Where forth art thou?: Let's play a little game [Politics of the Blogosphere]

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Let's play a little game [Politics of the Blogosphere]

Dear Bloggers

Election fever is here! But you are unsure of the laws. What can you say? What can't you say? Well, here's an idea...

Why don't we play a little game? Here's how it works. I am sure you guys know that the blogosphere mirrors real life and there are all sorts of quirky characters. And I am sure you guys can definitely find similarities between some politicians and some bloggers! So in order to play this game, all you have to do is to form a connection between some of the famous bloggers and some of the famous politicians!

1) Blog about whichever blogger or bloggers you want and say which politician/s they resemble and why.
2) Link to this blog entry.
3) Check the links to this entry for the participants of this game and their views.
4) Have a great time!

Rules of this game:
There is only 1 rule - Don't defame anyone or bear the consequences!

Let the game begin...