Where forth art thou?: Poor Fiona! Thank "God" for the red pill...

Friday, November 04, 2005

Poor Fiona! Thank "God" for the red pill...

Read the entries (links below) and look at the dates.

And you wonder what we have been trying to tell you all along (if you still don't get it, there's always the blue pill OR brain surgery).

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Read her entry today? Her DAD is sending her to the airport.

But she comes from a Single Parent family that only has her mom.

She is not that Single Parent Family after all and still have both parents to look after her.

Hope something happens in Thailand to her... muahahaha

mooiness said...

I really wonder whether she knows what she's saying sometimes. She flip flops around her arguments so much it doesn't even make sense anymore.

I'm glad we had that transcript of the TV show to add to the pile of evidence.

XiaXue said...

I come from a single-parent family, and money is something not easy to come by for us. My mom works very hard, and my brother is only 12. He doesn't have his own room, and I want to move to a bigger house so that he can get himself a room of his own.

Anonymous said...

then stop being such a spendthrift, you shallow biatch ! pity ur momo la !

MyOrangeSweater said...

Maybe "sugar" daddy leh? Or "kai yeh" ("god-pa" in Cantonese) leh?

小太妹 said...

im counting down to her downfall.

Anonymous said...

xx is a bitch. shes juz jealous that people are more beautiful than her, make more money than her, and have less people who hate her.

to xx: stop going around dissing people lyk tt. it ain't gonna do you good. even though i don't really like christianity either, i also don't talk bad of my christian friends. its their religion and if they choose it, i respect their choice.

you're poor? pls, we are not idiots. 2 handphones, plenty of shopping and clothes and accessories, all those endorsements, who the hell are you trying to fool, not rich, yes, but poor? you ain't know what is poor. so shut yur big mouth before you stir up more trouble again. pls THINK of the consequences before you blog, if you had half a brain at all, do use it. think of your brother and mother, all the pressure they receive because of your selfish actions.

Anonymous said...

Maybe when she comes back from Bangkok, whe will be complaining in her blog about her trip.

Complaining that :

1. Fake branded goods are not as cheap as Shenzhen/Shanghai.
2. Bangkok's tops which are mostly in free size are too small for her.
3. Bangkok men do NOT ogle at her.
4. Bangkok women are so skinny that they make her look obscenely overweight.
5. Bangkok women are too beautiful.
6. The vendors at Patpong swindled her money.
7. She got duped into watching a Thai Girl show which cost much more than she expected.

Can't wait for that Ignoramus to return.

An Onlooker. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you have missed out three entries. One where she blogged about Fiona Xie and another entry made after Fiona Xie closed her blog. These two are the more "poisonous" one.

Anonymous said...

typo error.. missed out two entries I meant.

Anonymous said...

maybe she went there to open some cock bottles..muhahahaa!

trying to stay neutral but jealousy gets to me. bad said...

Here's an idea.

Why don't u screen shot all of her posts and put them up in addition to linking to them?

That way, we get to read the unedited truth AND we don't make her counter shoot up.

Anonymous said...

I thought she is some anti-smoker thingy but, I think those guy friends she hang out with are smokers looking at thsoe pictures in her blog... this XX is just a full load of bullshit!

Anonymous said...

The way XX is writing reminds me of women who have not gotten laid in a long time? I am sure the bitch has not fucked anyone in at least 5 years, and her pipes are in need of cleaning! Ha Ha Think about it, all that incoherent chatter, please someone get her an anal intruder!

Anonymous said...


XX entry " The guys from www.yourgifts.com.sg have approached me to ask me to try out their new website's spanking new way of sending gift vouchers. (That means I also got a nice free gift voucher!!) "

Some cheapo company is using xx for some cheapo promotion again. Time to start a boycott campaign to inform the advertiser what a bad marketing decision they are making.

Time to give your feedback and inform them that we'll boycott endorsements by XX.

Email: info@yourgifts.com.sg
Phone/Fax: (65)6536-4031

Anonymous said...

BOYCOTT www.yourgifts.com.sg !!!

xialanxue said...

To the anonymous who said

"I think you have missed out three entries. One where she blogged about Fiona Xie and another entry made after Fiona Xie closed her blog. These two are the more "poisonous" one."

Can you forward me the links? I will put them up.


Anonymous said...


Sorry, don't feel like searching her archives for these two entries, I really hate going to her flash and Photos blog, takes up too much loading time for a trunk of craps. I've no patience to tolerate her vanity.

I think the entries are made in January, the date should be later than the two posts you had here. Can't be sure though.. simplesandra does seem to have one of the entry on FX which you don't have it here. Hope someone else can forward the link to you.

Sorry about that

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, the 3 posts are actually consecutive ones; one day after the other. Here are the links:

Xiaxue's January archive

Pedigree, materialism, and maybe a delirious dream or two

A little advice for Miss F: God destined me to write this entry for you my love! I am your savior!

Oh dear, oh dear ...

Oh my gosh Fiona ... Please don't close down your blog! Big bad meanie me? Did I accuse you?


Why do you write about Fiona? She never did anything to you.

Let's go beyond the petty issue of her having bigger tits and a wispier voice then me. The issue here is not "Why?", but "Why not?".

Anonymous said...

xlx, please do a screenshots for those xx to FX posts and post it here. please.. before she edits them again..

Anonymous said...

Don't you feel like giving XX a big tight slap after reading these?

Someone said...

Gosh, i never did read her stuffs before coz i never like lousy writing with no substance. Then i followed the links to the three posts about Fiona and i couldn't even finished reading the posts. Not even half-way through i've already lost interest and my mind was just filled with these questions: "What's the fucking problem with her? What's the fucking problem with her fans? How could anyone read and enjoy such garbage?"

I think this is not about just being childish like what those people said. This is downright vicious. I'm totally disgusted.

Anonymous said...

Seeing is believing..

finah said...

i hope someone closes her blog down. just like what she did to fiona.

whatever she's saying about fiona, she's doing it herself. what an attention whore!

Anonymous said...


I am so god-damn amused.

Fancy posting up these rubbish and debating among yourselves when she doesn't even give a slight damn to it. All these are waaaay over, dudes! Why are you still digging up the archives and trying in vain to find people who support the same views as you? Totally a waste of your time man... Blog about something else and don't get yourselves stuck in the Fiona Xie-handicapped toilet world!

Anonymous said...


I am so god-damn amused.

who cares if she cares or she doesn't?