Where forth art thou?: Malaysian version of "Tammy NYP"

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Malaysian version of "Tammy NYP"

According to one of the higher traffic Singapore forums, Malaysia has its own version of "Tammy NYP" clips and they are circulating as we speak.

1) Supply and Demand?
2) Copycat?
3) Competition?
4) People do not learn from the lessons of others?



Anonymous said...

got screenshot??

Anonymous said...

there will be more tammy 's
they make us happy

chrisk said...

haha xlx u always first to report on these
faster than newspaper and tv

dont know malaysia one will become big big like tammy singapore anot

Anonymous said...

all 4

damogui said...

xialanxue, si bey xia lan ar !!!

good hor..use as ur slogan...
i enjoy ur blog.serious.
keep it up !!!!!!!!


Izzie said...

Oh God. Not again.