Where forth art thou?: Of dumb hackers and greedy liars

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Of dumb hackers and greedy liars

Guess what? Someone has been trying to hack this site for the past few days. I have a strong feeling it's the same hacker that defaced XX's site.

As evident from the screenshot, the hacker has been sending me fake emails with attachments (most probably containing trojans and/or keylogging software) since 21st July (The day I condemned his/her actions).

The above email from blogger support confirmed my suspicions.

Here's my advice to the hacker: Stop wasting your time! I'm not so stupid as to set my IC num as the password (Read Today's TNP to understand the inside joke)
Moving on to other news, I read with amusement the TNP feature on cassandra today. As much as I tried to contain myself, I eventually burst out laughing uncontrollably at the dining table for a good 5 minutes. Going by the pseudonym "nikki" (which by the way sounds like the name of a dog I know), she told TNP that she decided to sue Maxim because they published her photos without her permission and that she didn't know Maxim was a Men's magazine and she was worried what her family would think if they saw her photos on a Men's magazine.

Let's not even talk about the part where she claims she didn't know Maxim was a Men's magazine (Who the hell doesn't know? And for heaven's sake did she say she's a Model?). I wonder whether she stopped to consider what her family would think of her as the covergirl for the AIDS campaign.

Now we all know the real reason why she is suing Maxim - Yes my intelligent blogders, It's all about the money. Prior to her pulling a Xiaxue on us, I remember a blog entry where she said:

"Anyway.. i got so mad today when i saw the bloody Maxim Magazine. I am SOOO GOING TO SUE THEM! I don't feel like going into details.. i am still feeling so worked up. Right now i am already calling up lawyers. They should just wait and see. So what if it's an international magazine? The Singapore Maxim is so low class and the people working behind it is so cheap and despicable. I usually don't even have a temper, but i can't sit by and let them have their way cos they are too much! Even the Advertising Company is very mad at them and thinking of sueing them too. I think i have a sure win case here. Worse come to worse, if nothing can be done about it, i'll curse them on my website and go into details.. tell everyone how many times i rejected their photoshoots and how they con the advertising company into sending them the pictures.. and how they didn't get any permission to do what they did! I am told to calm down.. but if it happens to you, are you able to calm down?"

and I also remember her posting about the reason why she rejected Maxim's attempts to get her to pose for them: "Who the hell will do it for free?" or something along that line.

Yes, she's pissed because ultimately she wasn't paid to be on the cover of Maxim. If she wasn't in it for the money, she wouldn't have stupidly called up TNP (circulation: 154,004) to do an interview to expose Maxim (circulation: 45,000) and blow up the matter (in hopes of seeking higher damages) because now instead of spending $5 on a Maxim magazine, I got to see her sexy photos for much much less on our beloved national tabloid paper.

Note to readers: Both Maxim and TNP are under SPH so I applaud cassandra's brave attempt in suing the former as I recall the fate of the last plaintiffs (T.T Durai & NKF) who tried to sue them and advise her to reflect seriously on using the latter to blow up the matter.



someone said...

lol sue the bulletproof company.. whaha wait long long la

insensitive said...

wtf! my comments got deleted from XX's blog....so I thought I'd post it here. Could you put it up?

"While I totally believe that XX got her account cracked (I don't think she's THAT much of an attention seeking whore to try something this audacious that can be easily found out, PLUS making a false police report is also an offense), I'm afraid that the ramifications of this crack is even worse that one can imagine. As she herself said, she's back stronger than before. Since she could survive this "attack" she will be even more incorrigible than before, she will have an even larger ego, and an even more impenetrable air of invincibility. She will have a god-complex that we would have never seen before and many, many innocent bystanders will be struck down by the wayside with her (supposed) wrath. We will never again read the XX posts that got her the earlier awards.... which is sad. What we will see, will be more of the snide comments, her nitpicking, her foul mouthed critques of ugly/fat/tall/thin/short people who have somehow "offended" her by either acknowledging her, or NOT acknowledging her.
Then again, we vote with our hands, maybe if people don't vote for her in the next awards, she will get the message and start writing the witty and funny posts she used to churn out. maybe....probably not....
One thing for certain, we will NEVER see the kind of from-the-heart, meaningful post like the one on kennysia's blog.

As always, my vote goes to kennysia.

I don't accept your apology Mr Sia, because you simply did not need to give one. You did nothing wrong. The person who should....well, lets just say you are the better person.


insensitive said...

This other post in her comments also got deleted. This was before her "cracking" incident. obviously she will only allow criticism from people who make no sense, hence making her the victimised one. When someone writes rationally, she will not let it appear....

I call this, my open letter to Wendy

I finally put my finger on why I found the TT Durai and NKF case so familiar. xiaxue.blogspot.com is NKF, and You are TT Durai.
NKF started off as a small charity organisation that did good work, helping people with disabilities. XX started off as a small blog of an intelligent girl who wrote funny commentaries on her day to day life. Both started with the best of intentions and soon garnered a loyal following due to their excellant work. But absolute power corrupts absolutely, and both suddenly got too big for their birches. Thinking that he was invincible and untouchable, TT durai sued SPH, and he was revealed for the bastard he is, a bare-faced liar who abused his seat of authority. Along these veins I see the same trend here. XX has gotten too big. You've become utterly too self-involved and self-important. You have to have the world revolve around you or you can't take it. So just like Mr Durai, you are lashing out at whatever you can. Just like Mr Durai, you are no longer doing this for the love of doing it, but for financial gain. Just like Mr Durai, you've tasted the sweet nectar of endorsements and you are afraid of losing them. sgp may be an exhibitionist who is comfortable in her own skin, but you are equally guilty of it, albeit that you do not reveal nipple. Take the merc SLK post as a fine example. It was tongue-in-cheek but yet, the underlying tones of the post was obvious.

The saddest part is that you don't realise that people may visit sgp for the nudity, but they stay for the writing...


Barffie said...

When has this become an anti-everyone blog? Comon man, you are not perfect. You err too, just that you don't dare to put it up for the world to see. So what makes you holier than any of the people you are condemning right now?

Anonymous said...

To insensitive..

dont you think the xiaxue being hacked and her being mean evil whatever is so passe??
don't you think you should think of a new topic to post on??
It's getting bored you know??

EDMW said...

Yet another similar hotmail flaw. Actually, it will be good if bloggers start archiving their stuffs in local drive. But hacks are unavoidable. Man writes the thing, man knows the way to tear it down.

EDMW said...

Last note. If you peeps cherish your blog and has accumulated so much postings, it's time to migrate and get it out of blogspot and host it on your own. Whereby, you get full control of data-base that alllows you to backup every single thing and also get back to where you were last hacked. Data is precious.

Anonymous said...

oh by the way, the cassandra's blog has been hacked many times so her entries are gone as well.

oh ya, she's really an airhead. pose in that kinda material and expects the magazine not to publish it? how bimbotic is that!

is hacking the IN THING now?

Anonymous said...

hey what exactly does xiaxue do for a living asides from blogging? i mean, where does she work, what job does she do? maybe i don't follow her blog enough but i am really curious

Anonymous said...

such a bimbo! only knows how to smile for the camera and look nice. *rolls eyes
anyway before the maxim issue, she was already a source for horny men to wank off to what with the car exhibition shows & all. bet she was longing for a maxim or fhm shoot all her life as boxedup barbie.

btw, xlx are u a guy/girl? im guessing guy... (?)

julian said...

can anyone post up the TNP report? missed it.

Anonymous said...

I laughed when Xiaxue went on a long discourse about "stop telling me how to blog when you don't know blogging like I do".

If she knows so much about blogging, why did she forget the most fundamental of all internet bloggers/webmasters -- backup?

And anyone realise girls like her are turning a debate about brains (and the lack of) to a war of the sexes?