Where forth art thou?: HDB Renovation Nightmare

Friday, May 19, 2006

HDB Renovation Nightmare

Occasionally I have readers who email me for help in getting their voices heard. The following is one of those emails:


I am a reader of your blog since around the end of last year and have been reading it constantly :) I was quite disappointed when you nearly left the blogosphere and had your blog overtaken.

I am writing to you today, hoping to invite you to read my blog. It was only started a few days ago and it is about my home renovation nightmare.


This is my first home and it is in a very terrible state. I am planning to upload photos soon to show how the state of it is like.

If it is not too much to ask, I hope that you can share your views about our predicament on your blog as we really hope to know if there are more victims like us or anyone who knows if there are others, who had their homes "renovated" by the same company. This would also serve as a warning to anyone else who might potentially have their place renovated by them.

I do hope to get in touch with these people and lodge a Police Report together if they are in a similar plight like me.

I look forward to your assistance and would deeply appreciate it.

Thank you,