Are you in a hotel for posing that picture? Well, i did not know such a famous blogger like you would stoop so low to doing things that hurt your girlfriend and of course it's not your girlfriend's wish for you to pose like that <- moreover, post it on the internet


xialanxue, i will come back to your blog more often and help you advertise =)

Anonymous said...

i do not give a damn wad Kenny did. It's jus his blog that interest me, not his life. Wadeva pictures, or contents is all for reading, not criticism. Hurting his gf is his own business, he handle it himself, not u audience right? If you are really capable, find out his gf' email and pretend to be her 'best' fren or counsellor to comfort her or something. Come on, u audience cant even do a single shit about his life at all!