Where forth art thou?: How we could have avoided the James Gomez Saga

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How we could have avoided the James Gomez Saga

I wonder why nobody thought of this:

The James Gomez Saga or Gomezgate would never have happened if the Elections Department provided a receipt for candidates who have handed up their forms. That way, the burden of proof would lie with the candidate in producing the receipt to show that he has submitted the form. So many problems would have been avoided this way.

Only If the candidate insists that he has handed up the form but has no receipt to show and the Elections Department cannot find the form that was allegedly submitted and the candidate allegedly threatens the staff at the Elections Department would we end up in the situation that James Gomez finds himself in right now. However in this case, it would clearly be the candidate's fault because he could not produce the receipt.

P.S. James Gomez is on the verge of taking over David Blaine as the top search item at Technorati. All because of a form to prove that he was a minority candidate.