Where forth art thou?: MLM / Network Marketing - Reader seeks advice

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

MLM / Network Marketing - Reader seeks advice

Anyone wants to give this young chap some advice on MLM?

Hi, I’m Derrick your average teen with dreams of earning big money. Firstly I would like to thank you for taking your time off to read this email of mine. Recently I happened to be introduced to this network marketing company by a close friend of mine – well at least this is what it claims to be ( Venture Era Group Pte Ltd ). So the day before I visited their office at Robinsons , I did some research on the internet and came across your blog entry. It gave me a slight idea of what to expect. So the next day I visited their office and one of their business managers gave me a clearer and bigger of how their company works and the products they sell. It was well the usual – ionized water , magnetic beds so initially I was skeptical until they demonstrated the capabilities of their products. It was in my own words MAGIC? Lol .

However after going through all that I still have my doubts. Is the business as ethical as it claims to be? Is it really network marketing and not another MLM clone? Definitely I agree with u that passive income is what we all need especially when u’re in Singapore right? And I definitely don’t want a job like my father work for others and get the same pay that’s hardly able to feed a family of four in Modern day Singapore where it’s ruled by a gang dressed in white and the rich people are getting richer whereas the poor are getting poorer by the minute. But like your friends, I wouldn’t want to make money through unorthodox methods and more importantly jeopardize my friendships and bonds with my family and relatives in the process of making this money. I guess I’m a little confuse right now and I’m in desperate need of some advice. There’s only so much I can do to find out more about the company and it’s products and there’s so little I can do.

Hopefully u’ll be able to give me some advice because I’m in desperate need of it. =( . I’m sorry if u’re not able to understand my point in this email because I don’t really have a good grasp of English =/.


Anonymous said...

if you have doubts, it means you're not ready. don't join.

Anonymous said...

Alright there is nothing wrong with MLM companies and their concepts, most people just could not accept their way of income, which is to make use of people to earn more people. People generating people, people generating income, income generating income, income generating people. It works like this in my own words. I were in MLM for a period of times, a couple of times and I would say it's all about committment and patience, since you do not get paid for not selling anything or getting more people. If you want money so much, you can give it a try.

nwm said...


Go sit in on product/business presentations given by other legit network marketing companies.
Preferably with products outside of magnets. haha.

Just so that you can compare and contrast which has more science behind it than "science".

May I suggest to stay away from the types that are marketing "clothing", "cash investments"... & lately there's one bogus "e-learning" crap.

Or, do some quick reading HERE.

Best of luck!