Where forth art thou?: Stupid is as stupid does

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Stupid is as stupid does

I thought long and hard as to whether I should post this update but since kimberly egged me on, oh well...

For those who were wondering, I didn't do it.

Frankly i am quite shocked but when the site first came to our attention, kimberly , shaolintiger and I were already speculating and had a strong feeling it was xiaxue. However there was no concrete proof so there was nothing we could do. Kimberly was pretty upset with the pic on the site while shaolintiger was just wondering why he was "shortchanged".

Being just bloggers, there was pretty much nothing we could have done unless she had left some clues like what she did previously when she tried to frame me with the anti-bm site. Apparently in the setting up of that site, she was smart enough not to leave any distinctive clues. So we just left it at that.

Apparently someone didn't. Along with some other high profile bloggers and the media, I received the following email:

I recognized the url of the main page. It was the url of a hate site that someone had set up for Kimberlycun and Shaolintiger. From the email header I could already guess what had happened. True enough, when I got to the page, I read about how she got exposed for creating that site. I read the comments, some people actually thought I was the one who exposed her yet again.

I logged on to my msn and found kimberly online. We had a rather long chat about it, she was laughing all the way. Even kimberly herself thought I was the one who exposed xiaxue for what she did this time round.

It was then that it dawned on us - the person actually used a layout similar to mine and posted screenshots the way I used to post to illustrate my point. However I pointed out to Kimberly one key difference. There were too many linguistic errors in the hacker's post.

Apparently miss wendy cheng herself thinks xlx exposed her yet again as evident from the anonymous comments she left in that entry. Kimberly thought I should clear it up, hence this entry.

Whatever the case, we are glad the truth is out. Credit goes where credit is due. Whoever gotchagood is, kimberly thanks you for removing the pic.