Where forth art thou?: S.H.E Hebe Nipple Slip & Jolin ZG

Sunday, September 24, 2006

S.H.E Hebe Nipple Slip & Jolin ZG

According to an entertainment news video, Hebe from S.H.E and Jolin Tsai were caught with their tops down as they were singing/dancing during a live performance.

Resourceful EDMWers managed to dig out the following pics of Hebe adjusting her top after the incident.

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cutiemish said...

hehe ur site is so hard to use!!! but its still good! hope ur ok n everything! xXx cutiemish xXx

xialanxue said...

Hey girl Thanks for dropping by. Why do you say it's hard to use? Can't find the navigation links? Or not used to blogspot?