Where forth art thou?: War of the Whores

Thursday, June 30, 2005

War of the Whores

Media Whores that is. Okay so here's the scoop. I was checking out SPG's site at 315pm and found that she posted new pictures at 310pm! I decided to save them and once I hit the refresh button the pictures were taken down! She has since put them back up again but I shall upload the pics here in case she takes them down again (update at 504pm: she just took them down again).

Is this a bold attempt to pit head on with the materialistic XX or just valid exhibitionistic self-expression again?

P.S. I have notified kenny Sia and I am quite sure he will be doing a parody soon.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yuck. watch my AV dls better

Anonymous said...

wah u damn steady man! faster than news crew

Anonymous said...

wows.. definitely better den XX

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How generous of SPG to share her photos! :)

Why is XiaXue so selfish? :(

Anonymous said...

HAHA!Damn funny with the banana sticking out.

Don't normally post reply to blogs but hey Xiaxue, good work!

When can WE see yours?? Huh, when??? how?? why?? who?? where?? which??

gaston said...

I think you should take these down. You haven't sought for SPG's permission, have you?

Anonymous said...

dude get a life
...then again, youre damn funny hahaha

April said...

Since she has already taken down her photo, why are you still posting it up? I mean, you already said she's an attention seeker, and by posting her photo up on your site, ain't you giving her more attention than she already has?

Beside, all of her nude photo are of an artsy feel, and not just that of those porn-ish naked photo, so why can't you all just accept the fact that nude can be an art itself. There is really no need to create such a hype up issue about this. Pointless.

I don't see her create big link images/buttons for people to link to her side, unlike some other famous blogger, so I highly doubt she craves for attention. That is the way she is, that is the way she writes her blog, and that is the way she expresses herself (Thru her nudity).


Anonymous said...

I think SPG is pretty hot. Those are nice pictures.

For your previous entry, shouldn't it say:

Anonymous said...

wats the original link for these SPG blog?

Alicia W. said...

It's rather sad that you spend your day trying to create drama that doesn't exist in the first place, with all the SPG vs Xiaxue crap. Don't you have a life? It's very clear to everyone that this is an anti-Xiaxue blog, if you dislike her that much, why waste your time on a blog pretty much dedicated to her? LoL.

And to all those people who enjoy dissing Xiaxue, does it make you feel real big? Really important? "Wow, I just dissed Singapore's most famous blogger! GO ME!" Whatever. Just think you guys should get a life.

Oh and I also think you should show some decency and respect SPG's privacy. It's her choice which pictures she wishes to publish, not yours. By ripping off her pictures and showing it to the world against her wishes isn't cool, man.

alicia w. said...

Oh and those people who are saying that SPG is 'generous' to share her pictures, you're probably just dirty ah peks who wank off while looking at those pics.

"Why is XiaXue so selfish? :("

ROFL. Selfish? Did I miss something? You just called Xiaxue selfish because she doesn't publish nude shots of herself? Hello? I think you have a couple of screws lose, dude.

xialanxue said...

Hi alicia if this were really an anti-XX site, your comment would already have been deleted. But no, you are free to voice your views because this site is part of Project Free Speech - A movement to encourage Free Speech in Singapore.

We are not as conservative as our press makes us out to be. We have voices waiting to be heard and this is the perfect site to air them. If SPG really didn't want anyone to see those pics she wouldn't have posted it up in the first place.

Taking the traffic flow to her site as on par with XX's, or approx 6000 visitors per day - This translates to 250 per hour. She left the entry up for at least 2 hours - 500 visitors. She should expect that at least there will be 1 blogger picking it up and spreading the news.

I deem that an experiment on her part, on the power of bloggers. Whether she expected the results, I don't know. But now we all know how fast news spread on the blogosphere.

It's all good.

xialanxue said...

Oh and welcome on board the conspiracy to promote XX.

(I'm being sarcastic but if you had a brain you would have guessed)

Alicia W. said...

True, this blog might have been created to cater to both camps of Xiaxue. However, you cannot deny that personally, you harbour anti-Xiaxue sentiments, otherwise the URL of this blog wouldn't have been XIALANxue.blogspot.com, and I'm sure most of us know what 'xia lan' means in dialect.

So that leads me to wonder once again, why spend your time on a Xiaxue-related blog if you dislike her? Although I must say it increases her traffic...

As for you coming to your own conclusions about SPG's motives, I highly doubt you're in any position to do that. The bottom line is, SHE made the choice to take down the pictures eventually, and you can try to defend yourself saying that someone's bound to spread them anyway, but that doesn't change the fact that you have absolutely no sense of respect.

But I doubt that hardly bothers you, does it?

xialanxue said...


Respect is earned, it is not a given.

The whole thing about free speech is that you can take on any position you want. There's no right or wrong position.

It's like religion. For example if you are a christian and your friend is a muslim, does it mean your friend is in the wrong position (and vice versa from your friend's view)? No, because we all have our own views but that doesn't make them right or wrong.

If everyone thinks the world is flat and someone thinks the world is round does it make the latter wrong?

xialanxue said...

There IS actually one thing I do not like about XX - she doesn't dare take criticism. She dare post and air her controversial views but she deletes all negative comments about her, leaving only the good ones.

This is a violation of free speech. This site shows the comments that would have been deleted at her site and you just can't take it can you?

Alicia W. said...

Again, if you were to read my post carefully, you'll realise that I was talking about respecting her privacy. No need to earn that, most decent people should have it instilled in them.

However, I'm stumped as to why you brought the subject of free speech and religion into this, seems totally out of point to me. I never condemned these people who drool over SPG's bod, I'm just saying I'm disgusted at their comments. I suppose that's 'freedom of speech' too?

While we're on the subject of conspiracy theories, you have a pretty interesting one as well.

SPG published and took off her nude shots because she wanted to experiment? Have you ever figured that maybe she posted those pictures, then changed her mind because she knew of the big ruckus some people might stir up, such as yourself?

I must say I wouldn't know though, seeing that I hardly read her blog and have only read a couple of entries so far.

I wouldn't say I'm pro-XX and anti-SPG or whatever. This whole 'taking sides' thing is just downright childish, in my opinion.

Alicia W. said...

Okay, so you dislike Xiaxue because she violates freedom of speech? It's HER blog, her comment box, she can do whatever she wants with it.

So fucking what if Xiaxue wants to hide the bashing? (No doubt half of them were from incoherent people who went "Xia xue u sux spg's body is soo much betta den urs lor when u gna show us ur tits!?!") I don't see anything wrong with that.

No matter how famous or popular Xiaxue's blog is, it's still, A BLOG. An online diary, some might say. She has the right to choose whatever she wants to display/publish, and what she wishes to hide.

Just my two cents.

xialanxue said...

"I'm just saying I'm disgusted at their comments. I suppose that's 'freedom of speech' too" - Quoted from Alicia.

- Yup that's freedom of speech that's why none of what you wrote here is deleted. How would you feel if I were to delete all those things that you typed even though they are perfectly logical and well thought out arguments? That's what XX is doing.

Freedom of speech means not deleting away the "ugly comments" as well because everyone has the right to say what they want. You can diss me for setting up this site. Others can go "Wow great job!". I won't go and delete your comments just because you took on a different stand - It actually encourages discussion.

Here we choose to let everyone and anyone say whatever they want.

simple as that.

xialanxue said...

In her blog we are not allowed to have our own opinions, unless we are kissing her ass.

In here we are. Therein lies the beauty and the ugliness.

The irony.

Alicia W. said...

I'm convinced that you truly believe in freedom of speech, that is good. But you have to understand that not everybody will agree with you. If Xiaxue wants to delete her negative comments, so be it.

Personally, I haven't seen much 'logical and well thought out' criticism on her comment box. Most of the messages went the way of the example I gave earlier. All eager to get a glimpse of her assets, all eager to compare.

This still doesn't explain why you're so intent on creating a war here, between SPG and XX. I don't see any point in that, it's just an attempt at creating drama so that people can bash and diss each other more.

You believe in freedom of speech, I believe in a free world. Xiaxue is free to delete those comments because it's her blog, you're free to hate her. I'm not saying stuff like "Oh WTF this is an evil site I love XX shut it down right now!!" I'm just expressing my opinion. Like how I find it so very unethical of you to publish SPG's nude shots.

Meh. *shrug*

xialanxue said...

I'm not creating a war. I don't think I have that much power (or do I?). I'm just expressing a view that there IS a possible war going on.

And if you haven't already noticed, I like puns (see wHorshipping vs worshipping & war of the whores vs war of the worlds)

Anyway there is no such thing as privacy on the internet (see Cookies, Spyware, Trojans) & Ethics itself is subjective. The internet is a new and exciting medium - This site has shown a few things that we know intuitively.

1) If you choose to put something on the internet, be prepared to have no regrets. You can change your mind after sending your nude pic to a publisher but once it's out on the net, it's out on the net.

2) Once it's on the internet it's really no longer in your control. In its hay days (just 2 weeks ago), the infamous SPG pic was on so many blogs that I just lost count. SPG did take down that pic from her site too but they are still on all the blogs out there.

3) Why do you think all the big giants (hollywood and big music labels) are afraid of the internet? Because of the huge bandwidth we have now. Because of peer to peer file transfer. Because of people's innate necessity to share.

4) There is more.. but I'm lazy to type

following your reasoning this is my site and I can do whatever I want with it and all I want is for everyone to be able to say whatever they want to say, whenever they want to say it with the knowledge that what they say will not be censored.

Anonymous said...

we have a XX supporter in the house!

anyway, nice upkeeping of this sit xialanxue. =)

Anonymous said...

SGP: naked pics tryin to get attention
XX: Attention seekin girl

It's like the recent US prez race. just choose the lesser or two evils rite.

i choose to sit by and watch how XX claims to be well loved by "censoring" certain comments (almost like a certain Govt Censor Board) and watch SPG show off those tits BTW if i was a str8 guy then i might get turned on by the milk pic...


Anonymous said...

i know this is unrelated to the rather stimulating conversation you guys have going.. but why do her breasts look so much smaller in these new photos? i feel somewhat.. let-down. :/

Anonymous said...

I believe its' the lighting

Anonymous said...

shuddup alicia w.c.

Anonymous said...

me thinks Alicia w. = Xiaxue

Anonymous said...

Can someone shove his d*ck into Alicia's mouth to STFU out of her?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

me thinks Alicia w. = Xiaxue

Who farking cares lolz

Anonymous said...

good job. keep it up .
from edmw

Xiaxue said...


Hmmm... I think you have somewhat misunderstood me. Perhaps, you oughta to stand in my shoes and have a look at the things I have to go through?

There are certain things on my blog comments which I feel are reasonable to delete:

1) Spam. People advertising their sites. It's not about freedom of speech, it's making use of my traffic. Surely it's reasonable to delete spam.

2) Untrue comments. You know the amount of people who comment on my blog. I cannot argue with every question, or every accusation thrown at me. If I keep quiet, people assume I'm admitting to the crimes. I don't have the time to do this, and some comments seriously put my reputation in jeopardy.

3) Comments insulting people I write about. MY friends and/or family members are innocent parties, and I don't see why they should be subjected to insults.

Righto. The conclusion? Freedom of speech comes with a price. We cannot have absolute freedom. And that's why we have defamation laws.

Recently, my comments are all like the 3 kinds I wrote about. And surely I shouldn't allow comments like "Xiaxue sucks cocks" to remain on my site?

The people here are not insulting you, OF COURSE you allow them to say such unreasonable and uncivilised things.

I hope you understand.

Good day.

Xiaxue said...

And if you are as ethical as you proclaim to be, I beg you to stop spamming on my blog.

If you want readers, earn them yourself, the hard way I did.


xialanxue said...

If you consider SPG's banana vs YanYan's brinjal spamming then what can I say?

I can say for a certainty (unless you do it to spite me) that even if I post highly intellectual comments against you in your blog you will deem it as spam and delete them anyway.

But right it's your blog. So do what you like with it.

And only people with PSLE 269 and who can't even make it to JC get readers the hard way. Don't worry about me getting traffic from your site. I have 3400++ unique visitors within 5 1/2 days and I can tell you that there is hardly any traffic coming from your site (perhaps only 1 - which is you).

You don't need 269 to figure that out do you?

xialanxue said...

And everything happens for a reason. Have you stopped to reflect why RECENTLY the comments you have been getting are of the 3 types you mentioned?

Have you perhaps said something QUESTIONABLE somewhere?

Again I am sure you don't need 269 to figure that out.

Anonymous said...

it is not a violation of your precious FREEDOM if someone deletes a comment in their own damn blog. free speech only is supposed to protect you from prosecution from the government. if someone came to my house and started talking shit about my friends and family and i throw them out am i violating their "freedom of speech" too? i don't think the government gives a damn about two bloggers dishing it out over naked pictures, do you? Singapore has actual, serious issues with freedom of speech. please don't trivialize it like this over a silly blog war.

Mich said...

This is hilarious! First I'd like to commend xialanxue for throwing xiaxue's psle score flat in her face. Next I'd just like to comment that no amount of photoshop can cover up xiaxue's flaws 'cos she is as ugly inside as she is outside.

lyn said...

Wow seriously. I didn't think the owner of this blog was well, possessing such strong mettle. Kudos to you for beating down all the xx-madness.

I've read her blog. I don't see what's so brilliant nor wonderful about it. I see that she does delete comments that aren't in her favour (dissing, insults, jibes etcetc). Haha. I guess people with a PSLE aggregate of 269 have such fragile egos. I wouldn't know. I'm not so 'smart' yet I got into a JC.

An seriously speaking, in terms of content and substance, SPG has a lot more. She doesn't just rant and criticise (whine, bitch, rant and complain) in such an unsavoury fashion that its grating on my mental ears. xx on the other hand.


Yes xx, I don't see why people are 'worshipping' the ground you blog upon because seriously, you may have a good grasp of the language. But its nothing terrific. There are plenty others out there. Your pictures aren't that wonderful, I'm a close friend of Adobe so I know its wonders very well. Not to augment my own photos mind you.

And, well frankly, you're not very pretty. If I were to attack you based on your physical attributes alone, well, that'd be too much bandwith I'm eating. Heh.

Back to topic-at-hand; kudos to Xialanxue. This is freedom of speech and freedom of thought and expression, something OUR government subtly tries to deny us.

Keep up the good job. Some people think its nothing more than a ploy to boost your hit count but I think otherwise.


You've got my support.

Anonymous said...

stand: neutral

- look at it this way having a blog is like having a home on the web. You don't want to display the ugliness of your home to your visitors, only the beauty right? thats why pple clear unsavoury contents from their site. Who the fuck wants to look bad? (At least look bad and letting people know who they are at the same time which explains why the lot of us care not to leave our actual ids in this blog eh?)

- Once its online, its public. Don’t want to people to abuse/rip/photoshop/diss the pictures you post? Don’t put it online, stupid

- While yes there are more serious issues in the country that needs to be look at right now, but it’s the stirling examples right here in this blog that gives us an insight to how Singaporean minds works. That IMHO is more of a point of concern after all, overseas, who would raise shit over trivia like this? Imagine a foreigner coming here and going “oh yeah you’re the country that raises some furor over some naked tits right? Oh please, exhibitionist and attention seekers? We have them by the dozens”

- All this crap is kinda entertaining though.

Your friendly neighbourhood Annoying disser who, like the rest of the nation, have nothing better to do then to come here and post crap shit

julian said...

there's all this debate that since it's xx's own blog, it's her own right and freedom to publish what she wants. but therein lies the conundrum: since she has somewhat gained a measure of celebrity through a combination of injudicious writing and shameless narcissim (imho), and receives a considerable amount of visitors to her site whether out of curiosity or to get off, isn't it up to her to maintain a sense of responsibility (however alien) about what she writes?

true enough, it IS her own blog. she does have the freedom to blog what she really feels. no one is denying this. she is free to describe in lurid and tasteless detail another woman's breasts, however insulting or tactless it might be. she is obviously trying to live up to her trite proclaimations to 'be real' and whoever she was 3 years ago, even if it offends a part of the singaporean online community.

after all, she IS xx right? she has 250 people (or more?) to seek comfort and head-patting from. who gives a flying fuck about the rest eh?

apparently her PSLE score of 269 (impressive, considering I only got 224) did little in helping to ruminate on the repercussions of such statements. perhaps she thought being a da mei nu and overdosing on pinkness was enough to alleviate the impassioned reactions to her controversial post.

"with great power comes great responsibility" cliched, but it rings true. when elevated to a certain position (xx, in question, arguably an A-list blogger, heh), the people around you start watching. Some will observe, some will react, some will emulate. The responses of the people who notice you are myriad, and it's impossible to list them all. it's merely social dynamics, and the reason why the term "social graces" was coined.

from the time her blog received some extensive media publicity (in comparison to mine, which to date has only 300 visitors sadly), it stopped being private and a personal diary. it became a platform for expressing her views publicly. if she really wanted to express herself freely, without regard and with all privacy, couldn't she have resorted to writing a personal diary or created a blog that you'd have to suscribe to or something? the possibilities are endless, if she possessed this mysterious quality of 'social graces'. one suspects her true intentions and realises her immense vanity, when you read the method and articulation of her writing.

then again, it might all be done on purpose just to generate more publicity for herself. hence the adage, 'any publicity is good publicity'

oh my god! the manipulative bitch!

julian said...

i forgot to add, no homo to what i said

Anonymous said...

Well... Frankly speaking, from the whole hoohaa regarding the XX and SPG thing, you would have known who is able to handle criticism and who can't.

Not that I want to judge, but I personally detest the things XX bashed others about. If she can openly bash people on her high profile blog in a very distasteful manner, I don't see how she should try to defend herself on a blog that's obviously against her, it won't change the mindset.

We are free to say what we want, in a blog that might be directing traffic to her blog indirectly, but we should realise that probably most of them are not interested in her writings and her latest musings but rather "Oh let's see what kind of lousy shit she wrote today, yes I hate her so but I like to watch disasters" kind of attitude.

xialanxue said...

Hey guys I will be away on holiday over the weekend but keep your comments coming in ya? I will check back on monday.

Anonymous said...

I quote one of your comments: "Respect is earned, it is not a given."

The same applies to copyrighted material. As SPG clearly stated that 'all materials are copyrighted' on her blog, aren't you violating those rights by reproducing them here without permission (quite obviously) and also informing others (Kenny Sia) to do likewise? Is that deserving of respect? You certainly are not earning any in your case.

PS: I'd say the same for the Xiaxue photos, but I can't be arsed to check whether her site has a copyright or not.

Anonymous said...

its easy for all of you to say.. that she's overprotective of her image, she can't take criticisms.. and a whole lot of bullcraps written..it's easy because all of you are hiding behind a mask just like me..no age, no name, no history.
she's on a different position. whatever she says or whatever people say about her will jeopardise her relationships with her family, her frens, her life..because we can all see her life out like an openbook.
you may say she deserves it because shes the one who lead us to her life. but people being people. if she never did, a whole new other debate will surface i.e. Ahh!! who she think she is being secretive? she thinks shes so pretty, so hot??
all those hiding behind alias like xialanxue and annoymous like me, we can criticise without worry without fear of our life being scrutinized because nobody will know who we are anyway but not people who has given us their life to read.
if you think i'm xx fanclub member or xlx anti-fanclub member im none. i'm just a normal blog-surfer who though doesnt always approve of what she says on her blog, felt she's unfairly treated here

julian said...

> If she can openly bash people on her high profile blog in a very distasteful manner, I don't see how she should try to defend herself on a blog that's obviously against her, it won't change the mindset.

i absolutely agree. she should take some responsibility for her actions, as well as healthy doses of self-examination. come on, didn't she watch spiderman? some things you do can turn around and bite you in the genitals.

she should've realised that regardless of how vehement her insisting that she has the right to publish whatever crap she wants, there'll always be consequences. "there is no action without reaction."

regardless of whether xialanxue or xx is doing all this to generate hits, who the fuck cares? if more hits = personal achievement, then more power to you. i'll just sit back and enjoy the show, do some anonymous stone-throwing, laugh about it as a throwaway anecdote.

as long as there's a good time had by all.

justapasserby said...

while i do agree that stealing others' pics and posting them online is not an exactly right thing to do, i also do believe that one is responsible for their actions online. By posting the pictures up in that infamous blog will ultimately lead to people stealing the pics and while XLX chose to publish it all out here, others might just decide to keep it for themselves.

And I tend to agree that XX practises selective reading. She reads those comments that are music to her ears, and all the other kind of criticisms from others are unfortunately removed. One word. Coward. She has got the guts to bash up the SPG's blog in her entry, but she's got no guts to allow comments in that entry. Because she probably knows that she's going to get hell lots of disapproving comments for dissing out Ms SPG and criticising her boobs. Hey, no one's body is perfect. Before she start criticising at SPG's breasts, XX ought to look at her own. It is not that perfect either.

And I truly believe in retribution. You can imagine so many people out there were laughing their ass off when the WANBAO mixed the SPG and XX up. Karma, my dear XX. You totally deserve it. I used to be an avid blog reader of XX's, but eversince she started letting fame get into her head, the blog becomes a trash instead.

And Alicia, if you do not like what you see in this blog, then do not come in and read all these. This blog belongs to XLX, he has all the right to do what he wants. Then again, if anything goes wrong and SPG decides to sue him for using her pics (which i highly doubt since she's probably used to broadcasting her naked art around), it is his business as well.

Xiaxue said...

You people are clearly beyond reason. If you choose to be like that, suits you. I have my readers, and they are what matters to me. At the end of the day, I'm still technorati's 75th most popular blog in the WORLD, and your links to my site are all adding to that statistic.

XLX: MY boasting of my PSLE is a joke, geddit? And I CAN get into JC; I just chose Poly.

If your site is only getting traffic because you are banking on MY fame and SPG's, there is nothing to be proud of. Write your own material. =)

I'm disappointed I must say. You seem a reasonable person and that's why I bothered to explain myself to you. But your replies were sarcastic and plainly trying slam me further, to egg on these people who dislike me. Having fun, I suppose? I thought better of you.

Alright, Adieus.

Anonymous said...

Why are peope saying how great SPG is?

Just like what xialanxue has said, she posted those pictures up, definitely they were seen by hundreds.

Yes she is free to do that, but when the whole hoohaa happened, she took down all nude photos because her parents were upset about it.

No matter what reasons she has to put up the 2 photos, won't they upset her parents further?

Why did she want to do that, to make her own parents unhappy?

julian said...

> At the end of the day, I'm still technorati's 75th most popular blog in the WORLD, and your links to my site are all adding to that statistic.

thank you for proving us all right. as i said previously, if this is what you feel really matters, then more power to you. we don't really care, even if we contribute to your "statistics".

> If your site is only getting traffic because you are banking on MY fame and SPG's, there is nothing to be proud of. Write your own material. =)

nobody's proud of anything. as xlx said, this site is merely an avenue for discussion. if you feel that by saying something like this makes you feel better, then go ahead. there is no discrimination in regard to the contents of the comments posted here. and um, how is xlx not writing his own material? it's quite obvious that he doesn't attempt to plagiarize your content, which is done in sarcasm and it seems you have missed the point completely.

> ...your replies were sarcastic and plainly trying slam me further, to egg on these people who dislike me

hahaha believe me when i say i needed no encouragement or compulsion from xlx to write all that i have. xlx just pointed the way. (no homo) well xx, enjoy the fifteen minutes while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

XIAXUE....stop being a bitch....your ego is so small that i am afraid you will loose it...lol......anyway...i still think you are a bitch....whenever i see reports in the papers...of you...i just use that sheet of paper to wrap my doggy poop...or let my doggy poop on it....
hmmm...i should take a pic of your pic with doggy poo...cause i think that is the only way to make you look nice...

Anonymous said...

oh btw.....wanbao did a fantastic job about the pic....the pic looks as much a whore as a whore should be....thick makeup....sluty looks.......i guess all the old men who reads wanbao must be jacking off your pic....woo haa...80+ yr old spermy....hmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

becareful when you are out on the streets ...xx...ppl might just give you a tight slap..and maybe spit on you....ha ha...or may "give" you some spermy........


Anonymous said...

Uh oh. Here comes the vulgar commenters.

Anonymous said...

XX, please note that having a super high hit count does not mean that you are POPULAR. Popular means that someone is well-liked by the masses. Judging from the amount of hate mail and comments you receive, I don't think alot of your readers are those who like you (imho). I think you are more notorious/infamous. I think you better get that fact right before you start proclaiming that I AM POPULAR THEREFORE I AM ALWAYS RIGHT, THE OTHERS ARE JUST TOO LOWLY AND LESS POPULAR.

Anonymous said...

Oh those people who's all here to flame XX and SPG JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!

I believe it's stupid to give attention to these 2 Singaporean girls. I mean who cares?!
And if both of them aren't having high hits in their blogs, they wouldn't be hated by YOU PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...


Jo said...

those pictures, don't look like spg's. haha.. feels like it's photoshopped. =X

anyway, back to the topic.

why can't XLX post pictures of spg?
I remember the issue between vabbit and XX.
din XX posted vabbit's and her boyfriend's picture on her blog, openly insulted her, exposed like bits and pieces of her phone number?

alicia w. :
reading your comments made me laugh.
i dun see any " WE HATE XIAXUE ".
so how can this possibly be a hate blog? unless you dunno the real meaning behind it la. then i've got nth to say.

fsdjfkwui said...

congrats your site got promoted through kennysia's site (xiaxue). not coming next time because it doesn't entertain me and it's full of spammers' comments and aimless posts. (i mean, you post what xiaxue has taken down? LMAO this is more likely a junk blog of xiaxue's) HALO AH BENG! CAN U GIVE SOME CREDITS TO XIAXUE IF YOU'RE USING HER PICS? USE YOUR PICTURES TO DISCRIMINATE HER CAN?

(*sigh* maybe u need xiaxue's)

and all anonymous, post your rants using a name/nick/xialanxue no2 and earn some respect.

*walks away*

Anonymous said...

Very simple. Just encourage more crap traffic going in and write absolute CRAP sliming her. She can't keep up deleting all the posts. And very soon, her precious blog will be full of filth!

julian said...

munkuan = teh ghey.

again, missing the point completely..

andrea said...

oh come on. XX, so what if your blog's the 75th most popular one in the WORLD?

Anonymous said...

hmm. The same photos are up again. Man, she needs Lithium Picnic and maybe Scott Church to take her pictures. Most of it are just god-awful and what's with her and fruits? Tsk, kids are dying in Africa because of starvation and there she is wasting food away by pouring them down her chest and rolling about, half squishing them (oreos and papayas). So she has a tattoo of her Chinese name, most people have got at least one these days. And a lower lip piercing and a navel stud is what practically everyone has too. Including the minahs you see on the streets. Hardly a nice SuicideGirl. Want girls who have got much ink on their bodies and are pierced muchos. That's what makes SG so interesting.

Shawn said...

Her banana pics are still there what.

Anonymous said...

I say, we should submit XX's email to as many crappy spam mail advertisers selling viagra, botox and whatever crappy else as possible, so much so that she will have to change her email or shut down her stupid blog (and really, it is literally stupid), then we can all live happily ever after in blogland.

justbrat said...

I support freedom of speech. So what you say is purely your personal opinion.

It's funny reading some of the comments. Some ppl actually believe there'll be world peace without XX! Oh Pur-lease~!!

This comment page alone shows so many XX-wannabes ard, who also adore being rude by mocking and making fun of others. And they even reach beyond XX's level by cursing others. Wow. So even if XX perished from our world suddenly and completely, it's evident tt there will still be ppl who'll stick his nose into some other ppl's life and start making fun out of it. It's just like setting up this blog.

not indie enough said...

xlx, i think you really need to go out and get a life (for a lack of better vocab, but hell, i don't think i need to use such good vocab on you, you are simply not worth it).

leave the 2 girls alone. everyone who blogs craves for attention, if not, why blog? aren't you quite the attention whore yourself in this case?

you claim xx doesn't take well to criticism. from what i see in your comments, you don't too. if you don't practice what you preach, please stop preaching.

such irony, such hypocrisy. sheesh!

xiasuay said...

I dont know how SPG's boobs (.)(.) are like in real life but i can definitely say that XX's ones are ..

. .

2 dots signifying nipples only.

Jenn said...

Oh come on!
As they always say, If you don't like it, don't visit it at all! Remember that little 'X' on top of your IE window? It is there for a purpose.

And honestly, XX has every right to delete inapproriate comments because its HER site after all. Why leave something annoying on your doorstep? Would you clear the trash out of your doorway or leave it there because it is in all sense, "public space"?

There is freedom of speech and then there is plain malicious idiocrasy. And the latter often involves picking on a subject and attacking it to death. Familiar? I thought so too.

Leave them alone, as long as they don't try to indoctrinate bigger issues to harm mankind, I don't see the point in dissing them both. It's just nudity.


One Little Twit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
xialanxue said...

Hi everyone I'm back. Wow the comments have nearly doubled since I left. Once again for those who are new, this blog is part of project free speech - for further information please refer to my previous comments.

First of all some news: SPG has in fact put up the pictures once again in her blog. And yes she does know of the existance of my blog as I have emailed her prior to this post. If she really wanted me to take down the pictures she would have left a comment here or email me. For those who were concerned about me getting into trouble, I extend my deepest thanks. For those who condemn my actions, well like I said you are free to have an opinion.

To Joanne, I do have a life. And maybe you can't use good vocab on me because you are not capable of it not because I am not worthy of it. If you noticed, I do not even have to resort to vulgarities to get my points across unlike SOMEONE. And keep those criticisms coming here, I encourage them - Criticisms make one (who knows how to deal with them) a stronger person. It is evident that I defend my position valiantly and I leave all comments untouched so everyone can see the whole picture.

This is how people who can't take criticisms react - "Delete Comments" so I really don't see where you are coming from with your "You don't practice what you preach" speech. Please do enlighten me. Thanks.

P.S By the way did anyone see what was the comment posted before me? It was deleted by the original person who commented and I didn't get to see it. Thanks.

syntaxfree said...

I generally go by the principle of ignoring Xiaxue because frankly, she's really not worth all the bile you guys are wasting on her.

But I just wanted to mention that long ago, when I hadn't realized this, and was dumb enough to waste my time commenting on her blog, none of my comments were ever 1)spam or 2)untrue or 3)critical of her friends and family. They merely disagreed with her, in full sentences, without defamation, and without vulgarities. But they were still all deleted and I was banned.

So Xiaxue should stop lying about the reasons she deletes comments.

Icebeam said...

If this blog is part of Project Free Speech, I think all the more the blogger and commentors should take responsibility in what they say. Most importantly there should not even be personal attacks, which seems to be what this blog is created in the first place.
Creating a so-called hate-site and giving people free rein to insult, flame and hurt the feelings of another person is NOT what freedom of speech means. I'm not trying to say that negative comments or irritation are not allowed to be expressed, but I think this way of expression is just plain rude.
I think you are the one who should relook into the meaning of your site, and stop hiding behind the theme of "Free Speech".

Anonymous said...

There are people who make use of the "Free Speech" ideal for a good cause. But there are people who misuse it. It's like, we can't stop people from liking or hating XX, and we can't stop people from posting senseless comments in this blog. So what's the point of fighting it when it's gonna happen anyway? People are gonna get defensive in any way, and people are gonna ignore you. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Damn you to hell you whoremonger! You make use of other ppl's nudity to sell your blog site.

Chewy_gum said...

Why do you need to "own" SPG small neh neh poks on your blog for so long?

I think SPG need to start saving up from her ang mo pay as you fuxk services and going into boob enlargement services..

Even ah gua neh neh pok see liao more "steamy" than xx one or SPG black black one...

SwiftDog said...

79 comments...summarised...equates "cry me a river"...

Anonymous said...

One is a siow char boh, the other is a siong char boh. Hope it does not generally depict a typical Sinkapore girl profile.

lainieyeoh said...


I don't really see the point of the commotion, but I guess that's cause I browse through digital photography almost everyday and see stuff like that, done professionally or otherwise, so I'm desensitised.

Actually, I dont think I was ever sensitive to them in the first place so...hmm.

I guess bloggers don't do this much.

Anonymous said...

I think this poor girl is being manipulated or rather cheated. The photography work doesn't reflect much creativity neither mean anything of inspiration but a lame, tasteless pose and what a prop. Whatever.

PensilShapener said...

good lord, you people are fighting over some pictures ?
Hurican katrina has killed so many, each of you shud be in in the RED CROSS doing work !