Where forth art thou?: Impossible is Nothing - Success is in the mind

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Impossible is Nothing - Success is in the mind

Aleksey Vayner submitted this video to UBS AG together with an 11-page resume when he was just a graduating student from Yale. I wonder if any students from NUS or NTU or SMU think like this guy.


Anonymous said...

Did he get the job?
The last scene with the bricks looked sooo fake

Anonymous said...

i bet nobody's looking at him when he was dancing.

anyway, you think doing so much nonsense can make u successful? ive always known successful people saying they seize their time and do things fruitfully. unlike mr i-can-do-it-all over here.

Anonymous said...

A quick search on the net reviews that this guy is a faker. =)

i doubt he got the job